Tesla Delivers First Signature Series Model X


Last night, in Fremont, California, Tesla Motors delivered the first Signature Series Tesla Model X (VIN#0001)

This marks the start of Signature Series deliveries, as up ’til now all Model X deliveries have been Founder’s Editions.

We expect to see a significant number of deliveries in the following days, as reports are pouring in that Signature Model X CUVs are arriving at Tesla showrooms throughout the U.S.

In a way, this marks the start of volume sales for the Model X, so look for December’s Model X sales result to soundly trump the previous three months (estimated at: September: 6 – October: 4 – November:5).

Delivery Of First Signature Series Tesla Model X - Image Credit: Tony Williams

Delivery Of First Signature Series Tesla Model X – Image Credit: Tony Williams

First Signature Series Tesla Model X - Image Credit: Tony Williams

First Signature Series Tesla Model X – Image Credit: Tony Williams

Delivery Of First Signature Series Tesla Model X – Image Credit: Tony Williams

Delivery Of First Signature Series Tesla Model X – Image Credit: Tony Williams

Delivery Of First Signature Series Tesla Model X – Image Credit: Tony Williams

Tony (at 6’2″) Checks Out The Seating In The Back Of The First Signature Series Tesla Model X – Image Credit: Tony Williams

Delivery Of First Signature Series Tesla Model X – Image Credit: Tony Williams

Delivery Of First Signature Series Tesla Model X – Image Credit: Tony Williams

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I was the “photographer” for some of the pictures. I’m happy to report that at 6’2″ (188cm), I can fit in the third row, albeit snugly.

Fantastic car, with oodles of interesting features. My first surprise is that the door handles don’t “present”… you just push the handle to open the door.

Hey Tony…send any additional images to us please! Wish we knew you were attending.

I will post the pictures here

Thanks Tony! Added a couple in already.

Tony thanks for that info on fitting in the 3rd row. I am 6′, but my dad was 6’4″, and my boys are fairly tall already. Good to know they have a chance of fitting in any seat in the car!

For a short trip, I think even 6’4″ would “fit”, and maybe be comfortable for a short trip. Not easy to get in and out of, but far better than the back seat of a typical mini-van.

Hi Tony,

Do you know if the X came with sunshades for the panoramic windshields and/or skylights? I tweeted Elon Musk two months ago and he told me the X comes with a sunshade.

We spent quite a bit of time in the delivery center, and I did not see anything that resembled a sun screen.

It did have a really cool trailer hitch.

Significant more headroom in drivers seat? Sadly at 6-6 I cannot fit in an S.

They need giant foam fingers that read:

I see, so far they are selling Founders edition (Highest level) and now they are moving to Signature edition (2nd Highest level). So it will take full sales to reach Jan end.

Welcome. I expect Dec-2015 sales to be at least 50 units which will be lot higher than all hybrids of its class.

Still not in production.


Recent news from the plant indicates that half the models coming off the line now are Xs. So they are building several hundred per week now, and it looks like they will be delivering several hundred in the next two weeks based on VIN numbers that are being prepped all over the country.

Of course it is in production. They just began delivery of the Signature Model X’s. There are about 1200 of those in the US. Then the rest of the 30,000+ reservation orders.

Another couple of weeks and I will have mine. I’ve waited 2 years for mine. Well worth the wait for the best car made to date.

They’ve delivered a couple dozen signature model X in the last 3 months, its hardly “in production” up until now

I think they delivered 13 FOUNDERS edition Model X cars.

This was the first Signature.

Super significant stuff! Great job Tesla and all the American and Japanese workers who made it all possible.

Hope these are production line cars and not hand-built or partially hand-built

I can’t speak to this particular car, but all the reports are that the X is complete off the normalized production line now.

Just perusing allocations, Tesla looks to be building more Xs (from the 7th) than Ss to end out the month/plant holiday (as always, building is not the same as delivering)

The most impressive photo is Tony sitting in 3rd row and not hitting his head. Wow, that’s impressive. From exterior photos, I was afraid it’d be like Fiat 500e on third row.

