Tesla Expands Roadster Battery Upgrade To Include Early 1.5 Models


Tesla Roadster Battery Upgrade Email

Tesla Roadster Battery Upgrade Email

Via Tesla Motors Club forum, we’ve learned that Tesla has expanded its previously announced Roadster battery upgrade program to now include even early 1.5 Roadsters.

In addition to the email seen above, Tesla’s online shop has been updated to include the new Roadster upgrade information.

The battery upgrade provides 330+ miles of range, but it’s far from cheap.

Roadster Upgrade Info

Roadster Upgrade Info




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People can get a brand-new Mazda Miata 2016 Roadster for this price (yes, it’s an ICE, but it’s a very nice Roadster, see the reviews, pure driving joy with a starting price of $25k).

Using gas in 2015 is comical

99.3% of the population are laughing all the time 😀

Please evaluate on that. Most of the driving population are not laughing at all; they’re stuck in rush hour traffic most of the time; an experience considerably more enjoyable in an EV.

Does the roadster have adaptive cruise control like the model S with tech package?

If not, then I don’t see how stop and go traffic is any better, except for maybe not worrying about burning gas while sitting there…

Koenigsegg stated “using gas in 2015 is comical”, since 99.3% use gas cars the masses must have a lot of fun.

“Using gas in 2015 is comical”

We will see how many Tesla Roadster batteries will be upgraded vs how many Mazda Miata 2016 models will be sold.

Mazda probably builds more Roadsters in a week.

It does have comic elements, though it is more of a tragedy.


I think its a black comedy / dark comedy. With all that CO2 in the air, it’s gallows humor.


omg… you are clearly not a Tesla Roadster owner… comparing a Miata to the Tesla Roadster is one of the most comical things I have ever heard, and I AM a Roadster owner

I’m comparing the mere battery upgrade option to the the new Miata because it’s about the same price.

That’s fair.

The difference is that The Tesla Roadster will be a collectors dream.

If they could add a supercharger or chamo quick charger port to the battery it would make it worth while. But unless the battery is ready to kick the bucket I personally wouldn’t do this.

What is also odd about this is there is there is a guy and a small company that makes aftermarket chamo quick chargers for the Toyota RAV4 that allows it to take power from quick chargers. Tesla with hundreds of times more resources should have been able to do something like this for the Roadster.

Too bad Tesla didn’t partner up with third party conversion shops such as the guy you mentioned or EVWest. They need the business and it cultivates an ecosystem around Tesla.

That’s exactly what a lot of 1.5 owners were planning to do which is why it shocked them when they were excluded from the initial upgrade offer.

The 1.5 Roadsters are the ones who would want this upgrade more than the 2.0 and 2.5 which have newer battery packs.

Yeah, without supercharger access this isn’t too compelling unless you have a Roadster you love with a near dead battery, and you have plenty of moolah to blow. Roadsters have always been rich guy’s toys though, so whatever. I do applaud Tesla for not only supporting the car but also offering significant upgrades. It’s good for their image and loyal customer base.

Supercharger capability is even less practical to engineer into the Roadster… it would involve changing the entire thermal management system, electronics module, and firmware. It would quickly become a $60,000 upgrade.

Yeah, sometimes its interesting the way things turn out. When the initial VOLT came out, GM stated the battery could ‘take’ being charged at a 12 kw rate. The rate would be set at 3.3 kw maximum, and anything faster would be left for “Aftermarket Tuners”.

So far, the only “tuner” I’m aware of is the PLUGLESS charger constantly advertised here that charges at a 3.0 kw rate (10% less) maximum.

Somebody refresh my memory.

What were the 1.0 Roadsters? Were those the onse with the Borg Warner 2 speed that got recalled?

I guess my reaction is the same as those above. Too much money and no SC access= not so enticing.

There were no 1.0 Roadsters. The 2-speed cars never made it out of prototype form, hence they were not “recalled”.

Before the 1.5 Roadster there were only validation prototypes and founders edition cars.


“What were the 1.0 Roadsters? Were those the onse with the Borg Warner 2 speed that got recalled?”

I think so, yes. The Roadster 1.0 was the early one shipped with the two-speed transmission locked into a single gear, with the understanding that they would be upgraded for free when the newer, one-speed powertrain was available. (I don’t remember who made that inadequate two-speed transmission; if you say it was Borg Warner I’ll take your word for it.)

So far as I know, each of those very early Roadsters were upgraded, so there shouldn’t be any Roadster 1.0 still being driven.


This would be like taking a $100k house and installing a $29k kitchen. Worth it to some I guess.

Agreed and, $29k is less than the replacement cost of the previous pack.

Roadsters are getting older, and if your Roadster battery fails, this new pack is a great option.

5k$ for 330 miles range seems very cheap to me. That is the same as ordering 107miles Leaf instead if the 84 miles version

$5K is just the deposit–cost is $29K.


Mr. Musk looks for nickels and dimes to meet the quarterly guidance.

And you never will be Elon type person.

And you look for them between sofa cushions…

So do I.

You know, I’m beginning to think “See Through” isn’t just a Tesla-bashing troll. I’m beginning to think he’s personally jealous of Elon Musk’s achievements.

But either way… what a loser!

The Basic benefit of this offer, is that it shows, that the car can be both extended in life, and upgraded in range, all at the same time! Since a LEAF does not offer even DCQC in the Base model and only gives about 84 Miles range, the Price is about the same but bumps up the original Spec of 245 Miles to 330 miles – and not counting original battery aging loss – likely taking the current range down to 225, or for some, maybe under 200 miles, it brings you a newer and fresh battery, (& Maybe some refreshed, or at least re-tested electronics) for about the same miles range as the Base Model LEAF, adding about the same Spec Miles – 85 extra miles! Also – I am aware of at least one Roadster owner that is willing to be a test vehicle – if not a second test vehicle – for the JdeMO Offer by Tony Williams & Co. So – with some stretching – if your are a Roadster owner now, you could get a 330 mile Roadster upgrade with some elements of Quick Charging in for less money than the new 107 Mile LEAF,… Read more »

We started the RAV4 EV introduction with a paid deposit reservation list.

We can do the same with the Roadster. I do have a Roadster 1.5 in my garage (on loan), just waiting for a little time from our team.

We need the core cadre of dedicated Roadster owners to launch JdeMO for the Roadster. There are far more CHAdeMO charging locations than Supercharger, so particularly in urban / suburban areas on the east and west coast of the USA, plus most of Western Europe, and of course Japan, CHAdeMO is a great compromise.

It’s a bit more challenging in the middle of the USA, but with a potential 350 mile range car, you could find overnight charging and just travel “only” 300 miles per day!

I drove my Toyota RAV4 EV with JdeMO from San Diego to Santa Rosa, California (north of San Francisco), almost 600 miles / 1000km, all in one day. The RAV4 EV only has a 100-140 mile range.