Tesla Delivers 17,400 Electric Vehicles in Q4, More Than 50,000 Sold In 2015

JAN 3 2016 BY JAY COLE 63

Tesla Delivers 17,400 EVs in Q4 - Hitting Fully Year Guidance In So Doing

Tesla Delivers 17,400 EVs in Q4 – Hitting Fully Year Guidance In So Doing

Tesla has announced its early sales results for the 4th quarter of 2015, matching expectations for the last 3 months of the year, as well has hitting the lower end of full year guidance.

Besides Deliverying The First Model X Signature SUV (pictured above via Tony Williams), Tesla Went On To Deliver 207 More

Besides Deliverying The First Model X Signature SUV (pictured above via Tony Williams), Tesla Delivered 207 Others

In total, Tesla delivered ~17,400 Model S and X vehicles between October and the end of the year.

For the full year, deliveries stand at 50,580, which fell inside the revised estimate of 50,000 to 52,000 units sold (early in 2015 it had stood at 50,000 to 55,000, but was narrowed in Q3).

The company breaks the results down as follows:

Q4 deliveries consisted of 17,192 Model S vehicles and 208 Model X vehicles.

Tesla also managed to complete production of 507 Model X all-electric SUVs before year’s end.

As always, Tesla notes this is a very early tally of sales, so they still could change slightly (in Q3 Tesla underestimated the number by 25 units).

Here is a look at full year results by quarter:

  • Q1 – 10,045
  • Q2 – 11,532
  • Q3 – 11,603 (including 6 Model X)
  • Q4 – 17,400 (including 208 Model X)
Tesla Model S Sales Improved 48% in Q4

Tesla Model S Sales Improved 48% in Q4

Tesla also gives more depth behind Q4 results:

Model X Production Hit Almost 250 Per Week By Year's End (via Youtube/The Car Guide)

Model X Production Hit Almost 250 Per Week By Year’s End (via Youtube/The Car Guide)

Q4 Model S deliveries were approximately 48% more than our prior quarterly record and approximately 75% more than Q4 last year. Model X deliveries are in line with the very early stages of our Model X production ramp as we prioritize quality above all else. That ramp has been increasing exponentially, with the daily production rate in the last week of the year tracking to production of 238 Model X vehicles per week.

There may be small changes to this delivery count (usually well under 1%), as Tesla only counts a delivery if it is transferred to the end customer and all paperwork is correct.

Our vehicle deliveries represent only one measure of our financial performance and should not be relied on as an indicator of our quarterly financial results, which depend on a variety of factors, including the cost of sales, foreign exchange movements and mix of directly leased vehicles.

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It is a relief that they hit the 50,000. The focus now can turn more to the Model III

“Focus” is bad oversimplification.

Any bigger company have dedicated teams, specialized in various parts of business operations.

Tesla was already hinting that while production teams are hot on ramping up X… design team is already “focused” on 3.

Tesla still need that production team “focused” on X production lines. Since SUVs generally add up to even 50% of market. Tesla should expect that half of it sales will be X. So Tesla **need** 8k X’s produced quarterly. Assuming (almost certainly falsely) that Tesla wont ramp up overall capacity even more.

What was the forecast for 2016? Wasn’t it around 75-80,000? It would be about 1,600 per week, in whatever product mix is needed to satisfy customers.

Q3 Shareholder letter said they expect average of 1,600 to 1,800 S+X per week for the year, which puts them in the 80-90K range. With today’s release, then indicated they expect to hit that production volume by the end of March, so perhaps they will revise the overall number upward at the next earnings call.

Count on seeing model X everywhere if they are really producing 238 per week, and they have 200 undelivered units in hand …

Exciting times …


They lie!!!! They only sold one car! I live next to the factory in Freemont and I spy on them every day. They had to kill 99 whales just to make the gear oil for one gear box!!!

Excuse ME, Young Feller….They Make Two (2) Vary Different Cars: The Model S AND the Model X! (Looks like you need a better Lens on your Spy Camera, one with something better than a cardboard shipping tube to hold those coke Bottles your using for lenses!)

PS: I know it is hard to see with those spy cameras you have – but they also make a few basic variations or versions of that Model S I mentioned – with 70 Kwh, 85 kWh, and even as much as 90 kWh Battery Sizes! They also make these choices in Single or Dual Motor choices – so that takes the total up to at least Seven(7) Models! There, there, young’un, don’t be too upset! I know you can’t get the best Spy Equipment from you distant Jail Cell!


His post was a joke. His name is a combination of people perceived as trolls.

correction: posters that That poster sees as trolls, and obviously Many people see That poster as, well.. new year and tact fails me..


