Tesla Denies Report Of Display Shipment Delay For Model 3

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Interior

A China-focused equity research firm reported that there has been a delay in the shipment of the Model 3’s center console screen, but Tesla says the report is “absolutely false”.

JL Warren Capital, headed by Shanghai-born Jungheng Li, is one of few firms that provides reputable China investment advice. The company has relied on customs data to track automotive displays that are expected to be headed to Tesla. Last year, the information correlated nearly exactly with Tesla’s production figures.

Tesla Model 3

A look into at a “release candidate” Tesla Model 3 (Licensed via Brian Williams – SpiedBilde)

Recently, JL Warren found that the company that it assumed makes the Model 3’s center display is facing a delay in shipments. The note to clients read:

“There has been a delay in the center console shipment. Japan Display (6740 JP) makes the LCD screens for the Model 3. TPK (3673 TPE) and Lens Technology (300433 SHE) laminate the panels. Although we believe that the screen yield issue will eventually get worked out, it currently has delayed the touch screen shipments to the factory in California.”

The firm’s research showed that 730 displays were shipped to Tesla in June. It’s estimated that it takes about a month for the shipment to arrive and clear customs. So, making the 30 initial Model 3s shouldn’t be affected. Further, the firm reported:

“20-25K screens will be shipped via air to California in Q3 (<2K,in July,~7K in August, and ~14K in September) and 15K per month throughout Q4.“

This means Tesla could produce about 70,000 Model 3s by the end of the year, which is within CEO Elon Musk’s recent estimates.

So, JL Warren was using unverified information to say that Tesla may be facing a delay, which really wouldn’t even affect the automaker. Additionally, when a Tesla spokesman was questioned about the issue, he said that the claims are “absolutely false.” He added:

“there is no issue with the supply of any aspect of our screens for Model 3.”

To add insult to injury, Tesla also responded to Forbes:

“the report mentions Japan Display as the maker of the LCD screens, despite the fact that they are not even a supplier of ours.” 

While JL Warren has seen much success in the past, it seems that they are not spot on regarding this non-issue. This just goes to show that analysts may use whatever information they can get to put pressure on a company and to alert clients, even if it may not be true or contains false information. At least they told their clients that they expected the issue to be worked out eventually, but apparently there was no issue, or it’s already worked out.

Source: Forbes

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Regardless of the truth what do you expect them to say?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous



Troll bait.

Let us please just ignore his attempt to derail useful discussion here.

Thank you Pushy!
Let’s keep focused on what we DO KNOW to be a fact.

That’s what I usually expect of you.

It must be utterly exhausting constantly looking for things that aren’t there. There is nothing to discuss. We as outsiders have no clue whether they’re having a supply issue or not. If they are having a supply issue, again which we can’t confirm or deny whatsoever it wouldn’t be in the companies best interest to disclose that. So again regardless of the truth what do you expect them to day? The only one trying to derail anything is you sad Tesla fanboys who have to look for things that aren’t there. Just because someone can’t get behind the BS that comes out of Tesla, and let’s be honest, there is definitely BS that comes out of it you paint them as some big bad paid oil shill who is out to get Tesla when that’s actually far from the truth. I really pity you guys, who mind you don’t even own a Tesla, for constantly thinking people are out to get you. They have meds for that these days. You may want to look in to it. Someone asked me yesterday why some of my posts come off as condescending. Well, this is exactly why. I write something that probably… Read more »

DJ, I wrote that because it’s true! If you truly think most people here don’t recognize your troll baiting you’re sadly mistaken. You appear to have an obvious agenda. Your universal negativity toward anything Tesla, or anyone who’s remotely positive on what they’re attempting to accomplish, speaks volumes.

Your pavlovian response to something as mundane as screen supply, suggest to me some monetary aspect to this, perhaps compensated posting? At least I hope so. Because if this is some ‘crusade’ to save us poor duped rubes from the ‘Evil Tesla’ ala Keef Wivaneff, then its us who should be feeling sorry for you.

By the way, I’ve seen some Tesla fans on GCR. I believe Mr Voelcker could use your assistance!

When all you do is look for someone to be baiting you in to something you will always see it that way. Doesn’t take a genius to realize that.

DJ — You are the same troll who posts math that ASSumes Tesla will not build a single new Supercharger station in 2018. And when confronted with your math failure, you do everything possible to dodge your math failure.

So let’s test your “I’m a poor victim” theory, and see if you can even answer a single yes/no question honestly:

Is there any evidence to support your math that Tesla won’t build a single Supercharger in 2018? Yes or no.

