Tesla Exec Discusses Model X Price, Launch Date & More


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

According to Drive, Tesla has “revealed its upcoming Model X SUV will be priced from under $100,000 in Australia” when it goes on sale there in 2016.

Drive spoke with Tesla marketing chief Ricardo Reyes at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.  Reyes revealed that the Model X will be “the equivalent price” of the Model S, which starts at $95,000-ish in Australia:

“The SUV will be the equivalent price.”

“It will be the equivalent of a premium SUV just like the Model S is the equivalent of a premium sedan.”

“We will release it to the market in quarter three of this year and then we would have to see when it follows in Australia, but probably 2016 at some point.”

According to Reyes, the Model X will be very similar to the Model S:

“Everything we’re going to learn from Model S is going to go into Model X, and everything we learn from Model S and Model X is going to go into Model 3 we’re also developing.”

“We’re not holding anything back so that we suddenly explode onto the market with all-new stuff. Everything we learn, all the technology, we’re going to build into the [Model S] and then we’re going to build it into Model X.”

“It’s a constant integration process.”

Lastly, if you check out Tesla’s Model X page, you’ll note that battery sizes (previously 60 kWh and 85 kWh and vehicle configurations) are no longer listed.  Could it be that the Model X is getting a bigger battery option then the current Model S?  We think so.

Tesla Model X Info

Tesla Model X Info

Source: Drive

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Perhaps it’s the pictures but this doesn’t look very attractive. The headlights just don’t fit with the body, which is rather squat and porky.

In real life I thought it looked very nice. However, my wife wasn’t as enthralled. I think that like most cars some will like the looks and some won’t.

Is the ugly nosecone, it looks cheap this is why I choose my Tesla black to make it less noticeable.

nosecone looks great on the Model S

With a larger vehicle cross section, heavier and with towing capability– yeah, offering a bigger battery pack seems prudent at this time.

Well well, this is big big news – OK, so no it isn’t. In Seattle, we know what drizzle is – that London-esque drip drip drip of rain that really isn’t rain – it’s just kind of a constant damp hint that rain may come any second. Well, like that – this tiny drip of information really doesn’t seem article-worthy, but if you’re paid by the article, maybe it does. So – here we know that in Australia, Model X’s will come sometime in 2016. My day is really brighter now – I’m more informed. I think. So Model X will not debut as a whole new vehicle apart from Model S. Didn’t we know this already? It’s an evolution, not a revolution. Been there, heard that. Any little tidbit, I suppose. Why is there no new article about the new wheels on the test mule photos? I mean, that seems more noteworthy than this so-called announcement. The real news seems to be the constant setting back of Model X’s sales debut to uber-patient placeholders. The door issue seems to be a really big deal. No matter how many people post here that it isn’t. I think Loveday needs to… Read more »

Use your eyes man, it’s the front windows that does not fit… for whatever reason…
And of course we are all sure that no engineer noticed that…doh!

This is the one and only shot of this mule. so speculations…speculations… isn’t it the best publicity ofr tesla?

I think you aren’t seeing it properly. The front door window IS actually a window. The back door has plastic or some type of film as a temporary fill in for where the window or at least close to where the window is supposed to be.

What Tesla can’t and will never acknowledge, is that much of the delays are caused by the wild success of Model S. Model X was suppose to be another way of getting more cash to the barn. But model S takes all the fabrication ressources and bring full of cash. So why the rush? Perfect the Model X, in three years, battery technology has progressed a bit and i would not be surprised to see a much more ranged battery pack in the X AND in the autumn S.
Tesla will make it another hit!

James said: “People come on here and say I’m some idiot for using my eyes!”

Actually, people come on here and think that you’re an idiot for numerous reasons! 😉

For example, in this post you are totally clueless about how Twitter works:


In this post under your pseudonym “Voltowner”, you use what sounds like the “N” word in the same comment that you refer to “the black tester.” You should never use a word that sounds like the “N” word!



Are you on crack? ( !!! )

I’d relish a debate with you anywhere, anytime, and I’d place my lifetime knowledge of the auto industry against yours in a heartbeat.

Read your own posts – you assume I know nothing about Twitter, but it’s your own negligible writing that elicited my humor. Your post’s wording made it an easy target. You didn’t specify “Twitter followers”, so it’s you – pointing out your own post- that garnered humor from me.

You cite “the N word”, and I feel that is completely uncalled for. In doing so, you imply many things of which I will not even go near. Nobody else even thought of that! It’s obvious I was writing about – people who neg. Are you for real?!!! :0

Sven – if there is a language barrier between my American English ( much slang included ) and yours – I’ll cut you a tiny bit of slack. But, if you are American and understand our baseball idioms, I can wholeheartedly state that your accusations are completely “out in left field”.

