Tesla Donates 100 Destination Chargers To Single City

Tesla Destination Chargers


Tesla Destination Chargers

Tesla Destination Chargers (Image Credit: Tesla)

Norfolk, Virginia is one of a number of U.S. cities attempting to further its image as a “green” city of the future, and Tesla is willing to help the cause.

Norfolk is a popular, waterfront tourist destination on the Chesapeake Bay, with Virginia Beach nearby. Tesla has graciously voiced its willingness to donate 100 Destination Chargers to the city, free of charge and including installation. Though the Norfolk City Council has yet to honor the donation, it’s expected that the city will accept the proposition at an upcoming public meeting.

Tesla Destination Chargers

Tesla Destination Chargers are generally located at restaurants and hotels (Image Credit: Tesla)

Every Destination Charging installation costs around $550. It is not uncommon for Tesla to cover the cost of these chargers and installations, however, this is a pretty tall order. Generally, Tesla will cover the first two units, and then it’s up to the business if they choose to expand.

It helps both the business owners and the automaker by giving the company positive exposure and bringing exclusive patrons to the business location or municipality. The only monetary commitment from the city is paying for the electricity itself, which is estimated to cost about $1.50 per vehicle charging session. Tesla’s website explains:

Destination Charging

For properties where people stay for several hours or overnight, the installation of Destination Charging facilities is recommended. Qualified properties receive their first two Tesla Wall Connectors at no cost, on the condition that they are installed in visible or convenient locations. Read our Destination Charging Brochure for more information.

If the city council approves the installation, the particular Destination Chargers will be placed in city-owned parking garages throughout Norfolk. Although no specific decisions have been made, the following garages would likely receive the EV charging stations:

  • York Street
  • Main Street
  • The Main
  • MacArthur South
  • Waterside
  • Town Point
  • Fountain Park
  • West Plume Lane
  • Boush Street
  • Bank Street

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That’s awesome I wish it would happen more it would be nice if they would do this at state parks

For those who don’t know, Norfolk is part of “Hampton Roads” which is inclusive of roughly a dozen major military installations which includes some elite units including Navy Seals and Marine fighter pilots…Awesome for Tesla yet these chargers will most likely remain local only as Norfolk has a very rough stigma beyond the Ghent and the downtown area…The “waterfront”, aka the beach in neighboring Virginia Beach, where a good number of attractive women where thong bikinis, is why 99% choose to vacation there and they will most likely not even visit Norfolk…

Drove from MA to Norfolk about 5 or 6 times in my Model S since 2013, could have used these back then. Now there’s a supercharger in Norfolk, used to have to visit Nissan dealers and ample L1 charging to make sure I could get back. My relatives have moved so no need for me to return.

Funny how minutes from this green city is what I think is the largest coal terminal in the world. I guess they only export clean coal.

“Tesla Donates 100 Destination Chargers To Single City”

Each additional Tesla Destination Charger, Tesla Supercharger & Tesla Urban Charger that is installed brings additional value to my Model S… between that and the OTAs I feel my car is improving the with time.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

For non Tesla EV drivers, get a “JDapter Stub” below and you’re GOOD TO GO!


Now why doesn’t GM offer out any EVSE’s?
Oh wait, that’s right………they don’t give a $hit.

And yet Tesla is not viewed as community supportive as Dealers who sponsor Little League teams.

Volt#671 + BoltEV

Woohoo, more places I can use my JDapter Stub and have my Bolt soak up free electrons courtesy of Elon! 😀

Ugh, you guys are going to ruin jesla conversions. Once Tesla adds handshaking to their chargers. :-/

See also:

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

lol…… +100

Elon is providing the chargers and installation: “The only monetary commitment from the city is paying for the electricity itself, which is estimated to cost about $1.50 per vehicle charging session.”

As of a few years ago Norfolk VA, is tied for the most expensive restaurant tax at 11.5%, so even if it really is $1.50/session today (they may have wrongly assumed people may only be there 15-20mins), expect Norfolk to add a “connection fee/tax” in the very near future…lol

Why isn’t GM doing this also?

Trollnonymous already answered that: They don’t give a sh**.

@bro1999 said: “…my JDapter Stub and have my Bolt soak up free electrons courtesy of Elon!”

For Tesla Destination Chargers it’s the destination establishment (i.e: hotel, restaurant, city parking garage) that pays for those electrons… not Tesla.

But yes JDapter Chevy Bolters can thank Tesla for the hardware Tesla Destination Chargers… perhaps one day GM will do same… the more convenient & reliable charge points the better.

…but don’t hold your breath.

Another Euro point of view

Donation is indeed an interesting aspect of Tesla’s business Model.

When Tesla installs its Destination Chargers at a location, the first two chargers are always free. However, power and maintenance must be provided by the property owner.

Tesla will also provide a J-1772 unit is the property owners ask. They really want more electric vehicles on the roads. Since only 1-2% are electric now we need all the help we can get.