Tesla Expands U.S. Store Network By 10% In Just One Week

DEC 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 22

Tesla expands its store network in the U.S. by about 10% in just one week.

Tesla released a note that this week it’s opening 11 new stores in the U.S.! As we check the list – there are some 124 stores/galleries available, which means that the latest move increases the number by more or less 10%.

No appointment needed and you can test drive the Tesla (we believe a Model 3 too, although there was no confirmation).

New Tesla stores:

  • Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga CA
  • Del Amo, Torrance CA
  • Fashion Square, Sherman Oaks CA
  • Roseville Galleria, Roseville CA
  • Dallas Galleria, Dallas TX
  • La Cantera, San Antonio TX
  • Christiana, Newark DE
  • Florida Mall, Orlando FL
  • Coconut Point, Estero FL
  • Southpark, Charlotte NC
  • Roosevelt Field, Garden City NY

See the full list of US Tesla Stores and Galleries here.

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Do Not Read Between The Lines

OK, I’ll be the one to say it: need service centers, not stores!

They need both and part of this store expansion is to get the stores that are co-located with service centers out so those service centers can expand.

Building dedicated stores means they can convert the combo store/service centers into dedicated service centers.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to open a dedicated SC in a more appropriate location?

I think the most appropriate location for a service center is in my garage with a mobile tech.

In the case of the Southpark Mall in Charlotte, there is a sales/service center just a few miles away. That should alleviate some of the sales burden from that location and help with the delivery and service aspects.

Need more Superchargers. Ideally there need to be Supercharger V3(240kW) at truck stops, which will people who are towing to stop there without hogging up multiple stalls(because of the trailers).
In addition, truck stops have amenities that can easily eat up 50 minutes of time while charging(more like 25 minutes with V3 Superchargers).

I wonder why they are deploying these 72kW urban units along travel corridors? Is it possible that they have the potential to operate at 240kW with an update?

Also, Tesla should partner with Rivian, so those trucks could have Supercharger access…

Tesla should buy Rivian.

Agreed. We has been talking about this lately. Or, Musk should invest some of his personal cash flow into getting the company off the ground.

Steve, big mistake. Instead some these liberal billionaires, like Soros, should do so.

Rivian would be smart to cut deals with utilities and delivery companies. Build vans based on rivian drive train, have utility partially pay for them, but then charge FedEx day rates on electricity, while charging at night.

Very much agreed. I think these are fabulous and even better ideas. I was just saying that the topic has come up lately about Tesla and Musk and Rivian.

Ford or GM should buy Rivian — Tesla has the resources to bring it’s own electric truck to market. GM and Ford don’t have the will…..and will watch their honey hole close up REAL fast if they don’t do something about it….

Another Euro point of view

Oh please no, this company seems to work quietly and thoroughly. Let them develop further that corporate culture and welcome a new company of that sort, not sure we do need yet another Trump or Elon Musk.

Wow. U compare trump to musk? Just wow. Kind of like comparing Porsche ( the man ) or even Merkel to Mao or Stalin.

No. Best to be separate.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

The urban units are where lots of people live, sometimes along travel corridors, while the travel units are along travel corridors where sometimes lots of people live.

I thought Texas was one of the states that doesn’t allow buying a Tesla in state.

Yeah, that “store” in Texas must be just a gallery. You can look at a Tesla car there, but if you want one in Texas you have to order it online and (if I understand correctly) have it delivered directly to you.

Tesla is planning to double the number of sales and service centers in New Zealand.
Okay they only have one in Auckland at the moment but looking to open another one in Christchurch.
Tesla also plan to double the number of Super Chargers from 6 to 12 locations.

This is the best news. Thanks for sharing.

Long past time. That is probably all they need. And New Zealand has clean electricity.

With the Model 3 imminently coming to Australia, Tesla should be expanding here as well. My town has a geographic catchment of 200,000 people. There is a huge interest in Tesla. If just 1% of people bought one, that is 2,000 vehicles just in this region alone. That could be 38 vehicles per week getting sold, and ongoing 38+ vehicles getting an annual service every week. You would think that’s a great volume for a show room and service centre.
Not to mention we are one of the few towns that has Super Chargers, so another reason for Tesla purchase here (even though you want the SC at your destination, they generate a lot of interest).