Tesla Drivers Targeted For Speeding In The Netherlands?

DEC 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 28

Three-quarters of Tesla drivers got speeding tickets in 2017?

According to the Dutch national statistics office CBS, there is a significant difference between the number of speeding ticket, depending on type of car powertrain.

Last year, 28% of gasoline car drivers and 46% diesel car drivers received speeding tickets, while in case of plug-ins it was the majority of drivers.

CBS notes that three-quarter of the 9,000 Tesla drivers and nearly two-thirds of plug-in hybrid drivers were fined. Tesla had the highest proportion among the brands (followed by Audi, BMW and Volvo).

Why are plug-in car drivers driving too fast? Well, the first thought is the silent and calming driving experience, which makes it seem like you’re not driving at such a high rate of speed.

The other idea is that company car drivers, which often use plug-ins, are more likely to drive faster.

Or perhaps the plug-ins are being targeted?

Source: dutchnews.nl

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“Or perhaps the plug-ins are being targeted?”

Ridiculous! You have the reasons right there, why such a question?

You just haven’t been on this site long enough. For every 2 good articles about EVs is a tin-foil hat conspiracy theory about how everybody is evil and against Tesla. Just take it for what it is and ignore the junk articles.

They were targeted because they were driving over the speed limit.

Don’t worry Tesla drivers you are not alone any longer. I was in the Netherlands over the weekend and drove from Schipol to Apeldorn and then to Leewarden before returning to the airport. I saw a good number of I-Pace’s on the road. I’m sure that they will attract a good number of speeding tickets as well.

I knew a Girl That Got a Speeding Ticket on a 10 Speed Pedal Bicycle . lol . Funny but True ! * 🙂 * Cute Shapely Blonds Were Targeted At The Time for Phone Numbers .. 🙁

Was that you?

Meh. In the Big Apple the NYPD has been known to give speeding tickets to bicyclists, mostly in Central Park and Prospect Park. Like everything else in NYC, bicycle speeding tickets are expensive. A speeding ticket on a bicycle in NYC will take a $140 bite out of your wallet. But that could be considered a bargain compared to the whopping $270 fine you’ll pay for running a red light on a bicycle.



Mostly to curb speed demons who used Central Park to train for their races. There were some pretty bad crashes that caused gory pedestrian deaths after they collided with bicycles going 25+mph.

Are the speed limits more strictly enforced in the Netherlands? Even 28% for gas cars seems very high.

Yes, according to the SpeedingEurope.com: “Speed limit enforcemnt is extensive on Dutch roads.” The Netherlands also has plenty of speeding cameras.

Another factor is that “Netherlands has some of the highest traffic fines in Europe.” Tesla drivers are probably wealthier than the average Dutch driver, and can more easily afford having a heavy foot that racks up expensive speeding tickets.


Speeding camera map:

Speed limits in the Netherlands are enforced by cameras. Some measure the speed at one point, some measure average speed at 5 to 10 km intervals. There are a lot of cameras, but the fines are small compared to the US and there is no hassle of talking to a police officer, going to court, etc. For many people the trade off of getting an occasional speeding ticket is worth it to drive a bit faster.

There is no bias towards any type of car as the cameras a fully automatic. If someone gets more tickets, it is because they speed more. Tesla drivers probably have more money than the average driver as the cars are more expensive. They probably also drive more miles as a high purchase price and low cost per mile makes more sense if you drive more.

They have recently upgraded the motorway near me in north west England and the old speed cameras have made way for the new ‘HADECS’ average speed cameras. speeding and then slowing down for the camera doesn’t work any more, expect a brown envelope through the letter box in a weeks time with a speeding fine.
They have caught tens of thousands over the last 12 months on this stretch of motorway alone.

In the Netherlands there is one infamous road. There like on other highways they have cameras that measure the average speed over a distance. Last year 650.000 tickets were given on this highway alone! (A2)


If I had a Tesla, especially a P100D, I would also probably be tempted to “use the vehicle’s full capabilities” a little too often 😛

I have a P85+ and hypothetically, reaching 35MPH over the limit when passing on a 2 lane road doesn’t even feel fast, I mean no sensation of speed… I’m speaking purely hypothetically, of course.

Yes! It is a conspiracy involving Big Oil – and Aliens.

I can’t understand why today’s Aliens, and their dirty little green mitts, don’t abide by the long established Prius “Prime Directive”.

Where are the good old Ancient Aliens when you need one?

And the black helicopters, don’t forget those!

Because many plugins in Europe are luxury and/or performance cars that have plug purely for greenwashing purposes. As a company car, it may be never plugged in at all, because company pays for gas anyway, and electricity is expensive in most of the Europe, and requires to invest into proper grid connection & charger at your parking place.

EU regulations do not count upstream emissions, so providing nominal plug is easy loophole to qualify car as cleaner than it really is and make whole fleet to meet the number target.

I sure hope Rudolph makes sure that Saint Nick tops up the “blinker fluid” reservoir, before setting out on his usual global annual commute tonight.

I would be very skeptical of any claim that Tesla cars are being unfairly singled out. First of all, high performance cars such as Teslae appeal to those more likely to break speed limits. Secondly, a lot of driving reports point out one of the points made in the article: That it’s easy to drive faster than you realize in a Tesla, because of the quiet and vibration-free driving experience.

Let us please not look for an anti-EV agenda where it doesn’t exist.

In addition to Tesla’s being quiet and powerful I doubt that they’ve even heard of range anxiety there because Holland is the size of a postage stamp and just as flat so there is no disincentive, aside from tickets, to driving with a lead foot.

People from the Netherlands never leave their home country? Europe is not the USA, we cross borders regularly.

If they are targeted and 75% got ticketed, probably 90% of the drivers are speeding.

stationary radar doesn’t choose and pick which carvto target.

The lack of noise and vibration has nothing to do with speeding.
People not paying attention and not respecting the speed limit does !

If you don’t want to look at the speedometer, and do ‘t want to respect the numbers it reports, then you just don’t care. It’s that simple.

It’s also ignoring the fact that a lot of ICE vehicles are just as quiet and smooth as Teslas at highway speeds.

Sure, you’re average 1.4l Econobox is a noisy, vibrational mess at highway speeds, but a powerful sedan (or in N. America, a truck) is not. Road and wind noise far outweigh any vibration and noise from what is essentially an engine working just above idle.

It’s more likely to be down to a more simple fact.

People buying Tesla Model S and X’s are more likely to be car nuts than the average driver. They probably drove just as fast in their high powered BMW/Audi prior to switching, as shown by the fact they were next on the list of most fined owners.