Tesla Electrifies 4 More Superchargers – Coast-to-Coast Free Electric Highway Nears Completion


Tesla's Current Supercharger Map

Tesla’s Current Supercharger Map

Tesla’s Supercharger rollout continues to accelerate.

65 and Counting

65 and Counting

The last time we reported on Tesla’s Supercharger status, 61 sites were operational in the US.

It’s now 4 days later and guess what?  4 more Superchargers are online.

Here are the latest sites to get electrified:

  • Savannah, Georgia – 6 Charging Stalls
  • Albert Lea, Minnesota – 4 Charging Stalls
  • Holbrook, Arizona – 4 Charging Stalls
  • Macedonia, Ohio – 6 Charging Stalls

That coast-to-coast free electric highway is now perhaps 3-5 Supercharger sites away from completion.  Elon Musk should probably start packing his bags soon for his epic coast-to-coast trip, don’t you think?

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7 SCs opened last week and 7 this week till now (in the first 3 days of the week).
Let’s see if, opening some more SC today, Tesla will set a new US weekly record. 🙂
Global weekly record: 8 (Week 2013 Dec 9-15: 3 in US, 1 in Switzerland, 4 in Germany)

Yeees. They did add one on Friday: Lumberton, NC (so crucial for the East Coast corridor).
So, 8 SCs opened this week in US! Record! And it’s the 80th in the World!

Total US: 66
Total Europe: 14
Total World: 80

I am so glad to be living at a time where someone like Elon Musk exists. His entire family must be very, very proud of him. I would vote for him if he ran for President of the United States.


Too bad he’s not American-born, which disqualifies him. Given how bad presidents look after their term(s), I would hate to put Elon through that.

In grade school, all the kids wanted to be president (or perverts like me wanted to be gynecologists). After seeing what both jobs are really like, I wouldn’t like to be either.

Hey, if Obama can show an american birth certificate then surely Elon can suddenly find one… Just kidding =)

If this is the route Elon takes, the Google says it’s 53hrs and 3559 miles of driving.

It’s funny how Texas is a little island on its own. What happens in Texas stays in Texas 😉

They’ve gotta maintain their borders.

It looks like Cheyenne WY is going to be the “Golden Spike”. A Model S driven from the East coast, and a Model S driven from the West coast nose-to-nose in Cheyenne would make an awesome photo!

Or Cranberry, PA could be the Golden Plug.

Yes. Thats exactly what Tesla will do. But i wouldn’t doubt it would be several Tesla’s each way. A new type of race.

Even though I was wrong about the Model X that was sighted in Culver City, CA showing up at the Tesla press conference when I posted a comment to a previous story ( http://insideevs.com/tesla-model-s-live-at-the-2014-detroit-auto-show/ ), I still maintain that the X is going to show up during the show, most likely by Monday. In a reply to my first post with the idea, “Koz” noted that they had used a similar tactic with a Roadster and using everyones favorite search tool a search for ‘”tesla roadster” “road trip” to Detroit auto show’, confirmed that they did it for the 2010 show (see also http://www.autoweek.com/article/20100112/detroit/100119962 ). So, in my mind that settles it. It;s the Tesla style. Using Google maps to trace a route from the SC at the Space X headquarters in L A to the Detroit Auto Show, passing through 14 currently open SCs, Google calculates a distance of 2,901 miles and a driving time of 44 hours. The longest distance between stops is the Silverthorne, CO to Lusk, WY leg at 309 miles, which in the cold of winter would result in some range anxiety unless they wait for Cheyenne, WY, listed by teslawiki.net as under construction since… Read more »

I am looking to find suggestions to drive from Quebec City to Miami in Tesla S P85+, thanks !
I would like pass through Vermont…