Tesla Is Delivering Updated Model S Without Daytime Running Lights (Update/Fix Incoming)


Refreshed Tesla Model S After Front License Plate Delete (InsideEVs/Michael B)

Michael’s Refreshed Tesla Model S After Front License Plate Delete (InsideEVs/Michael B)

Refreshed Model S Light Settings

Refreshed Model S Light Settings

Tesla has been shipping the updated fascia Model S for weeks now, and overall received a very positive welcome from fans and owners. Unfortunately, one highly recognizable feature of Model S is not present.

If you drive down the street and see a Model S approaching the other way, the Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) or as they may be called by Tesla: ‘Signature Lights’, are exactly that – a ‘Signature’ of a Model S’.

However, for some unknown reason they are not present on the updated version of the vehicle. When the car is parked and the doors are first opened, either with remote or while approaching the car, you will see what they should look like (and they look super cool, since it is now one continuous LED line).

However, when the vehicle is in motion, the lights are not on. Going to Controls Menu>Lights the DRL button is no where to be found!

"Classic" Tesla Light Settings Menu

“Classic” Tesla Light Settings Menu


Based on the response from Tesla (see below) they are clearly aware of the issue and should have an update sometime in the future.

But it raises a question why this was not implemented from day one? Not just because the lights look great, but also omitting such an important safety feature.

Update (June 20th):  Some owners have reported that update 2.24.30 now enables DRLs in auto.  The DRL toggle button itself has not returned to the options.  Hopefully all Model S owners will soon be able to d/l this patch.

Sure, DRLs are not yet mandatory in United States (they are for our neighbors to the north in Canada), but so many new vehicles are now being shipped with the daylight lights on that most motorists have become accustom to seeing them.

Having the new Model S sedans drive on the roads for the past several weeks without this important feature is a concern.

Have you taken a delivery of an updated Model S and not seeing Signature lights on?

Let us know in the comments.

Refreshed Tesla Model S with "Signature" DRLs on while in parked mode

Refreshed Tesla Model S with “Signature” DRLs on while in parked mode

From Tesla:

Thank you for contacting Tesla Motors Technical Support. I do want to assure you, we are definitely aware of this issue. Daytime Running Lights are a bit different on the Refreshed Model S. Similar to the Model X, the newer refreshed Model S vehicles do not have Daytime Running Lights. The lights above the main headlights on the Model S are Signature Lights, and operate similarly to traditional daytime running lights.

Currently, the Signature Lights are active when the parking lights or headlights are active. However, the touchscreen incorrectly shows that the lights are off. As we are aware of this issue, we are actively working on a future firmware update. This update will result in the Signature Lights turning on when the vehicle is in gear and range mode is off, and the touchscreen correctly displaying the state of Signature Lights.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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intresting, in sweden it is not allowed to drive with the lights off at any time, does this mean new teslas are illegal on the streets at the moment?

Same in DK

Set headlights to “on”?

Same in Canada.

Big news …. LOL … At any rate, someone in Tesla screwed up? If hat is even remotely possible,I am not sure.

They would be in Canada as well. I presume none of the new models have made their way here yet.

Based on the Big Rig Truck that followed me in Pennsylvania with no lights on, no DRL and no Headlights or Tail Lights, tha man and woman truck driving team vould care less, as no matter I switched my lights off and on about 10 times and put my hazards lights on and off about 5 times as they approached slowly from behind, and similarely after they passed me, including flashing high beams – they ignored every hint to turn on their lights, even though we were approacing twilight and climbing through the hills and canyons! So it seems “see and be seen” is not a basic american driver thought!

Pennsylvania: We’re different here.

DRL is not a big deal this time of year in the US. In twilight you should just turn the lights on anyway.

The countries that make a big deal out of this tend to have very northern latitudes, so the sun is low a lot of the time.

You really believe this is a safety concern? How about the millions of cars that don’t have them. Tesla will remedy the issue as they normally and won’t cover up the issue unlike GM who silently killed 129 people with their ignition switch scandal. No that’s a “Safety Concern

Of course it’s a safety concern. What planet are you from where there is no daytime rain or low visibility?

Or simply forests with alternating lighting conditions due to this age-old innovation called “trees”.

Sometimes here in MI we even have crystallized water fall from the sky! Not that Tesla engineers would know anything about that down in sunny Silicon Valley. Lucky bastards!

