Tesla Delivered Nearly 9,000 Model S & X In California In 2015

FEB 5 2016 BY MARK KANE 40

Approximately 2,500 Of These Bad Boys Were Sold In The U.S. In September

Tesla Model S

California is definitely a welcoming state for sales of plug-in electric cars due to high demand for such vehicles and generous incentives.

According to California Air Resources Board’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) stats, Tesla sold some 9,000 electric cars in the state in 2015 – well, not necessarily 8,931, as perhaps some additional cars were sold, but the buyers didn’t apply for the rebate.

That’s 57% more than in 2014 and over one third of Tesla’s 2015 U.S. sales according to our estimations  (all-time US scorecard here for plug-in sales).

In 2015, Californians bought nearly one per five Tesla sold worldwide (nearly 18% out of the over 50,000 sold).

Also of interest are monthly stats, which show a strong December surge in CVRP to a record 1,583, up from 820 one year ago!

(We should note that the CVRP data does tend to be a bit trailing, so there is likely some November sales mixed into December results…given this, the overall 2015 sales in Califonia are likely a even touch higher than stated, given the expectation of some bleeding of the report into January 2015 numbers, that probably should be logged in December)

Tesla Motors electric car sales in U.S. - December 2015

Tesla Motors electric car sales estimated in U.S. – through December 2015

California Air Resources Board’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP)

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California can’t float TSLA, alone. $163.

This was to be expected due to the fact that the stock price was based on future earnings, with Tesla recently being downgraded by a few banking houses, including Morgan Stanley, their great champion doing so too.

Someone even trotted out the old war horse, Bob Lutz, to pile on, saying Tesla is doomed. Oh the shorts rejoice, and I think its good for Tesla, as their stock price was too high anyway.
Now at this more reasonable price it may be worth buying.

From the old warhorse’s mouth, just a repeat of what he said a year ago:


I think if it falls to $150 its a buy by the way, but it may fall further, things often do overreact. Up for the year btw, personally.

The entire market is down proportionally pj, its not just Tesla. With ultra cheap gas all EVs are fighting headwinds.

“Get Real” said:

“The entire [stock] market is down proportionally…”


Does a downgrade of Tesla’s stock by a few analysts also explain the significant current drop in GM and Ford’s stock prices?

No, it’s because the entire market is down.


Tesla trades at a significant volatility premium to other stocks. When the market goes up, Tesla goes up more. Similarly, when the market tanks, Tesla tanks more. You can’t blame the market for TSLA’s crash and also deny the market’s contribution to TSLA appreciation during the phenomenal bull market we’ve seen over the past eight years.

That said, Tesla is getting pummeled even more than they have during past, brief downturns.

Get Real said:
“The entire market is down proportionally . . .”

Bullsh!t. Year to date, Tesla is down almost 3X more than the the NASDAQ composite index average.

@ 2/5/16 1:47 PM EST
NASDAQ Index is down -12.61% YTD
TSLA is down a whopping -33.74% YTD

Get Real needs to get real. 🙁

True but you should compare it to other technological growth companies like LNKD, NFLX,AMZ. etc…
So worst performing ytd 200 companies:

Tesla will never have MSFT, AAPL or many other tech co margins. You’re right, they’re growing, but better to estimate future earnings which won’t have tech margins, or growth, and then throw a multiple on top. If GM’s is 6, you could throw 20, or 30….or XX on Tesla and still be challenged to pick the earnings that math out to their price.

Tesla can raise capital with a finger snap. Not worried there, but don’t like seeing over-heated gambling, either. Sometimes I’m in, sometimes with less. The rationale to sell, or lighten up, to me, is on >2year earnings windows. That’s a lot like saying this stock trades on….sentiment.

Or we could compare Tesla to other auto manufacturers like Toyota, which is down only -10.36% YTD.


BULL****. You just compared one company to an average of all companies. You’re not too bright.

Hey Einstein,

Did you miss the part where the OP, Get Real, said that “The entire market is down proportionally” compared to Tesla.

