Despite People’s Doubts About Tesla’s Elon Musk, He’s On His Game

Elon Musk

JAN 31 2018 BY EVANNEX 29

Elon Musk

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk (Flickr: Heisenberg Media)


If there is any one entrepreneur today that embodies the future, it’s Elon Musk. According to Valuewalk, this “self-made billionaire Elon Musk can seemingly do it all. At just 46, the entrepreneur has launched a number of successful companies, including Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal and the Boring Company and is now worth over an astonishing $20 billion.”

Where does Musk invest his own money? The future. After selling PayPal and walking away with hundreds of millions of dollars, Musk took some big chances. Envisioning a future with electric cars, “Musk had invested heavily in Tesla Motors… [and] joined the board in 2004 after leading the company’s series A funding, and [he later] became CEO in 2008. By the age of 32, he had invested $70,000,000 into the company in a bid to develop, manufacture and sell high-performance, fully electric vehicles.”

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

Elon Musk

The rapid growth of Musk’s net worth over six years (Source: Toptal)

But Musk’s investment in clean energy didn’t end there: “Another notable investment is in SolarCity. Founded in 2006 by Elon’s cousins, SolarCity [became] one of the largest producers of solar panels in the world. While Musk only personally got involved when his company SpaceX bought $90 million worth of stock in the venture, his involvement took the company miles ahead to a point where he decided to acquire it all together, at an estimated $2.5-$3 billion through Tesla.”

Above: A look back at Musk’s first companies that inspired his bold investments into the future (Youtube: Futurism); Note: Tesla Model S has gotten even quicker, recently clocking 0-60 MPH at 2.28 seconds

Musk also invested more into the transportation sector via: “the Boring Company. The idea behind the Boring Company is to revolutionise the way Americans travel, by connecting nearby cities with tunnels underneath. The goal with The Boring Company is to reduce the cost of tunneling while also speeding up production. Musk has hopes that The Boring Company will be the key to unlocking hyperloop travel… To fund the project, Musk [even] started selling hats. On December 16, 2017, Musk announced he had sold 42,000 Boring Company hats.”

Elon Musk

A chronological timeline of Musk’s investing activities, showing inflows and outflows (Source: Toptal)

The most out-of-this-world investment is SpaceX, “where Elon Musk has invested the most. The California-based rocket and spacecraft manufacturer was founded by Musk himself in 2002. The company, which was started with $100 million from the sale of PayPal, is now worth over $21 billion… The company has been a remarkable success, both financially and technologically, and has made space travel exciting again. At the end of last year, SpaceX had successfully landed 19 rockets and next steps are to take humans to Mars by 2024.”

Elon Musk

Tracking Musk’s “Investing Account” over time by estimating his investments and proceeds (purely capital gains from exit events – not compensation) over the years (Source: Toptal)

Between electric cars, space travel, solar energy, and underground tunnels, Musk has accumulated billions with his bold plans to transform the future. Where will he invest next? Check out this infographic from RS Components for more…



*Source: Valuewalk / Charts: Toptal / Infographic: RS Components

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX, Check out the site here.

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So how many of those companies are success? If it’s about 20%, that’s about typical of all companies, nothing special.

If these companies provide good jobs and tax revenue, and produce innovative products, they are ALL successful companies. There are other measures of ‘success’ beyond shareholder return.

I think that is a good assessment. Even companies that fold can undertake the creation and promotion of important research and technology. Their staff go on to other companies and bring important know-how to them. It makes a country’s economy stronger despite the short term pain to the employees.

Investing in risky companies with societally or scientifically important goals isn’t a zero sum game IMO. Innovation is so important.

Well said!

The special part is not in the percentage, but the margin. Mr. Musk has been successful in betting big on certain trends and being correct often enough that his bets pay off.

It’s like how Hollywood makes money off movies. Each company makes maybe 30 movies a year, and they lose money on 25 of them. But they get so much back on the remaining 5 that it’s more than worth it overall. Mr. Musk’s investments have acted in a similar way.

I wonder about the likelihood of seeing a similar piece about the business history of Carlos Ghosn or Mary Barra.

It is somewhat conflicting to be a fan of Tesla and want them to succeed, yet dislike Elon and his cult of fanatics.

