Tesla Destination Charging Program In Europe Hits 1,000 Installations


Through the Tesla Destination Charging Program, Tesla owners across Europe can charge at their favorite hotels, restaurants, and other local businesses.

Tesla just launched its Tesla Destination Charging Program in Europe less than a year ago. And according to WardsAuto, the electric automaker has already surpassed 1,000 installations.

This is outstanding news, but even better is the fact that Tesla is still expanding the network at an impressive rate. The company is forecasting hundreds more installations in the next few months.

According to Tesla:

Tesla getting a public boost

“Destination Chargers add up to 60 miles (100 km) of range per hour, enough time for owners to ski or shop while their vehicles recharge.”

Join Tesla

Attract Tesla drivers to your property by joining the destination charging network. Qualified properties will receive their first two Tesla wall connectors free of charge as long as they are installed in visible or convenient locations. Contact us for more information.

Alternatively, if you know of a suitable location, you can submit your recommendations here.

The charging network is in addition to the well-known Supercharger network. It offers standard wall chargers at hotels and resorts, restaurants, and other places of business. Tesla points out that in the U.K. it has over one hundred recent installations including marinas, an opera venue, a popular theme park, and several shopping malls, along with all of the usual locations.

Tesla developed the Tesla Destination Charging Program to help reduce customer anxiety, by providing them a “home away from home” charging system. The Supercharger network is intended for travelers, due to the station locations and the fact that the chargers work quickly. Europe is home to 270 Supercharger stations, with a total of 1,800 Superchargers.

Source: WardsAuto

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This is a great program, no wonder Tesla is the leader for EV’s. I look at plug share and I see dozens of Tesla charging locations and very few other types of charging locations, and this will most likely be the reason. Lucky Tesla drivers, not so lucky other EV drivers.
And it is an attractive looking product as well. Pity other manufacturers are not being progressive or aggressive in providing this sort of solution for their products, just relying on third party solutions and the whim of those providers.

FYI – not everyone wants to buy an EV that costs a few grand more solely because the manufacturer chose to put in their own charging infrastructure and burden themselves with the cost which they pass along to the consumer.

Some people are more than happy with a regional EV or are willing to pay the “high” price if they take their EV on a road trip and use the other options available.

I don’t get why people can’t understand that. Not saying that what Tesla is doing is wrong, just that as a consumer I don’t want to be charged more for something that I realistically wouldn’t use so I appreciate the other manufacturers not doing it…

This is how Tesla spends money advertising! Other companies interrupt football games with their advertising $$!

Do you have any idea how much GM could save by sponsoring a string of even Clipper Creek Level 2 Charging Stations, instead of paying a Million bucks to run an advert on the Superbowl? Let alone installing 10 DC Quick Chargers, for each such Ad!

So it’s either GM sucks because they don’t advertise or they advertise too much and can’t build out their own charging network?

Sheesh, make up your guys minds already…

Tesla fan, but not of this proprietary charging network (or any proprietary EV charging solution). It’s not helping general take-up of EVs in the short term.

There are products on the market (and coming soon) that will allow non-Tesla vehicles to utilize the Tesla Destination Chargers.

Yes, these devices do not allow use of the Tesla Superchargers, but with the more dramatic growth of the Destination Charger network, it still enables more vehicles to be electric.

And at least one of them advertises right here on this website! And there are others already out there!

True . . . but Tesla goal is to sell Teslas. Yes, they want more EVs on the market . . . but I’m sure they’d like most of them to be Teslas.

The other EV makers need to get on the ball and have their own programs.

The Tesla destination chargers in europe can be used by any BEV – The plug is standard (type 2) and they are not internet connected, so Tesla does not know or restrict who uses the chargers.

Tesla destination chargers are really a no-brainer for any hotel/motel. They pretty cheap (heck, maybe Tesla gives them out for free to Hotels), the electricity costs are pretty low, and you attract wealthy Tesla guests.

This program really is brilliant by Tesla. Tesla is well known for their engineering . . . but their marketing has been just as good.

Exactly! For a retail cost of $750 or less, these are less money than Tesla buying Clipper Creek charging stations of equal capacity, which they sometimes also do, to help attract ALL EV’s to said Businesses!

Just think, giving away 1 of these probably costs them less than a 5-6 line newspaper ad, based on what I have paid to advertise an EV Event for 1 week! They could give away 2 for what I paid for my 20-30 radio spots!

In anticipation of my Model 3, I bought a Tesla High-power charger. It only cost $550. I suspect that Tesla just gives them to any hotel that wants one and promises to install it and make it available to any Tesla driving guest.

Jay, has anyone looked into how that program operates?

Tesla’s marketing and business model is far superior to their engineering. That’s not to say that their engineering is poor but if you compare Tesla to other automotive companies they are similar in their engineering capabilities but Tesla continues to make the “big boys” look stupid when it comes to business model or marketing. This is always shown off to perfection when the CEO of Fiat opens his mouth and says something along the lines of “we could make a Tesla if we wanted to” – of course they could but they haven’t and if they did it wouldn’t sell, that is not an engineering problem. The destination charging program is yet another example of where Tesla is flooding into a hole left by lack of ambition by others. Installing the first chargers in any car park is generally fairly easy, you pick the spaces nearest the power distribution board that also happen to be well placed in the car park. In 5 years time when everyone else starts to install chargers the only spaces left will be 30m or more from the nearest power source or round the back where no one wants to park. There will be this… Read more »

This should be the real future of charging. I’d rather pull into a place I want to go anyway, and charge my car as well, than pull in where my car needs to go then figure out what I can do while waiting. It qualitatively changes the definition of convenience, especially for anyone without their own freestanding home and garage (spent a lot of years living in apartments and parking on the street).

Convenient charging away from home should mimic convenient charging while at home. Even while traveling, you could get a lot of charging done at restaurants or destinations, plus overnight at hotels, etc.