If you ask me, DaveMartSeeThroughSven is the troll here.

I wonder, tho, whether DaveMart can really see through Sven, if we managed to line the 3 of them up? (or however many they really are)

Anyway, good snark. +1 from me.

boy, you guys are pretty serious over here today.

But, a funny funny guy.

ffbj said:

“His post was a joke.”

Robert Weekly’s post was at least partly a joke, too. The “/Sarc” (sarcasm) tag was a rather large hint.

* * * *

Hey, I appreciate all the fake troll humor here.

🙂 🙂 🙂

That’s the one thing trolls can’t stand: Being laughed at! Well done, InsideEVs readers.


I can absolutely verify what DaveMartSeeThroughSven posted. I was told in confidence that my gardner’s cousin’s ex-boyfriend’s sister’s hairdresser’s best friend overheard a conversation which he remembered after he woke up the next day, and he’d only had five drinks and a few doobies the night before, so he’s sure of it.

That impeccable source is surely more reliable than Tesla’s official figures! Why, See Through and Counter-Strike Cat, among others, assure us that Tesla is faking their production reports and that they’ll be heading for bankruptcy any day now. How could anyone doubt it’s true?

Since we are talking about what is REALLY going on. I will tell you another secret only a few people know. Tesla runs on GASOLINE!

The have a secret gas tank in the back. They pay off purchasers and testing facilities so that no one lets the cat out of the bag.

KennyG's wife CherylG
Yes, the SuperChargers are really gas pumps and the cord is really a hose. I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you unplug a Supercharger after five minutes, your Telsa’s gas tank will be completely full. After you drive away from the SuperCharger station, your range will slowly but steadily increase to that of a 100% charge. But whatever your do, don’t tell CARB about our little secret. I’ll let you in on another secret. Those battery swapping stations are a front for Tesla’s illegal narcotics business. The batteries packs that are swapped in don’t have any L-ion cells inside, because as stated above Teslas run on gasoline. Instead, the battery packs swapped in contain cocaine, crystal meth, heroine, and marijuana, which is then transported across the state for distribution. Now, I know what you’re thinking. If Teslas run on gasoline, what is Tesla actually going to be making in it’s Gigafactory. That’s the biggest secret of all. In the Gigafactory, Tesla is going to be cloning Elon Musk in giga quantities to repopulate the earth with Elons! It’s like that old sci-fi movie: Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. But instead of pods in everyone’s basement, there will… Read more »

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you. They are cloning Elon so that they can populate Mars, not Earth.

Not true I got a model S last Dec 31st, they were two model X in Tyson Virginia ready for delivery, they were wrapped in white plastic cover. I think they will be delivered this week.

Without the tax run in Denmark, they would have missed the lowest end of their target.

Breath in that cleaner air, in This Universe.
Enjoy that Energy Independence in This Reality.


Source of that information?

507 Model X produced in one quarter, but the Tesla fanboys promised 1000 per week.


It appears that quality control in the 4th quarter may have suffered in the pursuit of 50,000 units sold in 2015.


It appears that is a single data point which is statistically irrelevant.

Every legacy OEM has sold at least a dozen lemons this year and has at least one of their owners venting on the internet.

And that includes Toyota, the OEM with the highest reliability ratings.

How did you reply to my comment hours before I posted it. Are you a time traveler? A temporal anomaly prevented me from responding until after 8:12 pm. I kept getting this WordPress error message when I tried to reply: “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” What sort of sorcery is InsideEVs using on me? 😉 Anyways, if you would have read some of the comments in the link that I posted, you would have noticed the OP isn’t the only one with “issues.” Other commentors stated that they also had lots of “issues” with their “end of quarter delivered cars,” and that Tesla is “notorious for bad QC at end of quarter” in order to meet sales targets. One Tesla owner said in post #24: “Never schedule to take delivery at the end of a quarter. Tesla is notorious for bad QC at end of quarter. Tesla has a lot riding on this particular quarter and they have been producing a record number of cars. So much stock value is riding on Tesla hitting their 2015 numbers, and all of that depends on the fourth quarter numbers. Somebody high up at Tesla, at some point, made a… Read more »
Yet another Tesla owner stated in post #20: I’m in the same boat. I took delivery of my 85D on 12/18. It was back at the SC by 12/21 for two issues. 1) My driver side mirror would not unfold properly. 2) There was a grinding noise coming from the front under hard acceleration. . . . I received my car back that same day with the driver side mirror replaced and the grinding noise fixed. They said the grinding noise was due to a hub not being properly torqued down to spec.” “After driving it for 2 days, I noticed more issues. 1) The grinding noise had returned and got progressively louder. 2) I noticed that my frunk carpet was wet after it had been raining. 3) I noticed that my drivers side door was considerably more difficult to close than any of my other doors. It required it to be slammed with twice the force of the other doors, otherwise it would stay “cracked” open. This might have happened when they replaced the driver mirror.” http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/59871-Is-this-normal-or-an-unusual-amount-of-issues-for-a-3-week-old-car/page2?p=1303590&viewfull=1#post1303590 Yet another Tesla owner said in post #29: “I took delivery on 12/26 of a red model S 90D, Air, Pano, Sound,… Read more »

