Tesla CEO Elon Musk On 60 Minutes: Videos Galore


Elon Musk talks Twitter, GM, the SEC and more

Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sat down with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes for a lengthy discussion. But rather than simply focusing on production numbers or future products, Lesley’s interview often dives into more personal topics. Namely Elon’s social media presence.

Some have criticized her interview for being too heavily focused on tweets or trivial events that occurred months ago. Yet this provided an opportunity for Musk. Over this past summer, media coverage at many large publications painted a picture of the unconventional CEO as “unhinged.” This was a chance for him to calmly address these issues directly.

Thankfully the interview does touch upon the future of the company as well. As he has often said, Elon explains that “the goal of Tesla Motors is to help accelerate the advent of the electric vehicle.” So much so that he welcomes statements from General Motors indicating their commitment to more electric vehicle roll-outs. “If a company comes and makes a better electric car than Tesla, and it’s so much better than ours that we can’t sell our cars and we go bankrupt? I still say that’s a good thing for the world.”

These days, GM is looking to become a leaner company that can respond quicker to market demands. They are shrinking to adapt, closing underutilized facilities and investing heavily in future EV technologies. In contrast, Tesla has grown from 500 employees in 2008 to about 45,000 today. In fact, they have grown so much that they might be in the market for a new factory soon.

Be sure to check out the highlights below. Or go here for more of the interview.

Videos Galore:

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That lady looks and sounds like a dying dinosaur.

Be quiet.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

As a member of a legacy propaganda outlet, that’s exactly what she is.

Really annoying the videos are split over so many tiny videos. Just make one big video.

Great snippet URLs to copy-paste for always rushed people.

You should just direct them to the 60 minutes website

60 minutes always has Great news stories. It was great to see the tent everyone was talking about. Really is massive.

what impressed me about that video is how short the tent line was. If they can really assemble most of an M3 in that short a line, the other stories about the M3 being very modular make sense.

Tesla’s employee to vehicle ratio is still way to high. GM has 180k employees and makes 10M vehicles a year and Tesla has 45k and makes 150k/yr.

This is because Tesla owns all of its own retail and service locations worldwide, while GM does not (they have franchised dealerships). Tesla is also far more vertically integrated than GM and produces many components itself (e.g. batteries, seats etc.), where GM would outsource to suppliers. Finally, Tesla also has a large number of employees working in energy storage parts of the business, such as solar panel manufacture and installation.

So basically – apples and oranges.

Yeah, all that and Tesla has lower volume with higher priced vehicles on average.

Tesla designs and builds their own computer systems for cars. GM buys them from someone else.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Not sure on that. GM has insourced a lot of its IT since 2012. Don’t know how much of that is inside the car.

Not true. If you don’t know, shut up.


About 15,000 employees are involved in the automotive portions sans dealership aspects. They will make about 250,000 cars this year and are on a run rate near 400,000. Plus, there are wide variances in sourcing of parts, some are built internally, some are built by suppliers. So comparing in this way was always going to be meaningless. A much larger company should have better economies of scale. This comes down to sowing meaningless FUD against Tesla.

GM buys too many components from China.

Yep, I understand Tesla is much more insourced for their parts than avg car manufacturer. If someone uses the employee to vehicle to ratio without giving context, you are just spreading FUD.

Everybody on the planet buys too much stuff from China.`

Tesla has about 30 billion in annualized revenue, GM about 145. 4 times the employees and 5 times the revenue….

Let’s see how those numbers are in a year when it is possible that Tesla has higher revenue per worker than GM.

You probably won’t see too many Tesla employees just standing around the factory. Might be some room for improvements in efficiency — it would be good to cut overtime costs. I AM concerned about the relative chaos at the retail level. Buying my car was NOT a smooth or efficient process. Very disorganized to say the least. Service people seem terribly overworked.

I love this guy!

OK, I am an avid EV enthusiast and like most on this site have followed Tesla for a long time. I know 60 minutes is aimed at an older audience and has to dumb down some of the issues. (I am a senior so I can get away with that statement.) Still, 60 Minutes is supposed to be informative. This interview was awful. Talking about this year’s Twitter battles are important, but 60 Minutes missed opportunities. The Twitter battle with professional diver was clearly wrong for Musk. A CEO has to take the high road. It would have been good journalism to point out that the diver made the first Twitter attacks. It would only add seconds to the interview to say so. It doesn’t change the error in Musk’s judgment, but it is only half of the story. 60 Minutes did not do their homework on labor disputes. They left the viewer with no knowledge of the number of disputes that have been dismissed. It would take minimal journalism and seconds added to the piece to respond to the Musk correction. Instead, they left the viewer hanging assuming the worse. And Yes, Musk misses practically every self-imposed deadline which… Read more »

Leslie is just the pretty face, reading the copy Jim Chanos co-wrote.
You’re not going to get the cried-like-a-baby Tesla was coming and boo-hoo Tesla was going to take all the credit, ego infused, posts of the diver.

And yes, GM didn’t ramp up the Volt for 100,000 sales,
No manufacturer in the world has yet ramped up EV production above 50,000.

Suggesting that Leslie Stahl is reading from the “co-wrote” Jim Chanos script, is more FUD Fake News. The Wolf Network has another sheep in their maw, bleating their distress call to Elon.

“No manufacturer in the world has yet ramped up EV production above 50,000.”

Hmmm, I”m pretty sure that Nissan was making ~60,000 Leafs in some years.

I know your write, but I think it’s also written down somewhere in some Nissan Leaflet.

Bloomberg estimates Model 3 production by the end of 2018 to hit 139,275. think that is over 50,000. It’s over 139,000 now. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2018-tesla-tracker/

I don’t think he is too worried about someone coming up with a better ev. Tesla has gotten the ball rolling and now others can pick up the pace, put some soul into the mix, or tie a can to the cats tail, and get it to bolt. With the success of Tesla maybe people will take a bite on other evs.

Yes, Tesla spends a lot of money improving their motors and batteries. The motor seems to be on Gen 4.

Leslie Stall is an old fossil. Boring.

Conversely, if GM and Ford don’t sell EV’s and go bankrupt, that’s also a good thing for the world.

The 2008 and 2014 interviews are fascinating. It is just incredible how well Tesla has executed on its goals. Link to the 2008 interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3vTwqGhHbA

OMG I can’t believe this news reader (from what’s seen here, she doesn’t deserve to be called a real reporter) made a big deal over “public pot smoking”. For those who don’t know, Elon took one single puff off a doobie he was offered by the host of a late-night podcast. This happened in California, and he made the point of rhetorically asking “This is legal, right?” before taking that one puff. Seriously, would anyone have made an issue of this if Elon had taken a sip from an alcoholic drink on that podcast? I’m guessing not. Yet we know, from medical research, that drinking alcohol is actually more harmful than smoking marijuana. * * * * * Oh, and repeating the meme that Elon has a “cult” following. I guess most professional ball players, movie stars, and popular rock bands have a “cult” following, too. In fact, much more of a “cult” than Elon has. I haven’t noticed posters of Elon being put up on a lot of bedroom walls 🙄 * * * * * Also, repeating UAW agitprop (union propaganda). Breathing poison gas? 100 cases of ambulance calls to the Fremont plant? This is very bad reporting.… Read more »

Hmmm, I’m not seeing anything suggesting Jim Chanos co-wrote this piece, as claimed in a comment above. If that’s just another conspiracy theory, then I apologize for repeating a bad meme. 🙁