Tesla’s Desktop Charger Looks Like Mini Supercharger


Tesla Desktop Supercharger

Tesla Desktop Supercharger (Image Credit: Tesla)

How about an official Tesla Desktop Supercharger desktop charger as a potential holiday gift for yourself or another Tesla fan?

Just the other day, we shared Tesla’s new Powerbank smartphone battery back, which looks like the Supercharger monument at the automaker’s design studio in Hawthorne, California. It appears that Musk and company are jumping on these neat little gift ideas just in time for the holidays. Now, you can get a desktop charger that looks exactly like a Supercharger.

Tesla Desktop Supercharger

Desktop Supercharger; keep in mind that the USB cables are not included

It sells for the same $45 price as the Powerbank, though at the time of this writing, it was out of stock. This will likely change since the same was the case with the Powerbank and now it’s available.

You can order the Desktop Supercharger from the automaker’s online store. However, there’s very little information about this one. We assume that the specs are similar to that of the Powerbank, with the same single 18650 cell. The company surely wants us to know how authentic it is though. The website description states:

The Desktop Supercharger scale model was officially commissioned by Tesla. Every detail was meticulously overseen directly by the Tesla Design Team in California. The same 3D CAD data used to manufacture the actual Supercharger was used to precisely replicate every detail, curve and surface found in the scale model.

Note: USB cables not included.

Follow the link below to visit the store and check it out for yourself.

Source: Tesla via Teslarati

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Somebody hittin da Pakalolo hard there bruddah.

It comes with free charging for life. That’s why you have to pay extra up front.

It’s much cheaper than the 3D printed one people are selling on eBay

Oops, I didn’t notice the original article includes a battery.

Sorry, but the ones for 25 look pretty rough. The units for 45 look cleaner, but I agree that all these mini supercharger units are just a quick money grab.

Cost on these are probably 5 bucks each from china.

With Tesla using their own proprietary charging connector, you’d think this would use a more obscure standard, like FireWire, instead of USB. 😉


Tesla is the world standard for EV Charging, everyone else’s charge plug is “Proprietary”. 😉