Screw it! Too many people not paying attention on the road. I drive around daytime with my hi-beams on… It seems to reduce the frequency of knuckleheads pulling out in front of me….
By the way, what is the lifespan of the hi-beams?

I’ve known a few motorcyclists who’ve left their high beams on since they began riding in the 70s. On a motorcycle, all it takes is one knucklehead and you’re dead.

By Federal mandate since 1975, motorcycles in the US automatically turn the headlight on as soon as the ignition switch is on. There’s no way to override it, except to install a non-US spec switch.

You are partly correct. Motorcycles manufactured for US roads since January 1, 1978 do not have a switch to turn the headlight off. I could not find a federal statute anywhere as it is handled on a state by state basis. My 1978 Honda CX500 had the always on headlight. My 1976 Yamaha and 1977 Harley did not have the headlight always on. The 1974 Honda CL125S i still ride also does not burn the headlight at all times. I was recently pulled over by a young law enforcement officer for that exact reason. After i explained it was a 1974 and that it has a tiny 6 volt battery and weak charging system otherwise i would run with the headlight on for safety, he promptly let me go and apologized. Needless to say, the bike is older than both him and I and i didnt expect him to know the year it became a law. I also own a car older than 1966 and its always fun to explain to them why it doesn’t have seatbelts.

You must be from New York. Or its suburb known as New Jersey. There is a special place in purgatory for you where they tape your eyes open and shine high beams at you.

lol. Youguys suck. In Canada, we don’t even have that DRL button. Lights are on all the time, stopped, in Park or Driving.

But if you really want them off, you can put the car in Park and push the ‘OFF’ button. However, soon as you go back into Drive, they come on again, and you can’t turn them off.

Enlightening posts! I didn’t realize there was any governmental attention paid to these. I thought they were all just for flashiness!

Not just because the lights look great, but also omitting such an important safety feature.

Seriously, an “important safety feature”?

To repeat what one car reviewer said quite a few years ago, putting daytime “running lights” on a car is as senseless as driving in the daytime with your lights on.

After driving 1.4 Mio km I can assure you that both are NOT senseless. Esüecially with all those flashy shades of grey that pose as color for cars.

P-P, I am surprised at hearing this from you! Just ask yourself a simple question… Do you think having DLRs (or parking/head lights) showing on an approaching vehicle makes it more easy to see or not? If your answer is ‘yes’ (as it should be!) then, very obviously, the car with lights on is safer than one without (isn’y this blindingly obvious?!). This is especially true from the perspective of road users who are not in a car themselves; pedestrians, horse/cycle/motorcycle riders who have potentially a lot more to lose from getting involved in a collision. There are just so many scenarios where it is ambiguous whether the car you are looking at is ‘being driven’ or not that having a clear sign (ie DLRs) that is *is* being driven eg stationary but about to do a stupid U-turn right in front of you etc, etc, etc that the simple, cheap and energy efficient use of DLRs is completely, mind blowingly *obvious*. I can only assume everyone here who thinks them unnecessary must live a very molly-coddled existence, have never come close to being involved in any sort of scary road traffic incident and/or has the lack of wit or… Read more »

Can you point me to a single scientific study that definitively shows DRL’s make driving safer? I’m having trouble finding anything doing a quick google search.

Reports from TMC say the problem was fixed in a patch Saturday night.


Simply no excuse for this. Sloppy sloppy work by Tesla.

Really how do you call Microsoft????

All the new lights have been weak. Even the X’s

glad they are fixing this

I want my DLR button back. Period. I’d like to decide when I want the DRL’s on or off.

GM has had DRLs for at least a decade. It is the ‘auto’ position on the light switch.

Super helpful article. I’ve been trying to figure out why my refreshed Model S did not have them on. Thanks for the explanation. Now I’m going to go turn off range mode and see if they work (assuming I have the udpate that fixes everything)

Studies by the National Traffic Safety bureau have shown that DRLs do not statistically improve safety on passenger cars, but they do result in decreased safety for motorcycles and pedestrians (surprise, surprise, lost in a sea of lights). LEDs on cars are notoriously glaring and shining directly in the eyes of oncoming motorists. These statistically useless and annoying lights should be banned! I will not purchase ANY vehicle with these annoying, useless lights. If I had to I’d resort to a BB-gun to get rid of them on my car.