Tesla Delivers First 8 Model S Sedans in China With CEO Musk In Attendance – Videos


Tesla CEO Elon Musk At Beijing Delivery Ceremony

Tesla CEO Elon Musk At Beijing Delivery Ceremony

As you may have already heard, Tesla Motors made its first official Model S deliveries in China on Earth Day April 22, 2014.

Confirming those initial deliveries is this Associated Press video showing 8 Model S EVs being handed over to the lucky first owners in China.

“Tesla Motors made its first delivery in China on Tuesday, handing over eight all-electric sedans to eager customers at a launch event in Beijing.”

Says the Associated Press.

Handing Off Key #1

Handing Off Key #1

8 down and thousands to go

The backlog of orders in China is growing daily, with some eager future Model S owners saying they’ve been waiting months now in hopes that someday they’ll receive the Model S they ordered last Fall.

All in due time, says Tesla Motors.  The process of getting Model S EVs into China is time consuming.  All the while, Tesla must still fulfill order across the globe.

So, while wait times may be long in China, it’s reassuring to see the first Model S deliveries finally occur there.

Also covering the event was Bloomberg (video below)

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Awesome to see an American made product sold in China…

+1, Chinese, like Americans consume everything so I feel Tesla will indeed succeed there. More interesting to me are the two closed auto markets of Germany and Japan. Though I expect limited success in Germany, seeing Tesla break through this market is exciting.

Germany is not a closed market, they don’t buy electric cars, it’s so simple.

Oh, but they will. Germans respect technology. Some people may not like the size or cost of the Model S sedan but when comparing it to comparable luxury sedans the model S is technically superior “because” it is an EV. And I don’t think Elon put up those super chargers for nothing. The worse thing about a Model S is driving one, for once you have, you are ruined.

That’s not true. As soon as BMW and VW electric cars became available, electric cars suddenly started to sell in Germany. Hmm . . . I wonder why.

Germans haven’t changed much since WWII– they’re still highly nationalistic with their vehicle purchases…

Not any more than americans.
There are plenty of foreign brands very popular.

It is not that surprising that a different powertrain vehicle would be more trusted coming from an established brand, and one known for good engineering.

And the bmw is less expensive than an s.

the kick of tesla is making all the hight quality car companies go throw the ring of electric mobility.

thanks elon

Indeed . . . and especially considering the tariffs & regulations it needs to fight. I really don’t understand why we put up with all those.

Well, it’s probably because you have a corporatocracy and not really a democracy. I don’t understand either why you put up with it. You should try to get the power back to the people and try to get a more free market where such things as forced dealerships isn’t an issue.

Some clarification is required. Does eight delivered cars mean that that they can now drive around on the streets?
From what others have said on this forum, an EV driver needs to win the lottery to be able to register their car. So is that Tesla is selling cars to persons, but they can’t drive them on public roads because of the lottery/registration issue?
Anyone? Confirmation please?

I got the answer for this one. If they hadn’t won the lottery, then they’d be unable to register the Tesla Model S. You can’t have an unregistered vehicle in China or most other countries around the globe, so the implication would be that these 8 individuals have won the lottery (perhaps months ago)and have the ability to register the Model S. For Tesla, with the lottery systems in Beijing, it will be very difficult to sell the Model S there. Essentially you wait until you win the lottery and then place a Model S order. Wait 4-6 months for delivery and then you’re all set.

And your probability of winning the lottery is 1 in 50 or 1 in 100? Also, what percentage of the people attempting to place deposits on a Tesla in China are scalpers? Does anyone have a guess?

Can you transfer the registration to someone else?

The lottery system only applies in a few Chinese cities. Also I assume that if people trade in their old car they retain their right to a car registration.

“We need to hit puberty before we start dating.”


What thing that is really nice to see is that Elon Musk seems to have a fan base there in China and got treated well. It is nice to see international harmony . . . Chinese people appreciating the South-African born American entrepreneur.

With European roots and an Oceanic/Asian love child… well, maybe not the last part. =)

Somehow he manages to combine humbleness with arrogance in a combination that which one you like of those two shnes through the most.
It could have been the other way around, hated in both camps because of those opposite qualities.


There are 1 million members of the Chinese Communist Party, or there about. They could probably get one if they wanted and relaxation of certain penalties exist for ev’s. So plenty of demand and the support of the government. I agree, Tesla should do well in China.


And Talulah is looking mighty fine in that black dress damn

A “stretch” version of the Model S, like the Audi A8L, would sell extremely well in China. Add reclining seats in the rear and other Limo-like features and it will sell like crazy.

Imagine how well the Model X will sell if you can take out the middle row of seats and just keep the first and third row.
I hope Tesla keeps this in mind and have a 5 seated version of the Model X as an option.
Or something like that. Imagine the Falcon doors for easy access and plenty of room for your legs being able to walk into your seat.

The sales numbers will go through the roof, especially in China.

A stretched model X will be the de facto standard transportation for Hollywood stars.