Three Model Xs have been seen by observers out in the wild. One was covered top-to-bottom in a camo wrap. The second one seen lightly disguised as to cover chrome pieces and grille with black vinyl and the interior masked from view, driving city streets was a black color – thus, “the black tester” – or: test mule. The third test mule seen was of a white color. We who read this blog know this. To cite: “the black one”, or “the white one” is not racist! Oh my Gawd! Please check yourself next time before you go there. Additionally, you won’t catch me calling others, “idiots” as you have done. In the #1 best selling book ever in history – in free markets, at least – there is a famous quote composed in it’s Book Of Proverbs – “He who calls another a fool is himself a fool unto God”. Why does that statement make so much sense? Because when we judge others in such a manner, it only reflects upon ourselves. I won’t call you a fool, but I will say name-calling and citing others in the name of your own opinions ( of which I am glad… Read more »
James said: “You didn’t specify ‘Twitter followers’, so it’s you – pointing out your own post- that garnered humor from me. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I said: “Why hasn’t Elon Tweeted a pic of this car to all his followers?” Who do you think receives Elon’s Tweets? Duh, his Twitter followers. Do you not know what “Tweeting” means? Just admit that that my comment went over your head, because you didn’t know how Twitter worked. James said: “You cite “the N word”, and I feel that is completely uncalled for. In doing so, you imply many things of which I will not even go near.” Once again, reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I said: “[Y]ou use what sounds like the ‘N’ word in the same comment that you refer to ‘the black tester.’ You should never use a word that sounds like the ‘N’ word!” Like I said, you should NEVER use a word that sounds like the “N” word, specifically, NEVER use the word “neggers” again. You should also brush up on your American English slang, because “neggers” is slang for the “N” word!!! Here is one of the definitions of “negger” in the… Read more »

Spot on. The battery pack gives the body rigidity, but not in the roof where it’s needed here. The weight and of rigidity in the doors compounds the problem.

I’m worried about the Model X pricing. With all of them being dual motor and those funky Falcon-wing doors, I can’t imagine it being cheaper than the Model S. So it seems like they will be moving the in wrong direction.

I get it . . . it provides more in that it can have 3 rows of seating and towing ability. But it will still be a more expensive product instead of a cheaper product.

That white one appears to have something jammed in the top corner of the window. Perhaps a camera.

Actually the real news in this story is that they still say release in Q3 😉

We have breaking news it appears that the Ocean Railroader has announced that he will not be able to afford this car.

Personally I think the Gull Wing Doors are going to leak like pasta strainer in the heavy rain. Trust I know it’s going to leak in that it’ set up to leak.

If you buy a Model X you better keep it in a garage.

gull wing door = 1 hinge.
falcon wing door = 2 hinges.

At best I think it will provide “sunroof” water tightness. Those certainly aren’t forever.

The news tells me Tesla knows “demand-constrained” comes much more easily as the price goes up. I don’t think its linear, at all, how many prospects they loose going from 60k, to 70k, to 80k.

Sunroofs aren’t forever, no. My current one is fifteen waterproof years and counting, but I’m pretty sure it will start to leak before “forever” arrives.

Elon Musk dabbles in rocket science, I think a leaky falcon wing will not be a design issue.

The only “news” I see here is that Tesla’s marketing chief apparently thinks the Model X is an “SUV” when it’s actually a crossover, or CUV.

Perhaps that’s nit-picking, but you’d think that anyone who realizes the Model X is built on the Model S platform (more or less; I’ve seen one claim the wheelbase is two inches longer) wouldn’t mistake it for an actual SUV.

Crossover? CUV? To me it looks like a Model S with a lift-kit.

I think an SUV/Wagon or truck body would generate more demand.

More like a bloated Model S. But that would make it a crossover/CUV.

With that dramatically sloping roof line it’s not a CUV, but a SAV: sports activity vehicle. SAV’s include the the BMW X6, BMW X4, the Honda Crosstour, and the defunct Acura ZDX. BMW has now taken to marketing both the X6 and X4 as a Sports Activity Coupé (SAC), because it combines the attributes of an SUV (high ground clearance, all-wheel drive and all-weather ability, large wheels and tires) with the stance of a coupé (bold styling, dramatic sloping roof). I guess putting a hyphen over the “e” in coupe, means it has four doors.



You are quoting nomenclature invented by namely one company – BMW.

There is no such thing as an “SAV”, or “SAC”. L 🙂 L . It only shows how effective advertising can be! You and many others buy into such acronyms supposedly indicating that BMW’s tall station wagons are “sportier” than other manufacturer’s tall station wagons!

Bottom line: Americans really dig ( “enjoy” – for Sven ) their SUVs. Generally, the term SUV was applied by many manufacturers as they placed steel enclosures with seats in place of where normally a cargo bed would be on their truck chassis. The term basically covered a whole new ( at the time ) class of vehicle, like “minivan”. “CUV”s came about when the truck frame was ditched due to weight and inefficiency that car buyers shied away from. Unibodied, tall station wagons – many with AWD became a sub-category which today has become the dominant tall station wagon category – the CUV, or crossover-utility vehicle.

Folks like Sven have become basically believers of one manufacturer’s attempt to separate it’s CUVs from the herd – by kindling a new handle for the same ole thing everyone else is making.

You mean SAV and SAC is just like the CUV and Crossover nomenclature invented by auto companies.

FYI, there are plenty of unibody SUVs: Grand Cherokee, the last generation Cherokee, Range Rover, and Land Rover.

