Tesla Factory Tour – Video


Tesla Tour Video

Tesla Tour Video

Before entering Tesla’s Fremont factory for a tour, a non-disclosure agreement is signed. This means that some of what is seen within the factory cannot be discussed with others.

However, there is non-confidential info that can be shared and that’s what we get in this here video produced by Michael Brown on YouTube.

Video description:

“Outside video and commentary about what I saw during a tour of the Tesla factory on September 10, 2015.”

Brown does manage to catch a glimpse of a production Tesla Model X and, in doing so, becomes one of only a few people outside of Tesla to have seen the finished X.

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Thanks for sharing this detailed account of your factory visit. I am a model X reservation holder, and would love to visit myself. Unfortunately travel to California from Europe is beyond reasonable if for just this purpose. Even if I may well be crazy enough to do it, my job won’t let me take the time off.

Your video is the next best thing, thanks for sharing.


That video needs some major image stabilizer…

Great summary. Thanks

Well, that was interesting.

I didn’t realize that the Superchargers had what Brown described as a rack of “standard” car chargers inside. I wonder if he meant Model S onboard chargers, or the type of EV charger usually seen hanging on the wall of a garage? I’m guessing the former, as the latter would be too big to fit inside the narrow Supercharger shell.

It is a stack of the 10 kW chargers on board Model S. Economies of scale on all part has been their plan all along.

The Chargers don’t sit in the stands that hold the charge plug. The sit inside cabinets behind the fence nearby. Each stack is wired to two “plugs” A and B. It splits load between the the two.

So an 8 slot 120 kW SuperCharger station will have 4 stacks of 12 Model S chargers.

*phone typing and no edit button, sorry for the typos

Thanks muchly for the info, Josh! 🙂

Thank you for the report. I enjoyed the briefing and all the information. Felt like I was on the tour vicariously through you. I wonder what the things are you weren’t allowed to share. Hmmmm.

Michael, Fabulous video, thanks very much for taking the trouble to put it up. I can think of no better reason for a first visit to the US than to do a tour myself!

Having watched it all I have only one question… (and I appreciate I may be stretching the bounds of internet etiquette with this, but…) why is your left eyebrow apparently so much more bushy than the right? (Please don’t feel obliged to answer if you deem my question inappropriate). MW