Tesla Design Collection Includes Driving Gloves, Totes, Bags, iPad/iPhone Gear & More


Tesla Motors Design Collection (2/2)

Tesla Motors Design Collection (2/2 – Click to Enlarge)

Tesla Motors has launched its brand new Design Collection, which consists of multiple items such as:

  • Driving Gloves (My personal favorite)
  • Totes
  • Bags
  • ipad & iPhone gear
  • Pouches/Wallets/Card Holders
  • Key Fob Sleeve

Something interesting in regards to most of these items are their names. Where do they come from? The names come from a town that’s home to a Tesla Supercharger.

As you browse through these items, you will notice that they are made from “automotive-grade leather” which you can find in your Tesla Model S, if it is equipped with the nappa leather seating option.

Now, we are not necessarily experts with items that are “designer”-labeled, but we feel the prices seems reasonable.

(Click here to check out the Tesla Motors’ Design Collection.)

Will you be picking up any of the Design Collection items? Maybe you’re already in possession of one or some of the items.  If so, please tell us all about them in the comments below.

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Can’t afford a Model S?
Get a designer bag instead 🙂

I can’t afford that either!!!

No kidding. “Reasonable” prices? At $100 for a pair of gloves or an iPad sleve.. um no.

Well, to be reasonable, designing gloves that work on a touchscreen is pretty slick. That’s worth a premium over standard leather gloves, at least, I think.

Strange to not see a “See Through” comment on this already. Maybe because it makes great business sense? After all, who is more passionate about a brand than Tesla owners?

Big neg if this stuff is made in China. I’m assuming See Through is hard at it, working to find a story here… Yet, if it is made in China, isn’t Tesla working night and day to build business there? I can see the negative view evenly on this subject, as for folks like me, MADE IN USA is one big reason I’m such a big Tesla fan.

So if these leather products out just in time for Christmas ( again, great marketing nod to Tesla ) are made in say, Italy – I suppose it’s a wash, because – who doesn’t want custom-made leather products from there? I mean, I admit to a slight adoration for Italian shoes… 🙂

I think Tesla could sell much more swag, if they licensed die cast replicas of their vehicles, or sold RC versions of them (electric only, of course).

These products are made from scraps of Tesla leather interiors.

So it is repurposed trash.

Nice! Made in the USA, and reduces landfill!

Tesla seems to get everything right!

Ah, I was going to make some wilting comment about fools and their money, but I was not aware of this fact of yours. Very cool. Now I might actually consider buying something some day…along with a Tesla Motors hat, maybe…

it’s certainly more eeasy to design gloves than model X rear doors