I am sure they will call it something other than CUV or SUV, like BMW’s Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) and Sport Activity Coupe (SAC). Maybe Electric Utility Vehicle (EUV) or Sport Electric Utility Vehicle (SEUV)

“Lastly, if you check out Tesla’s Model X page, you’ll note that battery sizes (previously 60 kWh and 85 kWh and vehicle configurations) are no longer listed. Could it be that the Model X is getting a bigger battery option then the current Model S? We think so.”

I agree with that analysis.

I think Tesla is having hard time meeting the 200 miles EPA range with its base battery size…

I think it might have to start with 85kWh and option up to 105kWh or 125kWh battery size…

Compelling BEVs are designed around the battery pack. Changing the pack size changes the weight, the power output, the power/weight ratio and therefore the acceleration… it changes the vehicle in fundamental ways. Would Tesla really change all that at this late date? I suppose it’s not impossible, but it seems very unlikely to me.

Changing the pack size (physical) will do all those things you said, but using cells that are more energy dense than those in the Model S, can be done – with very little of those issues.

For example compare the Panasonic 3.1 Ah cells against the 3.4 Ah cells, to start with, and then remember they are on a track to make cells of 4.0 Ah capacity in the same 18650 form factor, that will be slightly heavier – based on Panasonic’s own past press releases. This could also be what is holding up Tesla’s planned delivery – waiting on cells with more energy density, so they don’t have to build a physically bigger pack.

Don’t forget roadster 3.0 has newer batteries than S. They didn’t increase the number of batteries, just the capacity (and more but same amount of cells)

It’s better looking in person.

I have no doubt that like the Model S, this will be very popular and widely admired.

I agree. I think it will sell “like hotcakes”. For Sven, that means it will sell a lot of units. We can’t forget women buy nearly half of all new cars sold. The selling points for the Falcon doors goes far beyond gee-whizardry. Mr. Musk points out the convenience of strapping your children into the back seat in the rain with a covering over one’s head. Also, he cites the convenience of standing next to, rather than bending at the waist to lift kids into the vehicle and set up their car seats. It wasn’t long ago that I myself, remember the sore back days from such activities. Today’s EV enthusiasts blast Model X because it’s not “sexy” nor racy as Model S. How silly is that?! When was the last time you saw a “sexy” CUV? There’s only one I can quote as near sexy – and that is the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, and that is one lead sled ICE, people! BMW devotees aside, The “U” in CUV means utility, and this sleek, AWD ride has adjustable height suspension for more ground clearance if needed. I don’t foresee anyone ground-pounding this car in the Baja 1000, do… Read more »

I planned on buying a model S but at age 78 I found it too hard to get in and out of. The model X sits higher and should make entry and exit easier, however I think the back doors will be a nightmare for Tesla and a lot of model X owners. Rain, snow, dust, and wind will be a problem for the front and rear seats. By the time a 3 gets here, I will be too old to enjoy it.. oh well..

I hope they have a team working on a Model X variant with normal doors in the back. Perhaps release it 3 years after the Model X and at a lower cost.

Don’t feel bad, Pete! I’m 53 but 6’4″ and can’t easily get in or out of the Model S, either. Have had a Model X reservation number for 9 months, but the big “ifs” are the rear doors and the front seating comfort. The BMW i3 is super easy to get in/out of but the local dealer is flaky beyond belief. I suggest trying the i3 if you haven’t already.

Nothing new here. All this stuff has been said during the prototype reveal. Move along.

The Model S starts at 95,500 AUD, but that’s for the 60 kWh RWD version. The Model X is AWD only. The cheapest AWD Model S you can buy is the 85D for 115,600 AUD. I think that’s what they mean by “the equivalent price.”

Than being said, I’ll be impressed if the X is really the same price as the S. Most manufacturers charge quite a premium for CUVs compared to the cars that share the same platform.

The 60kWh and 85kWh battery sizes have been gone from the website for a long time. This is not news.

Getting pretty close to Q2 and we don’t even have a design studio up yet
Seems to me they are delayed yet again

By the time it finally goes on sale it had better impress.

Fan of the sides and corners.
The “FRAMED” front grill – Not so.
I expect Tesla to do better on that front chrome frame – must be a current ugly American designer phase all US car companies are going through ?

Well they better hurry up. ALready, a chinese company has come out with An “S” lookalike BEV. It is a bit longer, has a buick grille (GM’s best selling marque, incidientally), and a more modern (3-motor, 181 hp) drivetrain.

Probably also a lower price.

If Tesla expects to stop laying off employees there, maybe they should start making some product.

Bill – sounds interesting. Can you link a reference? Just curious.

Regarding the X, I hope it does well, but its going to be hard to follow the S in terms of success, special doors or not. My, selfish, hope is that they are actually prioritizing the Model 3 development and because of that, the X is taking a little bit longer to get out the door.

That thing looked terrible to me. But it does show that they are trying and moving forward.

Didn’t Musk say that the Model S would not be receiving an upgraded battery pack in the near future? When he announced the Roadster 3.0 upgrade.