If you don’t want to get the reputation of being a massive troll, stop posting like a massive troll. And when you post like a massive troll and get burned for doing it, don’t cry like a little baby and point fingers at everybody else and say that the problem with your posts are because of other people — like you aren’t responsible for what you post.

I actually never said that. You assumed that. You num nuts keep assuming things and then try and call me out on it.

My God. It is like there is a stupid convention and you are all attending.

I didn’t assume a damn thing. You are just too ignorant to understand your own math.

You added up just the number of new superchargers being built in 2017, then added up the number of Model 3’s being built in BOTH 2017 and 2018 and then claimed that the ratio of chargers to cars would go down by the end of 2018.

Sadly, you are too much of a troll and a fool to understand that the only way your math would be true would be if Tesla built ZERO superchargers in 2018.

Sadly, you don’t even understand your own math failure, and what they mean. Instead of simply admitting to your massive math failure, you blame everybody but yourself for your own math failure.

Here is a another basic math question for you. What does 1+1 equal?

The ratio of chargers to cars can go down even if new Superchargers are built in 2018.

Since you like math, here is an example.

Let’s say there are 1000 Superchargers by the end of 2017 and there are 100,000 Teslas by the end of 2017.

The ratio of chargers to Teslas would be 1/100

Now lets say they build 300,000 new Teslas in 2018 AND they build another 1000 Superchargers.

The ratio of chargers to Telsas would be 1/200

Notice that the ratio has gone down BUT the number of new Superchargers is not zero but in fact doubled.

Thus disproving your assertion that if the ratio goes down that implies zero new Superchargers are built in 2018.

Wally, first something interesting: how do you like your new Bolt? In response to your post (not very interesting), that’s not what he argued. When presented with the fact that Tesla is nearly doubling the number of Superchargers by the end of 2017, he then used 2018 Model 3 numbers, and compared them to the number of superchargers doubling in 2017, and failed to account for a singe supercharger being built in 2018. First the actual facts of Tesla “announced plans to double the number of U.S. Superchargers by the end of 2017” http://insideevs.com/tesla-plans-double-number-u-s-superchargers-end-2017/ Then DJ’s moronic math that accounts for Tesla doubling the number of superchargers in 2017, but then uses 2018 build numbers and never accounts for a single supercharger being built in 2018. If you can find where his math accounts for a single supercharger being built in 2018 at the same time he counts 2018 build numbers, you might have a point. But he never does: DJ July 11, 2017 at 3:41 pm “…Let’s take your 185k # and Elon’s 20k a month in December of 2017 just for the Model 3. Hmm, So that’s 185k (so far) + 240k for just the model 3 in… Read more »

Things DJ will never say:

“I got my math wrong. My math included zero superchargers being built in 2018, and that was wrong. My mistake”

Come on, spin it how your math error is my mistake. We all know how you post and expect it. LOL!!!!!

Agreed. PR is not there to inform but to create positive impressions. The proof will have to come in the pudding.

It is just a normal LCD display. You could get those from anywhere!

Exactly. Just like 99.9% of everything else Tesla sources from ordinary, everyday vendors, that the media whip up into some new proprietary Tesla technology.

More BS from Musk.


Car suppliers can’t afford to buy on the spot market. The quality issues and repair costs from throwing whatever in there would make it a bad deal.

Also note these panels have to survive 140F heat regularly. They really are special panels, a normal one simply wouldn’t last.

Who? JL Warren? They obviously advised their clients to go short on Tesla.

@Steven Loveday:

Hey, thanks muchly for debunking this rumor! With Tesla succeeding beyond most expectations at actually starting Model 3 production on time (I certainly found that surprising!), it’s not surprising that the short-selling Tesla bashers and Big Oil shills are scrambling around, grasping at straws to find any excuse to claim that Tesla is not — yet again — wildly exceeding the expectations of financial analysts.

100% agreed

“…actually starting Model 3 production…”

There is NO “production” going on. These first couple of dozen vehicles will be basically hand-built for their destined guinea pigs.

If there were an “alien dreadnought” assembly line spitting out Models 3’s, old Saint Elon would be plastering the Web with images and video. He isn’t. In fact, he’s talking down Tesla valuation – again.

Thanksfully, the truth came from “Holy Stanley”, there is no production line, for sure, it was made in Musk garage as every saint knows, bla bla bla…The angry and desperate dogs can bark, but the Tesla caravan goes on and up, hahaha.
PS: I am very surprised they actually begin production in this July with so many “experts” and “analysts” saying during almost the past two years that it will no be possible…like landing orbital rockets and reuse them… How I love to see naysayers and haters showing all their angriness because they understand how much they were, and are, so much wrong!