Still, I don’t like “wing” doors. It makes it impossible for roof rack for carrying plywood, Kayak, etc. I guess if you’re driving X, you wouldn’t be making trips to Home Depot, but Kayak…

Oops. it’s not third row but just back seat. Still not bad for 6ft+ dude.

No, despite the image caption, Tony is indeed sitting in the third row.

The second row seats “look out” of the falcon-wing door windows. The third row look out of the small triangular rear windows. That’s where Tony is.

Why can’t u tie something to the roof? Front doors are normal. Winged doors are only for rear seats.
If u don’t open them they don’t get in the way.

Craig asked:

“Why can’t u tie something to the roof?”

What would you use as the attachment points? There are not even rain gutters to which a roof rack could be attached. I suppose you could tie it to the side mirrors, but that would be neither very practical nor very secure.

Someone, I think it was Elon, did say you could use a suction cup mounted roof rack, altho unless it was quite short front-to-back, that would block access to the rear doors. But honestly, how many people would trust their stuff to the hope that a suction cup would not come loose under the pressure of continuous highway speed wind?

I look forward to seeing what aftermarket modifications will appear to allow people to attach a roof rack to their Model X. With the right setup, you could mount the rack so it blocks only one rear door from opening, which would allow you to use about 3/4 of the roof area for carrying.

Some people would complain if hung with a brand new rope.

The original estimate had Model X’s available for test drives by the end of the year. It’s looking like that might come true.

The original estimate was maybe early 2014.

It’s hard to tell from the pics if the screen is retina yet. I assume no.

Excellent Tesla (As Mr Burns would say from the simpsons!)

Now we await the car the average person…. The Model III.

We all look forward to Tesla’s bright future and great customer service.

Can anyone say what is the average price of Lithium battery per KWh.

A lot depends on the application the batteries are made for. EV makers buy cells in large quantities and aim for the lowest price per kWh. Laptop makers are going to pay more, perhaps a lot more, per kWh to get the smallest package. You, as an individual consumer, will pay a lot more than a customer who buys huge quantities.

But if you want to know what EV makers are currently paying… Unfortunately all you’re gonna find is estimates and guesses. Those who know, aren’t saying. And you’ll see absurdly uninformed claims in recent online articles, citing prices like $550/kWh, a figure which by now is years out of date!

The article below seems better informed than most, and suggests that for cells — not the assembled battery packs — the average price paid by EV makers may be around $300/kWh or even less:


Late December (2015) is the new September.

And that’s for a car that had already been delayed three times since February 2012.

If Tesla doesn’t fix these delays for the Model3 launch (doubtful given their history) they will be behind their large competitors in the mass-market segments by 1-2 years.

What competitors would those be? You’re not wrong that they need to get better at managing programs (mostly as it’ll hurt the bottom line at higher production rates) but if you think anyone’s within 5+ years of catching up, especially at their price point, you’re not paying attention.

More like you are hoping that Tesla will have delays in the Model 3 in order to make your short position and thesis good.

Again, the Model X’s original date was based on information *before* the Model S began mass production and was a very early estimate from a company that had never mass manufactured anything. The real delay is about a year, but the Model X also has a lot of new and difficult technology to sort through. The Model 3 will have new things, but won’t be nearly the same level of reach.


Tony’s head is behind the rear roof line..

That is going to be hot and isn’t that kind of dangerous in a roll over accidents with only glass above one’s head?

a FORTUNE advisor was on line saying how they didn’t think the X would sell. It would slow down their production of all their other vehicles. It shows she doesn’t know they already have 30K firm orders already in hand, that the 4 WD X still is super efficient and fast and built on the S platform. The S is their only other vehicle so far.
She also said they don’t have enough Super Chargers yet. Yet they are all over the USA not to mention the World, and you only need one every 200 miles or so and they are now almost every 100 miles on all major US Highways. I’m very long on Tesla and will order my model 3 in March when they accept orders =D—–