Tesla Global Deliveries Approach 300,000 After 103,000 In 2017

JAN 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 25

With the fourth quarter results in, we can now take a look at preliminary Tesla sales results for 2017 – another record year for the electric automaker.


Tesla Fremont factory flyover

According to the official report, fourth quarter Tesla sales were the highest ever:

  • Tesla Model S –  15,200
  • Tesla Model X – 13,120
  • Tesla Model 3 – 1,550
  • Total Q4 deliveries: 29,870

Tesla didn’t exceed 30,000 because it was struggling with the Model 3 production ramp-up, but even including delays, overall results are positive. Sales increased every quarter – on average by 34%.

At an average of 1,000 Model 3 a week in the beginning of 2018, and a target of 2,000 before the end of the quarter, Tesla should deliver at least 15,000-20,000 Model 3 during Q1. After including Model S/X into that figure, it becomes clear that growth will be tremendous.

Tesla Model S/X/3 Deliveries (quarterly) – through December 2017

In total, Tesla delivered more than 103,000 electric cars in 2017. We estimate that around 49% went to the U.S.

Tesla Model S/X/3 Deliveries – December 2017 (InsideEVs estimations)

Nearly 287,000 S/X/3 have been sold (excluding Roadsters) worldwide to with around 160,000 or 56% in U.S.

Tesla Model S/X/3 Deliveries (cumulative, data points by quarter) – December 2017 (InsideEVs estimations)

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A good chance they hit the 200,000 in Q1 2018, then, or will they send deliveries outside the US to avoid it?

0% chance Tesla delivers 200kth car in Q1. Not only can they send “extras” to Canada and Mexico but also stuff the delivery pipeline in the USA to start Q2 with a Bang.

Owning your own distribution channel has its privileges.

Nice. They deliver #200,000 for US sales on April 2nd or 3rd and they get the full credit until October 1st, then the half credit until April 1st of 2019, and the quarter credit until October 1st of 2019. And they can deliver an unlimited amount of cars in those time-frames.
I don’t think they will throttle sales to push the 200k’th car sale to July, but you never know.
Tesla is going to have a very merry 2018!

Yes stuff delivery pipeline and build up tesla staff at outlets to start Q2 with a bang and minimize glitches because tesla haters and naysayers will be digging for reasons to pooppoo tesla

Tesla haters and naysayers are already looking like clowns, desperately grasping at ever thinner straws with which to engage in their serial Tesla bashing!

😀 😀 😀

Their ongoing and ever more shrill denials of Model 3 production just gets more and more hilarious!

First it was “Sales to employees don’t count” then it was “Sales of cars with the FM radio not yet enabled don’t count” and now it’s “Sales of long-range Model 3’s don’t count”. Pretty soon it will be “Nothing at all counts except sales of stripped down base Model 3’s with no options at all”!

😆 😆 😆

Moving the goal posts has become a full time activity for Tesla haters and FUDsters.

That might explain why they suddenly posted 100+ CPO Model S, as a way of anti-selling new Model S units in the USA.

No need to send cars to Canada. Tesla is a bit over 161k now, add 10-12k Models S+X in Q1 to get ~173k.

Model 3 is closer to 600/week than the 1000 this article claims (1000/week comes from “extrapolating” some bursts). They forecast 2500/week by March 31. Even if they hit this forecast (for the first time ever, lol), ramping from today’s levels to 2500 over 13 weeks yields 20-22k Model 3s.

They’d have to significantly exceed their current forecast to bring 200k into play for Q1.

Tesla sold 28,000 S and X in the US last quarter and will probably do that or more in Q1 of 2018, so if they sell just 11,000 3’s in the US in the same quarter it will put them over 200,000.
3 months at around 3500 per month is approximately 10,500 3’s. Tesla might not deliver 3500 3’s in January, but they will probably deliver more than that in both February and March, so they will probably have to throttle the US deliveries back in March to avoid selling the 200k car in Q1.

Hmm… I botched the Tesla sales figure for the US last quarter. So that whole entry is based on flawed numbers. Roseanne Roseannadana comes to mind.

I think you mean Miss Emily Litella, a different Gilda Radner character, and not Roseanne Roseannadanna. But it’s okay, I was once corrected on that point once myself.

— Nit-picking original cast SNL fanboy 😉

Crap. You mean I couldn’t even get the attribution for, “Never mind” right?

@ Mark Kane

Cumulative total (S/X/3) is nearly 287,000.

Would it be possible to calculate the cumulative total of the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X (separately)?

Thank you

If they deliver another 100K of S/X and 100K-200K of M3 they might double their total teslas produced in just one year! 2018 should be a true break out year!!

S: Around 213,000
X: Around 72,000
3: 1772

S/X estimated.

Thanks Mark,

The 250,000th Tesla Model S will be delivered in 2018.
The 100,000th Tesla Model X will be delivered in 2018.

That looks very likely, I think.


Because of the way the incentive program works, Tesla will prefer to cross over the 200k mark at the beginning of a quarter. They’re at 160k now. Selling 40k in Q1 of the S/X/3 in tbe US seems within reach — or at least almost so.. I think they’ll plan to cross over the 200k mark at the beginning of Q2. If I’m being too optimistic about their production, then at least they can aim to reach 200k at the end of Q2. If they produce too many in Q1, they can send the cars and/or keep them in the pipeline until April 1st.

This just proves that Tesla is using fuzzy math since they don’t specify exactly which Country these supposed Intl Non-US Non-Verified (like InsideEVs does) Remainder goes to. It is Not China with their Joke Of a 216 16k total Market share. They are not going to End Users, so Demand is Manufactured. You will still there is No Magical Model 3 Demand in the US after fanboys and EV people, when most normal people don’t care. If Model 3 reaches 100k total in US in 2018, that should be an achievement.

…You think they’re dumping them in the ocean, or not manufacturing as many as they claim? I’m not sure which one is more implausible. Tesla has enough problems with viability without making stuff up.

Hey, at least the Tesla haters are no longer spinning their conspiracy theories about Tesla dumping “excess inventory” on the gray market. They stopped that particular bit of FUD when Tesla started posting its CPO listings at its official website.

Look, another new username here to spread their whiney, repetitive anti-Tesla FUD.

I wonder which existing hater username this person is?

Notice the same meme used by these fools that there is “no demand” for Model 3 blah, blah, blah.

Get a positive life you loser shorter troll.

“Normal people” don’t buy $40k+ sedans.

Nonetheless, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes sell hundreds of thousands of cars in this market segment. And you can be sure that a huge fraction of them know about Tesla.


Of course that are going to end users. And most of international sales are going to Europe where EV sales statistics are a lot better than in the US for most countries.

And there is no chance that Tesla would ship cars to China that are not played already.



“You will still there is No Magical Model 3 Demand in the US after fanboys and EV people, when most normal people don’t care.”

Speaking of things normal people don’t care about, your B.S. here fits that description perfectly.

That FUD is exactly the same as what Tesla haters said about the Tesla Model S. How did that work out for you haters, again? 😀

Go Tesla!