Stanley said:

“There is NO ‘production’ going on. These first couple of dozen vehicles will be basically hand-built for their destined guinea pigs.”

😀 😀 😀

Stanley, are you that far behind on Tesla news? Or is this just another example of increasing desperation by anti-Tesla FUDsters, who are flailing and grasping at straws, trying to deny the reality that Tesla has put the Model 3 into production on time, despite what almost everyone predicted?

Either way, I’m sure your post will come as a great surprise to absolutely everyone working at Tesla’s Fremont factory. Especially the workers on the Model 3 assembly line which you claim doesn’t exist!

It will also come as a surprise to those who have recently toured the Fremont assembly plant, and report getting glimpses of the Model 3 production line.

Hopefully one of the Tesla workers will spot your post, print it out, and pass it around so they can all get a chuckle. That way your post won’t be a complete waste of time! 😀

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I sure hope Tesla did not go “Sole Source” on many of the parts.

I recall we did that and a friggin polar vortex hit the east coast and manufacturing was dead in the water till they thawed out and roads/airports opened.

It’s hard to imagine they didn’t.

To second source takes more time and you have to do a lot of second source qualification builds.

From what we’ve seen Tesla has done very few preproduction builds if any. They seem to have called the first car off their line a production car.

I have to imagine that means they are single sourced on a lot of parts right now.

And any part they make in-house is by definition single-source also.

Can you imagine if GM “sold” their first Bolt to Bob Lutz directly before any of them were available for the average Joe to buy? There would be screams of how that was BS and how that shouldn’t be counted. Same if they did it for the employees I suspect.

Despite it being technically correct based on the definition of things I think many people, the usual Tesla fanboys aside, will agree that the Model 3 is actually finally being sold when the first reservation holder who isn’t a Tesla insider gets their car. Otherwise this whole let’s build a couple to give to people who we know will keep the things they don’t like quiet will just proliferate and before you know it they’ll be doing this just to sell cars to meet some self imposed deadline to claim they met it. It’s actually the smart thing to do in many ways so you can work the kinks out if you don’t put in enough pre-testing but claiming that you’ve sold your first Model 3 when nobody but an insider can actually even order one let alone know what the specs or prices are is BS.

DJ, the first M3 was gifted to him…you know that but you just like to troll…that’s what you do …and then you complain that people pick on you. Get used to it, you deserve it.

Actually, no I didn’t know that. I thought just the reservation for it was gifted and that Elon bought it. Still doesn’t change the message for the other 30 or so though.

Ignore the reservation thing. It was a sop to those waiting in line.

The first car off the production line was assigned to Elon. The company is free to do this. I don’t think they can assign him ownership until it has an EPA sticker though.

To me the one given to Musk doesn’t count. But in the end it hardly matters much whether it counts to me or anyone.

They have to make more than one car and start selling them to the public. That will come soon and after it does what happened before will hardly be worth arguing over.

Well, when you think your computer failure modeling analysis is superior to actual, real-life Beta testing a vehicle…

You get Mikey (insider guinea pigs) to Beta test it for you.

DJ said “Can you imagine if GM “sold” their first Bolt to Bob Lutz directly before any of them were available for the average Joe to buy?”

You mean like how Bob Lutz owns Viper VIN 002? LOL!!!

Yea, it must be a huge difference. VIN 002 vs. VIN 001……

Sadly, your ignorance is only dwarfed by your hatred of everything Tesla does. Tesla NEVER offered the first car to Elon, and Elon NEVER asked for the first car to go to him.

The first car was offered to the first person who put in a reservation. That person decided to gift that reservation to Elon. So Elon and Tesla didn’t put the first Model 3 into Elon’s hands. The first reservation holder made that happen.

Sadly, you twisted fools will twist ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING into and attack on Tesla. Then you cry like a little baby when you get caught red-handed doing it. Now go ahead and cry, cry, cry about getting caught whining about the outrage that would happen if Bob Lutz did something that he’s actually already done.

Well said, Nix.

Concerning the amount of sheer B.S. coming from angry, panicking Tesla bashers in this thread, I’m surprised that we don’t see moderators deleting lots of posts.

I certainly wish they would!

Ignore the reservation thing. There was no gifting, it’s useless. Tesla is not required to send the first car off the production line to anyone. Not even the “first person in line”.

Musk wanted the first car off the production line. And so Tesla assigned it to him. That’s the entire story.

And as to the idea that the The car could not be sold to anyone. There is no EPA sticker for it yet. There was no gifting, no nothing. The “first person in line” is still at the head of line line. If that means anything.

Unlucky cried “There is no EPA sticker for it yet.”

