Tesla Factory Drone Flyover – April 2, 2018 – Video


Here’s the latest, high-resolution video from a drone flyover pf the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California – the plant from which all those Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 come from.

Tesla Factory (source: DarkSoldier 360)

In the past three months, the Tesla Factory made nearly 35,000 electric cars, and the current production rate for the Model 3 is at around 2,000 every 7 days.

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Tesla acquired the Fremont facility from Toyota for around $50 million in 2010. The plant size is big enough for hundred of thousands cars annually.

Here are a few words from the uploader of the video – DarkSoldier 360:

“Quarter just ended. Factory Flyover in Fremont, CA of the Tesla Motors Factory. Lots of Cars, some changes for sure. If you enjoy these, subscribe so I know its worth recording them. Bonus: There were reports of a Tesla Semi at the factory today… Maybe you can find one? Leave a comment if you do!”

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Wish I knew what I was looking at.
Would be nice to have a boundary line overlay on a zoomed out image.

Looks like there is a lot of mold or dirt on the rooftops.

Good thing they don’t get hailstorms.

Lots of parking lot areas with no solar panels.
Missed opportunity.

I didn’t realize there was empty space there and room to build. Not sure if Tesla owns that area or someone else.

I love all the “hidden” superchargers here and there.