Tesla Engineering VP Takes Time Off To Recharge

MAY 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Doug Field, Tesla Senior Vice President of Engineering, is taking a break from work despite Tesla having not yet maneuvered itself out of the production hell  of the Model 3.

A Tesla representative encourages that Doug Field didn’t leave company, only that he needs to recharge his personal battery:

Tesla Model 3

“Doug is just taking some time off to recharge and spend time with his family. He has not left Tesla.”

Doug Field come to Tesla in 2013 from Apple (see Linkedin profile here).

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The changes for this VP position might be related to Model 3 production and Elon Musk’s direct engagement, or maybe it’s just a good opportunity to take a break.

It’s not known when Doug Field will back on board.

Source: Reuters

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I see this was already reported, in an earlier comment. Sorry to post it again.

I think the NTSB is going to run out of investigators. If this one is autopilot related, its time for the government to pressure Tesla to fix it immediately, or turn it off.

Maybe the media should do some investigating to see how many daily accidents happen while drivers have their ACC activated. Nobody knows though because 1. Nobody asks when there is a wreck did you have your ACC on. 2. Even if they did they would lie and say no because it’s embarrassing. 3.Even if they did own up to it no news outlet gives a crap about ACC accidents because it doesn’t involve reveling in the narrative that Tesla is failing with their new scary robot car.

The interesting thing about point #2 is that autopilot has the opposite effect on people. Because the news has portrayed autopilot as a scary out of control AI robot car that has a mind of its own that owners are helpless to stop it then becomes the whipping boy for all the negligent drivers out there using it incorrectly.

You can guarantee that if plain ACC and steering assist packages began getting brutal nonstop coverage in the news causing a feedback loop then drivers would begin blaming these driver assist packages for their wrecks causing further coverage to the level of hysteria that even many of the commenters here are participating in.

Another fire truck plowed into. AP beta testing with customers is something else!

He could go to a Supercharger and recharge to 80% in less than 30 min

Their NTSB relationship manager also bailed. Going to Waymo whose CEO promised never to undo all his work by throwing a tantrum and hanging up on the NTSB.

NTSB chair Robert Sumwalt has been making some questionable decisions since Trump promoted him to Chair last year. Not the least of which was complaining about Tesla speaking publicly about an open investigation, and then turning around HIMSELF and disclosing details about the very same investigation in an open public record meeting at an aviation conference that had nothing to do with cars. Also the NTSB and FAA being criticized for not acting amidst renewed calls to put new regulations on helicopter gas tanks that could save the lives of first responders.

After his pattern of being overruled (like with the Boeing 777 control issue) by his fellow board members, it is surprising that he was chosen to lead the NTSB. Since being promoted by Trump, the NTSB has drug their feet on regulation, while putting abnormal levels of scrutiny on others like Tesla after Elon publicly walked away from Trump’s advisory board after criticizing Trump’s policies.

Nice spin/deflection… I assume you are talking about the Asiana 777 at SFO?

The other factor is that the Model Y initial design phase is now pencil’s down, making it likely the only real chance he is going to be able to take some much needed and well deserved down time.

You have no idea what the phase of Model Y is, I think Tesla is still in prototype engineering, Just trying to fit the pieces, Chassis, and production engineering is where all the time is spent, and that have not even started yet. Tesla is not even to 10% on Model Y final design yet. They are building a prototype as we saw in the video last week, but that is just the beginning, the real work starts after that.

How do we know that was model y prototype ❓

Its a pretty good assumption…

Nix is the self appointed Tesla expert on here. Makes him think he’s more important than he actually is.