Tesla Expands Into Ireland With First Model S, X Deliveries There Set For Early 2017

Tesla Service Center


Tesla Store

Tesla Motors Ireland Store Will Feature Sales and Service (via Gizmodo)

Tesla buyers in Ireland will soon be able to order a vehicle and take delivery in their own country. Any Tesla vehicles ordered in Ireland from this point forward, will be filled in early 2017, and delivered in Ireland. This finally alleviates the hassle that meant taking delivery in the UK and then getting the cars back home. Tesla also has plans for four Supercharger stations across Ireland.

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Motors Ireland Limited was officially incorporated a little over a year ago and has a registered address in Dublin. From December 1st through December 4th, interested buyers will have the opportunity to test drive the Model S and Model X, in Dublin.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland offers a €5,000 ($5,571 USD) grant for citizens the privately purchase a new electric car. With the incentive applied, a base Tesla Model S60 comes in equivalent to about $90,000 USD. A top trim, fully loaded Model S will set the Irish back a whopping $180,000 or more. The base Model X sits at $122,000 USD.

Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, Tesla’s director of sales for the area, confirmed that the first store will be located in Dublin. It will double as a sales and service center. He also explained that the Superchargers in Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Belfast, will appear around the same time frame.

Hansen said that a sales base is already being established and that the company is quite far along in the whole process.

Obviously, all Tesla Model 3 orders coming from Ireland will be filled within the country as well. But that won’t happen anytime before 2018.

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Congratulations Ireland, is New Zealand next.