Tesla’s New Event Data Recorder Tool Unleashes Black Box Data

Crashed White Tesla Model X


Crashed Red Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Test Drive Ends With A Crash – Image Via Ed Tanas

Tesla adds an Event Data Recorder (EDR) to its vehicles, which will act as a “blackbox” to record crash details.

Tesla has been able to defend itself on multiple occasions following crashes by using data logs. In the past, the automaker has proven such details as Autopilot engagement and driver acceleration or braking, etc. However, the cars didn’t have an accessible EDR. Tesla’s Autopilot cameras did record and store images and video from crashes, but you had to hack into the system to retrieve the data.

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Crashed silver Tesla Model S

Model S hit in the rear by Semi truck

The EDR (blackbox) is often used by lawmakers and insurance companies to find fault in a crash. Tesla’s new EDR tools will allow just that, however, they won’t divulge Autopilot logs.

The NHTSA requires these EDRs and has guidelines pertaining to what data must be collected and stored. The guidelines don’t account for Autopilot. The NHTSA also states that the EDR should not include audio and video data. Nonetheless, CEO Elon Musk has mentioned that an Autopilot camera “dashcam” feature is in the works.

There have been plenty of cases in which Tesla has used such information from logs to prove that drivers were lying. But, a common complaint is that owners and authorities should also have access to the data, instead of having to count on the automaker. Some people have even gone so far as to say that the Tesla could easily be skewing data since it has previously been hidden from anyone outside of the company.

Now, owners and others involved will be able to learn details related to whether or not the driver pushed the accelerator pedal, if the car was shifted to reverse, if a seatbelt was worn, and other similar vehicle dynamic and safety system information.

You can find more information on the automaker’s website regarding how to access the EDR data.

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So, will this EDR be a hardware device, or will it just be a software “app” which stores data in an existing onboard computer/microprocessor?

https://edr.tesla.com/ Order the cables needed to retrieve EDR data. Note that a USB-to-CAN adapter is also required in order to retrieve EDR data. See the help page for more information.

The cover photo of the Model X crash can be thought of as a theatrical re-enactment of the 2016 election: Wealthy Model X driver crashes into strip mall Nail Salon but can’t explain what exactly happened because a Silicon Valley company owns all’s his data.

That comment does not make any sense.

That is because dan with a very little d is blinded by hate against Tesla and therefore nothing he says regarding Tesla makes sense.

Lol. You are the one who is “having trouble making sense of” what other people say or think but I’m the one who is “blinded by hate”. Good one.

By the way, what electric car do you even drive? That’s right – none.

This is great. I often thought it would be awesome if Tesla could use all their tech and record what the car has been doing.
Telematics should be no problem, but audio and video require some storage, maybe Tesla already has a hard drive they capture this on.