Tesla Discontinues Two Colors, Raises Base Price Of Model X 75D, Model S Jump Seat

OCT 10 2016 BY MARK KANE 18

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla has done some extensive autumn cleaning for its Model S and Model X offer. Beside ditching  the base Model X 60D (just as it debuts) there is a lot of other new changes in the company’s on-line design studio:

  • two paint colors disappeared for both the Model S & Model X (Solid white and Titanium) – probably to makes space for new ones in the future (the base is now Solid black)
  • third row (Rear facing seats) option for Model S is now more expensive, ($4,000)
  • Smart Air Suspension is now standard in Model X (previously $2,500 option in entry level versions) so the price of 75D increased by that same $2,500.
  • Model X optional factory installed accessory hitch (1.25″) for bikes or other light items is no longer available. Towing package with 2″ remain available for $750

Teslarati explains:

“Though the use of a 1.25″ accessory hitch can be used for carrying smaller items, our previous review of a swing-out bike rack installed onto a Model X with the optional tow package had us doubting the usefulness of a smaller hitch accessory. The sheer weight of a bike rack made from sturdy steel construction combined with the weight of up to four bikes would seem better fit for 2″ hitch receivers. From a practicality standpoint, we’re not surprised Tesla decided to remove the 1.25″ hitch accessory.”

The graph makes it easy! Tesla Model S and X comparison for U.S. (October 8, 2016)

The graph makes it easy! Tesla Model S and X comparison for U.S. (October 8, 2016)

source: Teslarati and Teslarati again

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18 Comments on "Tesla Discontinues Two Colors, Raises Base Price Of Model X 75D, Model S Jump Seat"

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This article says they never delivered any Model X 60D’s, I just saw a black Model X 60D yesterday in Newport Beach California. It seems they delivered a few.

I saw one too in SF a couple days ago.

This is true enough…the two events were right on top of each other, Tesla started delivering the 60D last week and also removed the trim level late last week as well. Will change Mark’s article to “didn’t arrive before” to “just as it debuts” for accuracy.

They can Do An OTA update on the 60kWh & make it a 75 kWh because they are all 75kWh computer restricted to 60kWh.. A Good Hacker can possibly update it for “Free” himself ?

I have one in my garage. A collector’s item now apparently.

Do you know if the battery in your Model X 60D tapers off when getting a range charge (100%) at a Supercharger like a true 60 kWh battery, or is there much less taper as it approaches 100% full since there is an additional 15 kWh of battery that is hidden and software limited?

It’s odd that they would get rid of those two colors. They both seem popular.

If only they were colors…this greyscale craze is really out of hand…

Titanium was horrible. Biggest waste of a color.

Car might as well be invisible if its gonna be that color. Just bland

I am another owner if this collectible X60D. If the model was introduced to boost Q3 sales I am proof that it worked! I could not have stretched to a 75.. I did order the $200 accessory hitch and it is a very robust 2″ receiver, not 1.25.

Could you answer the question I asked Lithium in a comment above about range charging a software limited 60 kWh battery.

I still say a used Model S is the best bang for the buck!

OK. Sold my S40 to get a newer S85. Now the solid white is a classic. Might have to go wash it.

I saw a black model X on cable show “shameless”, GO TESLA GO

well , lets see wat,s left in year 2018 , if they all go up in price Iam out ,I stay with a gas car with all bells and esters in for half of todays prices

this decision made sense a few months ago if the objective was to help pump up the current quarter’s sales. but in the longer term, this decision by tesla makes a lot of sense and should not be viewed in terms of any impact on model 3 pricing.

the reason why it is a sensible strategy is that tesla is about to introduce the model 3, and there is a need to create “price space” so that the distinctive price points for the model 3 and the model S more clear. in essence, tesla is trying to follow the kind of pricing structure used by mercedes-benz and bmw.

so none of this should be interpreted to mean that tesla is planning to raise the price structure of the model 3. that said, the first model 3 deliveries confer “first kid on the block” bragging rights, so you should expect to pay for bragging rights. but that means that the first model 3 deliveries will be more option-rich and therefore higher priced than the base model.

Yep, I would fully expect the 60D option to go away for the S as well, by the time Model 3 is in production.

Good. That titanium color is hideously bland