I would also like to see similar coverage with non-Tesla companies. Including the good and bad. Crashed EVs. Production behind schedule, new LEAF, ect…

Another Euro point of view

What to learn out of this is that fanatics can arise everywhere, anytime and in whatever area of human activity. At least those ones don’t chop heads off (so far at least).

(Eyes roll at the hyperbole of the troll)

totally agreed. Sometimes my dislike for tesla fanboys colors my enthusiasm for tesla as a company. I have to fight hard to keep them separate in my mind. Going to Electrek doesnt help in any way either, lol

Well, the answer to that question is when is some content originator going to write those stories so that content aggregators can report them?

That’s how this all works. Sites like insideev’s, electtrek, ABG, GCR, etc don’t originate the majority of their content. They aggregate content from sites around the web.

If you want to see stories like that, go get some website to originate a story like the ones you mentioned. Then if the story gets written, aggregators like this site can pick it up.

Do you somehow think that nobody should write anything about Tesla or Elon unless they themselves also write a separate story about whoever you like? That’s not how the world works. There are more stories about Elon and Tesla because that’s where the consumer interest is to read these sort of stories.

You yourself prove that by reading and posting on Tesla story after Tesla story. If you weren’t interested in the fate of Tesla/Elon, you wouldn’t spend so much time on all these stories about them.

wonder about the likelihood of seeing a similar piece about the business history of Carlos Ghosn or Mary Barra.

I looked it up for you. Here’s a list of the companies Carlos started:

Here’s a list of the companies Carlos worked for before Renault:

He’s a lifer who worked his way up and turned Michelin around before doing the same for Renault.

Here’s a list of the companies Mary started:

Here’s a list of the companies she worked for before GM:

She’s a lifer who worked her way up.

I get your point but I’d posit that writing a similar article about those two would be a challenge.

Not 100% relevant, but how many languages does Carlos speak? How many marriages? Carlos may be a more “well-rounded” individual. Of course, it’s hard to say, even if he wasn’t be 20 years older.

Musk virtually never earned money with his companies – by contrast these companies generate ever increasing losses and debt. Musk became rich ans “successful” exclusively by the money of believers, who financed the losses of his enterprises very generously, and ongoing stock market hype.
This kind of “success” has eventually more similarities with the Business model of Madoff, that with this of e.g. Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, who developed profitable products and created extremely profitable companies.

Wow. Comparing Musk to Madoff is quite the stretch. BTW – Apple was far from “extremely profitable” after inception during the 1980’s and most of the 1990’s. It really did not become a shining star of profitability until the middle of the last decade.

Apple has only made a loss for one year since its inception. It was a profitable company from year 1.

And how long before Apple was “extremely profitable”?

Look a new username (gaggaggag),just poopping in to spread the same tired FUD that its all smoke and mirrors, blah, blah, blah.

Why don’t you go increase your short position in Tesla or back to Seeking Liars rather then pollute InsideEvs.

Good rebuttal, you convinced me for sure….smh

Actually, it’s good to point this out for people who are new to the comment area.

This is a very well known and tired tactic of investors who want to tank the stock so they can recover their short positions.

Going public is likely the biggest misstep Elon made with Tesla. You attract this scum when you do that.

It’s funny how apparently stock manipulators in comment sections can only be shorting TSLA. Isn’t it equally likely that the rabid Tesla defenders own TSLA stock themselves, and are trying to boost the value of their investment?

Possibly, but generally the replies here by folks you accuse of being long are informed. I think those same replies are more likely from people like me who accept that Tesla is a risky bet and see a strong level of innovation and a vision of the future that is hopeful.

Another Euro point of view


Musk virtually never earned money with his companies

Virtually? If you exclude Blastar, PayPal/Zip2, and SpaceX and only count Tesla which absorbed SolarCity then you almost have a virtual point. Almost sorta kinda.

Musk is financing Neuralink and Boring Company so those don’t fit your narrative either…. but don’t give up your shorter’s sour grapes mantra. Keep selling it and I’m sure you’ll find someone ignorant enough to buy in.

For everyone claiming that musk never sold any of his stock in Tesla, this seems to straighten that out.

One genius investor indeed. I wish him well in his future endevours

While I’m not keen on hero worship, Musk’s list of accomplishments is longer than the next best (top) 3 CEOs, and that is hard to *not* admire.


Hey Elon(family)
Your a merchandising juggernaut and can make billions just off yourself, and yes I would do Tesla.

Just saying