Latest Tesla Easter Egg Makes You Go Ho, Ho, Ho – Video



Check out the new holiday-themed Tesla Easter Egg: Santa Mode.

Tesla is known for its unique Easter Eggs like Rainbow Road and James Bond Submarine. However, most people surely remember the Merry Model Xmas holiday light show. A recent update delivered a Christmas surprise coined, Santa Mode.

You can activate Santa Mode by simply saying “Ho, ho, ho.” Or, you can go into the Easter Egg Menu and click on it. It’s initially shown as a white reindeer icon, though upon clicking, you get a notification to chants Santas favorite words, or click on the touchscreen.

The new, fun holiday treat features Christmas music, Santa’s sleigh, multiple reindeer, snowflakes, and an icy road. The sleigh filled with presents represents your vehicle and the reindeer are other cars on the road.

While it initially arrived as a surprise, Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweeted out the information later:

Tesla Santa Mode

Santa Mode

Video Description via DragTimes on YouTube:

Tesla released a new easter egg for the Holidays called Santa Mode, watch us enable it and show you what it does!

We included Merry Model Xmas below for nostalgia, or for those who haven’t seen it:

Video: DragTimes on YouTube via Teslarati

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6 Comments on "Latest Tesla Easter Egg Makes You Go Ho, Ho, Ho – Video"

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Still waiting for someone to figure out the egg within the egg. “Not funny” says performance related to me.

I’m surprised no one else picked up on that, they think it’s just the Santa Claus.

This is surprisingly lame for Tesla. Other than the turn signal gimmick, my garmin did this 10 years ago…

This isn’t in the update that most drivers have yet. It may miss Christmas for most.

I think it’s cute, but as with anything these days it will immediately descend to the lowest common denominator.

Activated HoHo Ho today… our teenage kids loved it. Cool how the sonar graphics works on Santa Sleigh same as normally on car. Also, faster you go the faster the snow flurry…

Merry Christmas!