Sven, assuming everything you say on Inside EVs is true, why is none of it ever positive about Tesla or other electric cars? Are you here solely to point out negative things? Are you a negative person in general? Just curious.

Oddly enough, Sven has posted a lot of entirely relevant and informative posts, on subjects other than Tesla. I think it’s unfair to lump him in with See Through and Counter-Strike Cat. I don’t know why he appears to have an axe to grind against Tesla, or why he seems to be acting as an apologist for the “hydrogen highway”, but I personally wouldn’t label him a troll.

I could be wrong, but I think he is honestly misguided rather than being a troll or someone who intentionally posts untruthful FUD, as a (fortunately very few) other Telsa bashers are.

Big Solar, I am a very positive person. In fact, my nickname is Sunshine, given to me because of my sunny disposition. ?

You mean when you are not on Inside EVs?



A serious question here:

Do you think that the posts you have taken so much time and trouble to cherry-pick the worst parts of, and copy-and-paste here, are different in any way from similar posts about other auto makers on other forums?

I’m sure that Tesla, just like every other automobile manufacturer, has produced a few lemons. And it’s inevitable that as their production increases, the absolute number of lemons increases too. But we’ll hope that the percentage doesn’t go up. In fact, given the recent downgrade of Tesla’s reliability by Consumer Reports, I think there is room for improvement there, and hopefully Tesla will take up the challenge of improving quality control.

But cherry-picking the most negative parts of a few comments from those who yell the loudest on the Internet isn’t any way to judge the overall quality of any auto maker’s cars. Not Tesla’s, and not anybody else’s, either.

I had a lot of time on my hands. I posted the first comment in this thread, but it got deleted. When I saw that my reply was missing, I thought I forgot to hit the enter button, so I typed out my reply again. It was once again the first comment at 5:12 pm. I checked again later and it appeared that my comment was deleted again, but then I noticed that my comment was now the last comment. InsideEVs changed the time stamp on my comment to 8:12 pm, which moved my comment to last, and Robb Stark responded to my comment at 5:41 pm. I typed out a short response to Robb Stark stating that there were many other people (data points) with “issues” in the link that I had posted. But InsideEVS would not allow me to reply until after the 8:12pm, the time stamp on my previous comment. As I stated in a comment above: I kept getting this WordPress error message when I tried to reply: “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” I could not even post comments on other threads until after 8:12 pm. Since I couldn’t post my short reply… Read more »
Pushmi-Pullyu said: “Do you think that the posts you have taken so much time and trouble to cherry-pick the worst parts of, and copy-and-paste here, are different in any way from similar posts about other auto makers on other forums?” Yes I do. In this day and age, no other automaker delivers cars in the U.S. in this condition, especially with such poor fit and finish. A pic is worth a thousand words. The OP posted pics of his misaligned hood, misaligned fender, and misaligned door handle. The Tesla owner was able to stick his finger into the misaligned frunk/hood gap. http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/59871-Is-this-normal-or-an-unusual-amount-of-issues-for-a-3-week-old-car/page4?p=1304451&viewfull=1#post1304451 It gets worse. Tesla put the wrong windows into cars and apparently kept doing it even after it knew it was putting the wrong windows into cars. Now Tesla owners have to worry about wrong or substandard parts being knowingly installed by Tesla onto their cars? “I had one of these issues (sort of) with my 85D. I was hearing excessive wind noise out of my driver side window, near the front. . . . Apparently on some of the 85Ds the front triangle window was installed with the using the wrong window. Mine was a rounded cut… Read more »

You are a pretty good troll Sven, I gotta hand it to ya.

Why do you say that? I didn’t post any negative comments about Tesla in the recent Tesla fire in Norway article. In this story about Tesla dramatically increasing production to meet sales targets, I state that is seems the Tesla let quality control slip to achieve those sales targets. That somehow makes me a troll?

Do you want to read only good news about Tesla, and sweep any negative news under the rug to hide it? If you do, then you don’t get an accurate picture of reality.

