The Tesla Dashcam Apparently Looks This Good


Takes ten-minute clips

We heard that Tesla is giving its customers a dashcam functionality in Version 9 of the vehicles’ software, among a host of other features, and this appears to be the first bit of footage of it to go public (no pun intended). Feast your eyes.

Shot at night and posted on the Marc Benton Youtube channel, the picture quality is not bad when his Model 3 is immobile, but once it starts moving, things degrade somewhat. Daytime may produce more favorable results.

Compared to dashcams available on the aftermarket, it may not be the very best of the best, but it’s not bad. And while there may be room for improvement, we have little doubt that will come. Either via over-the-air algorithm updates, upgraded hardware, or a combination of both, the feature will quite likely be upgraded over time. We suspect this may be so popular among owners, other manufacturers will start offering a similar feature.

The poster also tweeted out (embedded below) instructions about how to capture the footage on a prepared USB stick. Basically, you plug in a USB drive prepared with a folder named “TeslaCam” into the slot on the front console. An icon should appear in the status bar, with a red dot to indicate it’s recording. A tap saves you a ten-minute clip, or you can press and hold to pause it.

As a bonus, scroll down further and we’ve also embedded a tweet from Mr. Benton that shows how the Version 9 update displays humans on the Autopilot screen. Enjoy!

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Okay this is awesome.

Absolutely amazing! Dash cam, browser on even Model 3, human detection… It just keeps getting better! Tesla always exceeds my expectations!

Would be great if adds a 2nd folder (TeslaCam2) to USB drive to also capture rear cam video. The higher-end 3rd party dash cams that Tesla owners are installing often include a 2nd rear cam.

Hopefully it’ll come in time. Good idea!

If this feature becomes as popular as I suspect, I think all the camera feeds might eventually be accessible, with it moving from USB to live mobile streaming and capture.

It would be helpful if the dashcam release notes made it more clear if “tap the icon to save a 10 minute video clip” means it saves the past 10 minutes or next 10 minutes.

I assumed it was the past 10 minutes. I’ll try to find out if that’s not the case.

It depends. When you set the system up, it asks if you are psychic. If you are, then it records the next 10 minutes when you tap the button, so you can record the accident that will occur in 9 minutes time.
Otherwise it saves the last 10 minutes.

M3 Owned- Niro EV TBD - Former 500e and Spark EV,

is this recording done live or able to download after x incident? ie download preceding ten minutes?

it records continuously in a 10 minute loop. When you tap the icon then the last 10 minutes are exported to another file so it wont be overwritten.

It records 60 minutes in a loop normally automatically, but the manual 10-minute recording cannot be overlaid.

This is not a first. The Citroen C3 has been available with integral dash cam for at least a year. There may well be others that’s just the one I know.

You’re right, the Citroen C3 has it since the latest version of C3 was introduced. I believe they have a selfie camera too (for the car interior) and if I’m not mistaken you can post your media to social networks from the car.

The Model 3 has a “selfie-camera” too facing the passengers, but it’s not being used.

Or . . . is it???? The Man . . . . is watching you . . . . .

Thanks, JoeInTheUK. We don’t have a Citroen presence here, so was unaware.

Just for the record, the reason I wrote “this is not a first” is not for some dig at Tesla,(I assume that’s why I got a downvote) it’s because the article headline initially was something like “another first for Tesla with built in dashcam”.

Its subsequently been changed hence my post now looks like an unwarranted dig at Tesla.

I think many use dash cameras for accidents evidence. Shooting 10 minutes videos on demand it’s not that good for that.
Tesla should introduce a mode where the video is always being recorded, but let’s say only the last 10 minutes are saved.
The feature is nice, but quality is so so and without stabilization is just too shaky.

That I beleive is how it works. It’s a looped hour, tap the button the last ten minutes is saved so it won’t be overwritten.

That’s nice. The article doesn’t make that clear.

Always recorded for 60 minutes in a loop. Hit the save button and it records the last 10 minutes to a different file that won’t overwrite.

It should be front and back. Insurance companies should offer a cost reduction for this.
Also should have teen driver node to record and save the entire drive not just 10mins

Too bad I don’t have $5,500 for autopilot to get it. I wish you could just buy this capability a la carte at some reasonable price. Or it could just have come with the premium interior package. Oh well.

You can get a dash camera for less than $500 with very good quality, GPS tracking, crash detection, …

Hopefully there will be a widely available insurance incentive in the near future, that will have an insurance dividend that will pay back a significant portion of your $5,500 additional autopilot cost over a five year “no claim” or at fault incident period.

I don’t believe it requires Autopilot.

Me neither . . .

The quality is better than I expected. I am impressed.

I know it is looking a gift horse in the mouth, and I delayed putting a dashcam on my M3 for this, but this capability does not really yield its proper result until ALL the cameras are included. In any accident, you may need 360 degrees of camera coverage to establish what happened.

I can see the dashcam feature being particularly useful to head off future Anti-Tesla FUD operations, specifically, whenever there is an accident, this can help to show definitively whether or not Autopilot was to blame…

Where is tge icon I can’t find it