Let me guess, since you haven’t seen one, they don’t exist. Same old bullpucky. Do you have a source saying they don’t exist? Because the latest we’ve heard from Tesla, they cleared all their regulatory hurdles in mid-June. That was reported right here in insideevs.

Are you just trying to prove you are intentionally remaining blind and ignorant of what is happening? Or do you not understand that the window sticker is part of the regulatory hurdles?

Sidenote: It is amazing that you are so bvtthvrt about anything and everything Tesla does, that you can’t even accept the simple reality that the first reservation holder is a real person. And that real person did exactly what he did. Only in your delusional world does that person not exist, and his actions are somehow fictional.

unlucky said “From what we’ve seen Tesla has done very few preproduction builds if any.”

Unlucky, not that same old “pics or it didn’t happen” canard yet again?!?

We’ve got evidence that suggests that Tesla has built upwards of 200+ Model 3’s at this point. The fact that they don’t hand out that information to YOU doesn’t mean it never happened.

How many cars has Tesla built so far this month? You don’t know that either, but using your logic, since we only have pics of one, that means that they have only built one.

You need to put that childish meme to bed once and for all.

Those cars were not built on the production line. The line was not even built yet when those cars came out. They were not pre-production cars they were hand-built prototypes.

The point of pre-production cars is to learn how to build cars for production. Hand-built cars don’t accomplish this. This, as I said, it appears Tesla built no pre-production cars. When the line was finished they declared the first one off a production car.

Don’t try to pretend you know what my logic is. If you come to dumb conclusions it’s because of your own thinking, not mine.

And as to my name, how about you stick to the topic of discussion instead of going the extra mile to try to invent ad-hominem?

unlucky, if you are going to make ignorant claims, at least say something that can’t be easily disproven with stories right here in insideev’s: They brought the production assembly line online in FEBRUARY after a short shutdown to open up the production painting booths for the Model 3: http://insideevs.com/tesla-will-retool-factory-model-3-production/ Elon confirmed 3 MONTHS AGO that they were no longer doing any hand building, and everthing was being built on production tooling: “entire car built with production tooling vs beta tooling, so higher precision.” “Musk calls these “early release candidates” because they are essentially being built on production tooling and could almost pass for a production car.” http://insideevs.com/elon-musk-tesla-model-3/ Only in your tiny, childish world, does a car built on the production line, with production tooling, that “could almost pass for a production car” count as what you call.. Drum roll please… “hand-built prototypes” Seriously? Do you have no effin’ clue what the differences are between a hand-made prototype and a car that was built on the production line with production tooling? I’ll mock you EVERY TIME you say stupid ignorant anti-Tesla bullpucky. If you don’t like it, don’t post stupid ignorant anti-Tesla bullpuckey. Especially stuff that can be debunked with stuff… Read more »

And as if right on queue, a nice story this morning of Tesla likely completing 300+ cars:


Heck no they didn’t build 300 cars by hand.

Following the last year of unlucky’s logic in his posts, since he hasn’t personally seen pictures of each car individually, and since he hasn’t seen video of every second of testing, then these cars don’t exist, and Tesla hasn’t done any testing.


Sadly, his memes have become so predictable, that I’m certain he is already making up lame excuses not to believe Tesla has built 300+ car, and he’s already preparing his post for that story.

That dash looks better every time I see it. No clutter and no stupid knobs sticking out all over the place..Just Nice Clean Flowing lines..

I agree, it looks great. I would like to see an interior photo with the dash trim strip in Carbon Fiber! A HUD would also be nice even though Tesla has stated it won’t come with one.

Makes no difference. If you relly want this car you can spend $200 and get an after market HUD…there are plenty to choose from.

Once M 3 hits the road those”Busy Dash Boards”
are going to look as foolish & Silly as the Big Mouth Grill openings on the ICE cars of today., They are Antiquated, Archaic & Unattractive. A thing of the far past..

You can even get a HUD app for your smart phone for a buck or two.


To all those who are angry thinking that VIN 001 will be in Musk’s driveway, you can rest assured that Elon will indeed pay for it but it will wind up in a museum just like the first of just about every other iconic automobile.

What do I care if Musk pays for the car?

He gets a compensation package. This car can be part of it. What’s the big deal?

unlucky — thanks for self-identifying yourself as one of the angry, childish people by responding to a post directed to the angry people who get bvtthvrt over something as minor as who gets the first Model 3.

Your self-identification as an angry whiner is the only honest post you’ve made on this story.

It is amazing how when there is a story debunking a false rumor about Tesla, that the usual suspects have to make up even more false rumors about Tesla….

And by “amazing”, I mean completely, sadly, predictable.