Tesla Extends Supercharger Route In Southern Australia



Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla is expanding its Supercharger route in Southern Australia, which will allow drivers to check out the world’s largest battery site.

As has been the plan all along, Tesla continues to indefinitely expand its global Supercharger network. This is due in part to Model 3 production — meaning many more people will soon be driving a Tesla, so the need is growing — but also just part of the Silicon Valley electric automaker’s master plan to spawn widespread EV adoption and encourage other automakers to pick up the pace.


Model S in Australia

Currently, the Supercharger network in Australia travels from Brisbane to Melbourne, which is a whole province over for Jamestown where the new development is headed. When complete, there will be an entire network of Superchargers running along the coast, beginning in Brisbane (in the east) and heading to Jamestown (in the west). Jamestown will likely be used as a starting point to begin connecting Australia’s western cities to the route.

Tesla has been active in Australia for some time, due to regular blackouts in the area, and recently won the contract for the massive energy storage project. CEO Elon Musk told local officials he’d solve the problem in 100 days or the company would fulfill the contract for free. His answer, a 100 megawatt, 129-megawatt-hour Powerpack system, which will work in cooperation with the Hornsdale Wind Farm. The press release said (via Teslarati):

“Tesla Powerpack will charge using renewable energy from the Hornsdale Wind Farm and then deliver electricity during peak hours to help maintain the reliable operation of South Australia’s electrical infrastructure.” 

Unfortunately, Australia’s Premier, Jay Weatherhill, has voiced interest in a different deal, which involves diesel generators over the battery plan. Officials have learned the old technology may cost less. Musk is standing strong, however. He feels that South Australia is confident in Tesla’s plans and implementation.

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981 Supercharger stations today, according to Supercharge.info.

And 22 came online in the past week alone !
(See the “Changes” tab)

So, 1,000 coming very soon !!
Quite a milestone.

I wish the other car companies would be as dedicated to making sure that people have someplace to charge quickly.

CHAdeMO/CCS chargers are needed in Australia. For Victoria, and current EV’s (actually even future EV’s), they need to be at least 50km between them, possibly 80km. For the majority of travel routes out of Melbourne it would take between 25 – 50 (depends if you want to include Mildura and Albury, or just the closest major cities) chargers. Based on scale and doing deals it shouldn’t cost more than $2.5mil to achieve, but given everyone boosts their costs in this space no doubt it would be more like $50mil.
If each state looked at it this way, then you would start with a basic instructure that could allow Metro populations to go out to the regions, or regional people to get into the metro. Then expand it as EV adoption ramps up.

As a side note: a 50 stall Supercharger was just found under construction in Beijing.

Just to clarify, there are States in Australia and Brisbane has the state of NSW between it and Melbourne(state of Victoria).

Also it’s the Premier of South Australia not Australia. Australia has a Prime Minister similar to Canada, UK, New Zealand.

And it is the South Australian Premier Jay Wetherall who is driving the installation of the Tesla Battery from his side – State of South Australia. Its the Federal Government making things different as their focus is still with coal.

The diesel generators are further emergency backup and may not be needed. He does not want a blackout again. Its a long story …

I would probably be more inclined to describe the Superchargers in Australia as a “string” from Brisbane to Melbourne, rather than a network, considering the topolgy…

Good news for me.. currently drive a Volt, cannot buy a Bolt, ordered a 3 , and now waiting the Price 🙂
Superchargers + Telsa model 3, spells the end of a long line of purchasing GM cars.