Tesla Destination Charger Count To Grow With New Deal With Hilton

NOV 22 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

Hilton is gradually increasing the number of level 2 charging stations at its properties across the U.S., with a particular focus on Tesla Wall Connectors.

Tesla Model S at Destination Charger

In 2015 Hilton announced that will install 50 Destination Chargers by the end of the year, and 100 by the end of 2016.

Currently there are 194 Hilton properties in U.S., equipped with charging stalls, and 144 of those have Tesla Wall Connectors.

Now, the company’s near term plan envisions 86 new charging stations installed in 2018.

For Hilton hotels and resorts (nearly 600 worldwide), attracting wealthy Tesla owners is important, especially as the overnight nature of guests is an ideal scenario for charging.

Tesla’s destination charger network already exceeds 5,000 locations in the world (see the list for U.S. here).

Destination Charging Locations – November 2017

source: Electrek

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That’s nice, but 86 chargers aren’t very many in light of the couple hundred thousand or more cars Tesla will produce next year.

That’s why there’s valet!

Just a warning: don’t base your hotel choice solely on whether they have a Tesla destination charger like I did. I stayed at one of the big chain hotels in Boston (as opposed to the one my company uses by default) because they had a destination charger. I had to pay $53/night for valet service just to use it, and then it was in an ungated, unsheltered area right next to where they park their service vans. And I parked it there myself.

I found out after the fact that my company’s default hotel choice had J-1772, which would have been fine for overnight charging (*facepalm*)

I emailed my dissatisfaction to the Hotel Mgr and never got a reply. I also emailed Tesla as a heads-up (figuring if enough people complain Tesla might say/do something like take away the charger, but of course ultimately they don’t have much control over it) and they apologized even though it’s not at all their fault.

Anyhoo, best to call ahead and ask about the details of parking, particularly shelter and security.

Good points.

$53/night for access to the Tesla destination charger, and the “valet service” did not actually include valet service? What a ripoff!

Thanks for the warning, Chris. But which hotel chain was it? They deserve to be outed for their profiteering.

Good on you for the info!


Good points, the best choice would be to call or mail them and ask about charging availability and cost before finalizing booking.

That way also those you do not choose realize they lost a stay because they did not supply charging possibilities, and also they will probably be more service minded before they get the booking than after.

I was surprised that Florida had the most locations since the GOP and utilities there have fought against renewable energy.

It’s simple economics. Florida’s number one industry is tourism, so they will do anything reasonable to attract visitors. We at the GOP are glad you are pleasantly surprised. 🙂

So much for the idea of the GOP being completely useless…

Uh, there is already 5,000 of these out in the world and these numbers will continue to increase steadily.

It is good to see that Hotels are recognizing that they can attract valuable and loyal customers by targeting EV owners.

Next will be Condos/Apartments who will realize that they can attract high quality renters by offering EV charger access where renters can have charger connected to their unit’s electrical.

I doubt that existing apartments and condos will be in any rush to add chargers. Perhaps, new construction will add them. When I approached my HOA about installing chargers (or at at least one) I was told that if I wanted to pay for it, I could have one installed at the office for public use. (no reserved parking in this development)

Perhaps, at a development or apartment when it’s purchased by another company.

Tesla does seem to be aggressively building out Destination Chargers, I have help to install 5 in my area and Tesla was VERY easy to work with.

When I get post-stay surveys, I always try to put “better charging would be great” at the places with none, or only 110v outlets.

Hey look, an automotive company is rolling out some chargers to support their EV products.
Where’s GM’s, Ford and all support for their product??
Oh yeah, they said it’s not their job do do that…….lol