Tesla Employees Rank Elon Musk As #1 Automotive CEO In 2018


The recognition comes despite all the drama surrounding Musk and all his companies for the past 12 months

In what can easily be considered as one of the most daunting years behind almost all of Musk’s companies, his employees valued all the efforts & hard work done by their glorious leader and have given him the top recognition a company CEO could get. In the recently published results of its 2018 Best CEO Awards by the workplace culture and compensation monitoring website Comparably, Elon Musk was voted as one of the best CEOs of 2018.

While this may come as a surprise to some, in the last year alone, Musk proved to be a capable leader that has helped his companies navigate through various bits of problems & challenging tasks that his companies faced. The recognition also serves to prove all the naysayers that are surrounding Tesla – wrong. After all, Tesla and SpaceX employees voting Elon Musk as one of the best CEOs of 2018 is a clear-cut sign that their CEO is leading the company in the right direction.

The awards by Comparably are determined from sentiment ratings that are provided by the employees of each company taken into account. These employees anonymously rate their employers on the Comparably.com website, all through as survey that ensures all particular employee interest is taken into account. This particular survey was conducted between November 26, 2017, and November 26, 2018, with the site compiling almost 10 million ratings from across 50,000 US-based companies this year.

Expanding on Comparably’s CEO voting rankings

While Musk was voted the #1 automotive CEO in 2018, he also came out as the #19 in the survey’s overall rankings. Apart from Musk, only the GM CEO Mary Barra – ranked #49 – made the list as automotive exects. Tesla’s CEO was also ranked as the 14th most sought-after tech company head, from a selection of 29 CEO’s that made it to the top 50 rankings. Overall, Musk being voted 19th and 14th in tech rankings is quite impressive, particularly due to the fact that Musk didn’t even make it to the rankings last year at all. However, most of Elon Musk’s high ratings in Comparably‘s study came from workers at his private SpaceX venture.


SpaceX employees love Musk more than Tesla’s employees

If we’re to look at the votes that came from Tesla and SpaceX employees, it becomes clear that Musk was ranked higher by his workers in the latter company. On a scale of 0- 100, the employees at SpaceX gave their CEO an average score of 83. On the other hand, Tesla employees gave a more conservative 77 out of 100 scores. In turn, if Comparably looked only at the ratings from his Tesla employees, Musk would narrowly miss a spot in Comparably‘s Top 50 Best CEOs list once again. If you take into account the production & delivery hell that his employees at Tesla faced this year, the score actually becomes quite admirable for the colorful CEO that we’ve all learned to love and hate.

While, in the end, it’s all about getting a paycheck and putting food on the table for your family, Musk is a charismatic leader. Some people can endure the difficulties posed by working at Tesla just because it’s Tesla. While not devaluing the feat by any means, working at one of the most hyped about & cutting-edge companies out there certainly can skew somebody’s opinion.

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What?! Tesla employees said their own CEO is the best automotive CEO?? Amazing!
Also, when only 1 name is on the ballot, it also makes it easy to win. Lol

And which company is expanding as fast as possible while the other is slashing jobs and production MadBro.

Where are you going to go when GM shuts down its Baltimore plant?

One of their empty five plants brosef.

If I read the article right, The poll was “Do you like your boss?” not “who would you want to be your boss?”

reading comprehension fail….

It is a comparison between the ratings of each CEO based upon what each of their own employees say about them in surveys. The CEO with the most positive responses gets ranked highest, and is rated the best.

It’s Christmas bonus time.

Hey, Elon is awesome and all, but what did you expect Tesla team people to say, that they miss Marchionne?
“In other news, LICE vehicle both suck and blow; details at 11.”

Rest in peace Sergio Marchione

Regarding other car-OEMs: At least in europe nobody knows that site, so why should anybody have voted.

Is anyone surprised? Valuable article.

Did they survey the 4000 people that were laid off by Tesla a few months ago?

Well, it’s not a vast surprise that many or most of those who choose to work at Tesla (or SpaceX) would also select Tesla (and SpaceX)’s CEO as the #1 choice.

On the other hand, how many auto makers beyond the startup stage saw their sales triple in a single year? Despite some well-publicized problems at Tesla, Elon must be doing quite a few things right! 🙂

There is no drama outside of manufactured MSM oil money funded outrage.