Tesla Electrifies 3 More US Superchargers Including Wyoming’s First

Tesla Model s Supercharger


Tesla Supercharger Map

Tesla Supercharger Map

Tesla is going Supercharger crazy these days.

Supercharger Count

Supercharger Count

Over what we believe to be the past 2 days, 3 additional Superchargers sprung to life in the US.  Among those three was Wyoming’s first Supercharger.

Wyoming isn’t exactly where we’d expect a Supercharger to pop up, but neither is South Dakota, where there’s now 2 Superchargers operational.

The latest Superchargers to come online include:

  • Mitchell, South Dakota – 6 stalls
  • Vacaville, California – 8 stalls
  • Lusk, Wyoming – 4 stalls

The running total for operational Superchargers in the US is now at 44, though we suspect that number will increase again within days.

US Supercharger Listings

US Supercharger Listings

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From the map, it looks like they just need one in Ohio, and a “Golden Spike” Supercharger in Utah. It’s uncanny how history seems to repeat itself…..

Yes … history repeats itself on multiple levels. Tesla is rushing to complete as many of these as possible just before the tax credit runs out on 12/31. The transcontinental railroad was also heavily dependent on government subsidies.

Dear Troll,

The supercharger network is pre-paid by Tesla customers & Tesla (superchargers are great marketing). They are not going to stop building, they won’t go away, they are fully self-funded. The only money they ever took from the government was a LOAN… Which has been repaid, with interest. So, Mr./Ms. Troll kindly GTFO and STFU.

(Mods, could we have registered comments to help with the spam/trolling?)

There is no need to call anybody a troll.

I want the EV industry to succeed and I am actually hoping the government would extend the EVSE tax benefits.

Tesla is being rational to make use of this benefit, just like they made a lot of money by selling EV credits.

Andrew, I’ll quote Stephen Colbert and say “apology accepted”

Ggpa, Tesla does not get rebates for the superchargers. They don’t qualify as the chargers are Tesla specific. Only generalized chargers usable by all EVs get the credit.

Mark, thanks for the polite correction.

Could you please link to the source of your information? I thought the credit of 30% (max $30k per site) was available for Tesla, just like it is for Chademo.

“one in Ohio” … quite an irony there, Ohio dealers are suing Tesla …

They just opened another one! in New Mexico on I-40! The name is not on their list yet, but it seems like Gallup NM.

According to their map indeed only one is needed in W.Va or Ohio. But the circles in their maps really assume an overnight stop every 400 miles, right? Otherwise, where would you charge while, say, in the 410-mile stretch (driving distance) between Gallup NM and Glenwood Springs CO. In fact, 410 miles would be right-on-the-cusp, and you’ll have to stay the night *exactly* in the middle, unless you drive the 85-KWh beast or have perfect conditions.

Come on Tesla, you’re doing a great work. Just don’t let the PR get too far ahead of you. How about cutting down those map circles from 200 to say 150 miles? The last thing you need is another bunch of Broders getting stranded and saying your map had misled them.

Yeah, I find the range circles on the Tesla map misleading too. Ever since I found out about the Teslawiki page, I have used it with the “Range” slider set to between 120 and 140 miles (approximately half the EPA range). This indicates if one can get from one super charger to the next in that, if two range circles touch or overlap then you can get from one supercharger to the next. It also indicates the places you can get to AND BACK from any given supercharger.

I don’t own a Tesla but I find the whole supercharger concept intriguing.

I did a search of ‘teslawiki’ and couldn’t find anything useful… can you place a link here?


This is all about completing the west/east corridor for Elon’s trip. Slide the bar on the Tesla page to “coming soon” to see what it looks like.

Just opened one more in US: Highland Park, IL (at Tesla Store and Service Center).

Yes indeed, we have a story coming up on that in a few hours, with some live shots, (=

As mentioned by Assaf, Tesla’s website reports on the map the one in Gallup, NM, but doesn’t list it yet, and doesn’t include it in the total count (above the map).
Including this one also (it’s been under construction for a while):
– This week (till now): 6 in US, 1 in Austria. Total: 7
– Last week: 3 in US, 1 in Switzerland, 4 in Germany. Total: 8.

Total US: 46
Total Europe: 14
Total World: 60


Tesla removed the dot in the map for Gallup, NM (so, still under construction).
For the week: 5 in US, 1 in Austria. Total: 6

Now, Monday 23 Dec:
one new SC opened: JFK Airport, NY
46th in US
Total World: 60

Anybody want to bet they’ll be starting construction of a Supercharger station in Murdo, South Dakota any time now? That would close the biggest charger gap in Musk’s planned road trip. Wouldn’t it be cool to check out the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo while your Model S charges? The only wild card for a Murdo SC is South Dakota winter weather hampering construction.

It turns out SpaceX is just an engineering solution to get superchargers on Mars!