Tesla Deliveries In Norway Held Back By Shortage Of Reliable Transport Trucks


MAR 26 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

The first quarter will come to an end soon and while all eyes turn towards Tesla’s results, there are reports of slowed deliveries in Norway.

Europe’s largest Tesla service center (soon) (source: Bjørn Nyland)

But this isn’t due to any production constraints.

Tesla notes having trouble finding reliable truck transport for delivery of its new cars. This is likely due to the sheer volume of vehicles Tesla is trying to get to Norwegian buyers before the quarter closes.

There were accidents reporting from these unfit carrier trucks, including cars crushed on the trailer.

Elon Musk posted a follow-up tweet saying that Tesla will slow down deliveries in Norway.

We don’t fully understand the troubles because preliminary data suggests several hundred new registrations of Model S and Model X to be expected in March (over 1,000 total), while in December the number was nearly 2,500. Overall that’s only a small part of total car deliveries in the country, so this doesn’t make complete sense to us.

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Well, just like in case of Superchargers and service centers, Norway needs more investments on the car delivery side too, it seems.

Source: Bloomberg, Electrek

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Old school diagnosis: It’s not a broken supply chain.

Tech disrupters from Silicon Valley: It is because of our focus on Customer happiness and safety.

dan with a very little d continues to show his apparent jealousy of Tesla and Silicon Valley/CA in all the threads.

Strange why Tesla can’t ship the cars closer to the cities where they are needed (with cargo ships). All the large cities in Norway are close to international harbours. There are also rail road to the biggest cities…strange…. Maybe Tesla should build their own Tesla-battery ferry to bring the cars around in Norway. Would be better than driving on the narrow icy roads in the winter time.

Thesla do use the major Norwegian “car harbor” but according to other articles it had capacityproblems so they shipped to nearby port in Sweden.

Yes there are other ports, but I assume cars are sent with car-carriers and not all ports are prepared to accept such ships. Normally it is container ships and ferries. And you would probably make a huge waiting line in customs at a port that normally dont handle a lot of car imports.

I found this story about a gas driven ferry to send Teslas around the coast… but seems to not go regurarly.


Maybe Tesla shouldn’t use the cheapest East-European (lithuanian) logistics companies using polluting EURO-3 Trucks for the delivery. That’s the only reason for the unfit trucks.

These old Euro 3 trucks are still legal in EU as far as I know. When you only shop by price and need urgent service once a quarter, you can only get what is left.

Maybe they should have used more expensive Norwegian or Swedish logistics companies and make local unions happier. But these may also hire the same cheaper drivers from Eastern EU and beyond to save money. That is the point of EU, to have common market and it is 2 way street. Well, Norway is not EU, but EEE. Maybe that was the real reason to unload in Sweden, to be able to take advantage of cheaper and more readily available EU transportation.

If a Norwegian company handled the trucks, they could not hire cheap driver from eastern Europe. That is.. they may hire them, but have to pay a normal wage. Social dumping is illegal. If people in general earn too little, there will be no middle class. Trickle down economy does not work. You need a large middle class to buy enough stuff, to keep businesses alive. There is a limmit to how many products and services a single rich man need. He may buy an excentric car, and stuff like that – but volume sale of goods are made to the middle class. A society with a dwindling middle class will have serious problems after a number of years. They will no longer be able to buy products (where production was moved offshore), so the owners could make more money. Lower prices on importer goods, mixed with cheaper technology products in general may fool a lot of people to not realise they are loosing income. Add a number of imigrants that work for less, to increase the time people need to see they earn less then before. Anyway.. The Euro 3 (and 4) are illegal to use in many businesses.… Read more »

They tried to find as many local trucks as they could, they simply couldn’t find enough. Their numbers have just gotten to big for the batch style deliveries that flood in 90 days of deliveries in 30 days.

There is no shortage! It’s just Tesla using cheap Eastern Europe transportation companies. Why? Because Tesla has bad economy.

If only there was some type of electric vehicle that could be used to deliver these cars. Hmmmm….

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Nobody else has them.

We ran into this before. Had a rush to deliver a $750K product, tall and heavy. DHL and UPS said they were booked solid for the required equipment but said they can do it.
What they did was subcontract to some fly by night never heard of company. When they tried to deliver it, all the “Tip-N-Tell” sensors were triggered and it was obvious they dropped it.

I understand their pain for delivery……lol

Really? Does anyone fall for this? Basically Tesla sales in Norway (and Europe) TANKED this quarter and Tesla are trying to make up an excuse for it before having to accept accountability on the quarterly figures. You have to worry when the amount of cars you sell in Norway is newsworthy…. Before BEV’s did GM, Ford or any of the other ‘old school’ car manufacturers hang the blame on a poor quarter on the sales in any one European country?

Tesla, Stop it with the lame stories already, its getting embarrasing!

Not as embarrassing as the new username trolls joining the older trolls like the one below to incessantly whine and FUD about all things Tesla.

I see, so best to ignore any Telsa failings and assume that they are the only EV maker worth a damn. Of course, I must be a troll!

Mr Troll’s money is not in Tesla stock I can tell you that!

What a totally laughable, BS excuse.

I’m sure Norway has had plenty of other heavy items delivered to customers this quarter. Are *all* the car mfrs having the same problem?

I’ll believe this one when VW, Ford, Toyota, Volvo, and Nissan say the same thing.

Luckily the long term fix is fairly simple. This entire problem is caused by Tesla’s batch delivery window being too narrow for the large number of deliveries they have grown to. They are delivering 90 days worth of customer’s cars in just 30 days.

Simply increasing the batch delivery window by 33% to a 40 day window will greatly reduce the bottleneck. It will take some scheduling changes, but this is really one of the more simple growing pain problems to solve.

We will See ist when April Numbers arrive. If April Numbers are great it was because of hold back. If April is normal then Tesla lied.