There were people who questioned Bernie Madoff’s company and pointed out “issues.” They were vilified by Madoff’s’s fan boys as being nothing but trolls. How did that end up for Madoff’s investors?

You’re just trying to suppress any discussion about Tesla that isn’t fawning about how great Tesla is. I want to hear about the good and the bad about Tesla. The biggest Tesla fan website, TeslaMotorsClub, doesn’t have a problem discussing the good and the bad about Tesla, yet the commenters on InsideEVs have a problem with discussing anything negative about Tesla. Why is that?

If anyone ever reads this – I’m late on this subject…I must say Sven and I have had our share of run-ins from the first day I ever saw him on InsideEVs. Where most commenters here don’t always agree with my opinions and points ( Boy! Would THAT be BORING! ), most don’t take personal stabs and attacks at me ( …some i3 fans have a James dartboard in their garage 🙂 ). Sven has attacked me personally in here – even misinterpreting some of my statements so radically, he onced called me a racist! All said, I’m glad Sven is here. There have been one or two times ( 🙂 ) where we have agreed on something…And everyone, from every corner of the globe and every ilk should be accepted as long as they don’t take to personal attacks regularly, or defame others to a point of offense where the only right thing to do would be to extricate that person for good. Sven is a great guy who has his own specific opinions which should be valued. I even like the fact that I cannot agree with him most of the time! So while I may find it… Read more »

The conclusion from the poster of your link :
“The craziest part is even with the above, I wouldn’t trade this car for anything else. My BMW 550 never had a single minor issue in 3 years, but I’d still take the Tesla knowing everything I know now. Damn you Tesla and your mind control. 😉 “

I don’t know, sort of a toss-up between that and never having had even a minor problem with a Bmw in 3 years. Now that is crazy.

Maybe this post is all made up by sven’s cousin?

Denial: not just just a river in Egypt?

Why so?

We are talking about ICEs. Inferior by design.

Wildly unpredictable acceleration, costly exploitation, unpredictable expenses in maintenance (and real possibility to get screwed into fixing perfectly fine part!), smelly, laud, shaking with speed.

Particular Tesla S/X may start at lower level, but it will get fixed (for free), and then attain much better level then any ICE below or around its price tag.

Just curious…anyone know how this number ticks against the 200K allotment before the US EV tax credit starts to disappear??? [And should I get my name on that Model X waiting list now if I want to eventually get the credit??]

You can add up the numbers on the monthly sales here on IEVs. It looks like they are around 60,000 so plenty left on the way to 200,000 for Model S and X.

Now it could get interesting for the Model III reserves starting in March. My personal bet is that they log 100,000 reservations in record time. The Model III won’t likely ship until 2018, so a portion of those reservations may not be eligible based on 2016-2017 US Tesla sales.

They must have been running the factory like the auto factory in that movie “Gung Ho”.

Really? No one remembers that Michael Keaton classic?

I missed it but I believe you. 🙂

I remember the end, where there are just a handful of guys desperately trying to finish, what was it, a dozen or so cars after the production line was stopped? And leaving off “minor details” like the windshield…

I don’t think that’s really the analogy of speeding up the production line you were looking for. I think you’re looking for something more like this…



Looks like Tesla’s guidance was spot-on for the X. Their guidance can be summed up as optimistic, but they can meet the minimums.

The real question is whether Tesla is self-sufficient now, or whether they will need to raise more for the Gigafactory and Model 3 tooling. I expect they will raise quickly in advance of need, as the market is taking and interest rates are rising.

At one point Tesla engineered a profitable quarter, intended as a one-time pump fake (for PR purposes) before raising a huge round. We may see this again with Q4, followed by another huge ask for cash.

Heh. Market is *tanking*.

Tesla is still in start-up mode, a cash raise after the Model 3 unveil is almost a guarantee.

There is no way Tesla can tool up for Model 3 production on their current/projected cash situation. As long as they continue to gain cash on favorable terms, the technology march will continue. Musk has already stated profit will be in the 2020s timeframe.

Earning a profit 20 years after founding the company. The world has changed; the Amazon model is the new normal.

Well . . . this is the auto industry . . . a notoriously difficult industry wherein there has not been a successful new entrant for more than half a CENTURY. So just the fact that Tesla has been around for 10+ years and are still going strong is quite impressive.

I got my P85D on Dec 31st. They were delivering 14 cars that day.

Hey MDEV, that’s fantastic! Hopefully you’ll keep us posted on your impressions – including the quality – of your car!

I promise I will not covet your Model S, and if I ever see it in person I shall bring a towel. This way, when I begin to drool, it won’t get on your shiny, new paint job!

Congratulations! Happy New Drive!