Tesla Dedicates Speed Limit Mode To Man Who Died After Crash

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While Tesla’s new Speed Limit Mode may or may not have made a difference in this tragic situation, the automaker is dedicating the new feature to the man that perished, hoping it may save many lives in the future.

We recently reported about Tesla’s new over-the-air update, which works much like Ford’s MyKey and GM’s Teen Driver. It allows owners to set individual limits for the vehicle’s maximum speed. According to Tesla, the update language reads:

Limit vehicle speed and acceleration with speed limit mode. Maximum vehicle speed can be set between 50-90 mph (80-145 km/h).

Last month, 18-year-old Barrett Riley lost his life after crashing his Tesla Model S into a wall. His friend and passenger, Edgar Monserratt Martinez, also passed away as a result of the crash. The police believe that the accident was caused by excessive speed. Riley was driving at high speeds in a 30 mph zone, so Tesla’s new feature may or may not have been able to save him.

However, in a previous incident, Riley got a ticket for speeding at 112 mph. After he received the ticket, his father contacted Tesla to find out if there was any way to limit the car’s speed. He originally bought the car for his son due to its fantastic safety record. Knowing that rental cars could be “governed” to have a reduced top speed, Riley’s dad figured Tesla could do something.

Tesla followed through and limited the speed on Barrett’s Model S. However, sadly, it wasn’t enough. Being that the Rileys brought the idea to Tesla’s attention, the new update honors them in its notes. Hopefully, this will allow parents of Tesla owners to assure that inexperienced drivers in the household don’t have access to the car’s top speed.

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Another deadly case of affluenza.


Live and learn. Er…..wait, nevermind.

Lol +1

Absolutely ridiculous.

Instead of buying his son a 75k+ USD rocketship, he should have been a better father. No technical limit will replace attention, education and experience on the road.

Not all problems can be solved with money – your childrens upbringing and education among them.

Besides the fact: If he cared about safety, he should have bought any Mercedes or Volvo, not a beta-testing Tesla. Remember the Model 3 brake sensor that got “readjusted” over-the-air and suddenly braked much better? Any respectable car maker would NEVER have released that car – it would have failed internal testing

The only reason other manufacturers don’t do similar is it would be too costly to bring all the cars back in to get software updates. Tesla is far, far ahead in this regard. It took 6 months to get a software update for my Clarity that had a serious bug in the remaining range calculation (which is actually dangerous if you run out of gas in cold weather or a desert) vs Tesla turning around an providing a fix within days.

He could have been driving a ford focus, it mattered not what he was driving the result would have been the same. It’s not difficult to understand. We were all teens at one time, we all exhibited this behavior. The ONLY difference is we lived to tell and criticize. THAT IS the only difference. Batteries nor Tesla is the issue here.


Yes a Ford Focus accelerates at the same speed as a Ford Focus(not really). As teens we also remember learning & driving in a car that can accelerate from 0-60 in under 3 seconds. The real fact is, about 55% of the population (if not more) is not capable of driving any car, even in a parking lot.

What? Did daily stormer and breitbart kick you off their site?

No kidding. I hope the family of the passenger kid sue the ever living heck out of this moron father. What terrible parenting.

Your comments are so stupid, Tesla is safer than the cars you mentioned, the fact that the brain maturity and self awareness is not mature in young people, plus a high performance car it can be fatal.

A max speed limiter probably would not have prevent the fatalities in this 30 mph speed zone. A speed limiter based on posted speed would be safer. As a side note, the auto manufacturers should have integrated cruise control with posted speed a long time ago.

He could’ve taken that turn at high speed in a damn Prius with the same results.

Stupid and Ridiculous.

Darwinism at work.

Nope, he and his passenger didn’t died from impact. They were alive and moving, and died from Tesla battery fire.

Playing track racer in Prius or whatever other car may had caused injuries on this curve, but it is
highly unlikely that Prius battery would burn you. Maybe gas tank, but isn’t very likely either. Neither Bolt nor Leaf battery for that matter. Besides there is much less incentive to play stupid street race games in Prius in the first place.

so it’s kinda like the “wilhelm scream”….https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_scream

The level of compassion displayed in the comments above is… interesting.

I’ve always felt that a maximum speed limiter is pointless. There are plenty of corners that 50mph can be deadly.
What would be better is a maximum deviation allowed from posted speed limits. If the limit is 20, and the deviation is set at 10%, you can go 22. If the speed limit is 80, you can go 88.

Novel idea – how about just using speed limit as required by law?

I’m sorry, but if my son received a speeding ticket for driving 112mph, my reaction would not be to ask the car’s manufacturer to limit the Tesla’s speed, but to take away the car completely from my son, and maybe let him have a Honda Fit in six months. It’s not Tesla’s job to parent an idiot child. What we have here is a Darwin award winner. Thank goodness that father’s genes won’t be passed on…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

LMAO………totally agree!!!!

I would have lost the car my ability to drive and the speeding ticket would have been my life savings.

Going a 112 miles on hour is in a different club of it’s own compared to going 80 or 90 on a 60 or 70 mile on hour freeway. This kid was doing this on a 35 mile on hour road https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2018/05/09/tesla-crash-killed-2-teens-probed-investigators/596728002/

Wow his dad bought him a Tesla Model S and he got pulled over going 112 miles on hour.

Man if I got pulled over going 112 miles on hour would throw my poor rear end in jail and take my ability to drive a car away away for a few years.

But for this guy he got to get back behind the wheel and got to a 112 miles again that kid did not have good judgment skills.

I’ve driven sports cars before that could go a 150 miles on hour but I never tried going 112 miles in hour due to well things like traffic and stoplights. Not to mention if I totaled the car I have to pay for it with my own money.

I think Tesla is taking advantage from a luctuous fact. This boy could drive any car and suffer the same accident, and the speed limiter can’t to prevent similar situations in the future. The only thing that can avoid this situations, is a speed limiter based on GPS and local limits.

Buying a high performance car to a teenager is not a wise decision. What could be wrong.