Reading comprehension is not your strong suit!

Tesla is a high beta stock.

There is no way Tesla would survive beyond June, 2016, because they can no longer raise money from stock market, which is the REAL product of this company (sales of stock and boosting stock price), I expect them to run out of money before June 1st, and if I am parts supplier, I would start demanding cash payment NOW.

Panasonic will soon stop supplying 18650 to Tesla, and Panasonic will suddenly be irrevelant in terms of auto battery business.

do not feed the troll

Hmm crunch, munmp. 🙂

when did you make all this up?

This prediction is highly unlikely to come true.

This prediction is highly likely to come true.

Only in an idiots universe.

So you’re saying that Tesla will not survive beyond June, 2016?

As I stated in a comment above, reading comprehension is not your strong suit!

I also agree it is unlikely yet if stock is trading low like this for a long time Tesla will have to fix its current addiction to easy cash.

Panasonicer said:

“There is no way Tesla would survive beyond June, 2016…”

Somehow, I rather doubt this troll will be back in July to post an apology for trying to panic TSLA stock owners into selling…

He/she will be back.. just under a different name.

” because they can no longer raise money from stock market,”

LOL. There are lots of Silicon Valley millionaires ready to buy more stock if there is another offering.

And that fan club is beyond just sillicon valley.

Plenty of people are willing to “loan” Tesla money.

Crowdfunding would save Tesla for sure.

California, and especially LA, has terrible traffic, and the old highway ramps need fast cars to be safe. That said, wealth, incentives and HOV access account for most of Tesla’s market here.

In fact, the California market is so well established that Elon can censor customers in the state who criticize Tesla:


That blogger’s comments are a perfect example of how spoiled the very rich are; the very embodiment of an undeserved “sense of entitlement”.

Good for Elon for canceling that jerk’s order. I suspect it was also a wise business decision; a loud-mouthed, attention-seeking jerk like that likely intended to use his ownership of a Tesla car as an excuse to “justify” his continuing bashing of Tesla and its cars.

Elon/Tesla does not censor anybody.

Aslop has published several anti-Tesla rants.

Tesla has the right to refuse to do business with anybody.

They are not required to sell a car to anybody as long as they don’t break anti discrimination laws.

Alsop is a rich white guy. And Elon did not refuse to do business him with him because he is male,white, or rich.

I just ask myself what would Tony Stark do?


you two just caused a major beer-eruption, the company that makes Bounty paper towels says Thanks!

Hmmm… censor. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Musk and Alsop have a history. We do not know what transpired during Alsop and Musks’s phone conversation, other than Musk cancelled Alsop’s order. That’s still not censoring, as we wouldn’t know Alsop’s order was cancelled if Alsop was censored.

No Soup For YOU!

Californian’s have higher incomes than other states (on average), so drive a higher percentage of luxury vehicles. Tesla owns the luxury market!

In the luxury passenger car market all manufactures lost market share in 2015, except one. Having both a luxury class car and SUV in 2016 means Tesla has expanded into two market segments.

Foot note: What BEV model will be 1st to have delivered 100,000 in the U.S. ?Hint: LEAF, Model S & Volt will all pass 100,000 U.S. deliveries in 2016.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Tesla sales in California come March, when the income cap for the CVRP rebate goes into effect. Shouldn’t affect the high-end buyers much, but they may lose some around the lower end. Not that anyone who buys a car this expensive is hurting for money, or primarily motivated by it being a good choice economically.

California uber alles!

We eat our own dog food.

There are lots of wealthy techies or rich progressive people in California.

So, this is not surprising at all.

Yeah, between silicon valley execs, hollywood stars, hollywood moguls, musicians, Venture capitalists, bankers, doctors, lawyers, etc. . . . there is pretty damn big market for the Model S.

And in Silicon Valley, we even now have a 2-lane wide carpool lane that is filled with Model S, LEAFs, Volts, etc.