Tesla Coming To Dubai, UAE Soon

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UAE Tesla owners have gone so far a to make begging Elon to being Tesla to the area

UAE Tesla owners asking CEO Elon Musk to being Tesla to the area

Awhile back, Elon Musk responded to a Twitter post asking when Tesla would appear in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), of which Dubai is the most nationally recognized and populous cities. Currently the nearest Tesla Superchargers are several hundred miles away, in Jordan.

Map of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Map of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

This has not stopped UAE citizens from acquiring Tesla vehicles. Not having Tesla’s presence in the area is a huge inconvenience. UAE Tesla owners have gone so far as to make videos begging for Tesla Superchargers and service centers. Tesla is now planning to live up to Musk’s promise.

Tesla sales manager Ryan Kennedy said that despite Tesla’s lack of UAE presence, it is one of the company’s largest markets:

“Out of all our international requests, we get the most calls from the Middle East region… almost every day … We have a lot of buyers in that particular market and with Tesla Motors looking to expand locations across the globe by mid-2017, Dubai could be an important candidate.”

Though one might assume that the area is oil hungry, the UAE has focused much energy on new technology, specifically related to sustainability. In Abu Dhabi, an entire week is dedicated to green friendly education and adoption. A $15 billion company known as the Masdar Corporation sponsors the weeklong event and has been pushing sustainability in the area for nearly ten years, prior to the UN agreements in Paris.

Tesla was in attendance at the annual event, and although the company was unwilling to give a specific timeline, talk was aimed at a possible showroom in Abu Dhabi or Dubai in the near future. The area is already home to dealerships from the likes Ferrari, McLaren, and other competing supercar and super-luxury brand automakers. BMW has locations in the Emirates as well, and markets its i3 and i8 vehicles there.

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3 responses to "Tesla Coming To Dubai, UAE Soon"

  1. Bob Nan says:

    Congrats Tesla.

    Only Abudhabi has Oil, Dubai has exhausted all its oil reserves and has moved to trade and tourism.

    Tech savvy Arabs are more than willing to buy Tesla.

    Meanwhile in EU, Tesla has sold 12,000 + Model-S which is a big achievement. And in China, its 7,500 +. Hope Tesla will soon become a worldwide name.

    1. ffbj says:

      I hope so too, thanks for the update.

  2. LOL says:

    How many Teslas sold in UAE and surrounding countries to date ? 500 ?