Tesla Energizes Pair of Supercharger Stations in Indiana + 1 in Wisconsin and 1 in Minnesota


Would you believe us if we told you that Tesla is moving too quickly with its Supercharger rollout?



By too quickly we mean that even we here at InsideEVs can’t keep up (I blame it on Jay’s need for occasional sleep).

This post announces not one, not two, not even three Superchargers that just sprung to life.  Why cover only three when indeed 4 Superchargers came online in what amounts to like 6 days?

That’s progress fellas.

The latest Superchargers to come online include two in Indiana, one in Wisconsin and one in Minnesota.

Follow this link to check out Tesla’s updated Supercharger map.

Oh, just in case you were wondering, there are at least 18 Superchargers “under construction” in the US right now, too.

Hat tip to Alok!!!

The Supercharger Route For Musk's Coast-to-Coast Trip is Almost Ready

The Supercharger Route For Musk’s Coast-to-Coast Trip is Almost Ready

List of Current Stations

List of Current Stations

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Expect Detroit Lake, OR to come on line soon and Vacaville, CA is awaiting the power company to do the hookup. There are a couple more that should be up by the end of the year (Ellensburg, WA is one).


To not even plan for Indianapolis is pretty strange. It is called “the crossroads of America” because it has 3 major interstates running through it. I understand that doesn’t necessarily warrant the moniker. But there is a ton of through-traffic there. Even if people in Indy are too poor or backward to buy the car, a station would at least help trippers moving through.

Mayor Ballard gets all these props for his electrification plans. But the city is still a relative EVSE ghost town, and he seems to have not gotten Tesla’s attention.

If you own a LEAF in Indy and dream of getting it to Columbus, Ohio – a mere 2.5 hr drive via ICE – you are looking at a 2 day trip, by way of Cleveland, on a string of 240V’s at best, several of which cost more than gas ($2/hr).

I think this post has evolved into a rant. So I’ll be done.


Cody Osborne

Tesla doesn’t usually put Superchargers in the middle of the city. They usually put them in between major cities. There is a supercharger going in near Indianapolis next year. You see that one, right?


That looks like it is in Lafayette on 65, an hour NW of Indy, or possibly Lebanon, 30 min out. They need to be on 70 (connecting the E/W route that runs from coast to coast) or at least on 465 (the outer loop). I get your point about their typical placement. But in cases where several highways converge, they should consider dropping a station in the inner loop.


3 chademo’s would connect the 13th largest city in the country to the 15th. Someday maybe? OK. Now I’m done.


East cost still slow


That’s because of all the criminal (politicians and transit authority) leaders on the east coast. They invented the phrase “What’s in it for me?”



Texas is west of the Mississippi River so the supercharger stations there should be listed on the Tesla site in the left column. Minnesota is a tossup though Worthington is west of the Mississippi too 🙂


I’m not going to use any of those American superchargers, but I feel happy every time I see another one open. So thank’s


i think that the important things to take away from what Musk is doing through Tesla are, just how quickly an electric charging infrastructure can be built out and how financing such a network is not too much of a stretch. One uptart company is set to blanket the lower 48 with it’s high speed network in just three short years! I do not see how the same could be done for hydrogen fueling stations or natural gas, another finite energy source, the production of which will decline at some point.


So, where’s the “Golden Spike” supercharger going to be? Will Tesla have a nice announcement?


First Supercharger in Switzerland just opened!
Now 9 in Europe. At least 4 under construction (all in Germany).


By the way… It’s the 50th worldwide!
41 in US, 9 in Europe.