More Tesla Dashcam “TeslaCam” Road Rage Antics


It turns out dashcams are a blast.

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you get a dashcam of your own you’ll never witness another compelling piece of footage or road rage to capture, but at least we can hope … maybe not, since these incidents are horrible. With the standard Tesla dashcam — coined TeslaCam — footage of road rage and other interesting incidents is about to get real.

Now, with the TeslaCam standard in all Tesla vehicles, and especially the Model 3, we have tons of people out there who may have never had access to such a feature capturing tons of captivating footage. We can only imagine the level of ridiculousness Tesla owners will be able to share over time. Since it’s not that common for people to have dashcams running, drivers seemingly don’t even think twice about the fact that they may be being filmed at every moment.

A plethora of Tesla Model 3 vehicles are taking to the roadways every day. Perhaps this will help local authorities to get a grasp on these loser drivers that may be putting lives at stake. Also, it can only inspire other automakers to add a dashcam as an available feature.

Will TeslaCam footage become the new replacement for the myriad of drag racing posts? Wait … TeslaCam could be integral in racing posts as well! Ahh … the possibilities. Fill us in by sharing a comment below.

Check out Part 2 of the situation below:

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I’m impressed by the number of videos showing up. The TeslaCam on my model 3 corrupts the USB drive every few days and I need to reformat it and lose all of my recordings, even if I stop recording before the car turns off. I guess if I dumped the recordings every night it wouldn’t be as big an issue.

It’s happening to a lot of people. There are least three bugs I know of.

I finally got mine working reliably. No corruption in a week. 32GB USB3 flash stick, secure erased and then FAT32/MBR formatted with MacOS disk utility.

Hopefully Tesla updates the software soon so that it cleanly stops recording and unmounts the drive before cutting power to it.

A guy with a truck acting like a douchebag…..shocking!

And the fumes coming from that car that backed into his lane, sheesh!

But the other car is driven by a MORON without lights on in the night.

Backing up into traffic without lights (at night) is just DUMB.

An interesting feature would be a “Report” button that allows the car to automatically collects the video and upload it to local police.

First world problems no doubt.

Steven please delete ^ thanks ‼️

How about the video links to the insurance company video database that underwrites the policy, of the grossly offending vehicle?

Keep the coffee and donuts specialists, doing what they do best, protecting and serving!

Something like that already exists in phone app world. Our university offers it to students. They can take a picture of something and send straight to the campus security. This might be an incident such as vandalism or suspicious individual or whatnot, but also they are encouraging students to use the app to report any facilities issue. For instance if someone sees a broken window or even a toilet overflowing. The campus police will forward that to the facilities folks.

STASi 2.0 (Stasi was the East German Security police that enlisted thousands of civilians to spy on each other)

A three-handed card game of bridge is called “Communist bridge”, because supposedly in the former Soviet Union, every 4th person was a KGB (secret service) spy… so you’d want to play with only three players. 😉

Hmmm. Looks like “Big Brother” just got some new toys. Once these things become standard and the majority of cars on the road have them, accident reports will now have a lot of data to back up the “eye witness” accounts of what happened. Will people behave differently, or suppress their road rage urges if they know that several dash cams will be capturing their antics? We can only hope so.

As if there aren’t enough cameras on us.

It’s unsettling to see where this is going.

I love where its going – cameras should be everywhere out in public

Any car can have a DashCam, is it possible to stop posting those videos? Soon we will see blog posts like: “Tesla tire cause burned tire track on an asphalt road”…. damn…

it’s s drunk driver that pulled out … no headlights on … major clue

Not necessarily. That’s shot in my home town Toronto, where we have mandatory DRL, but a lot of idiot drivers don’t realize they still need to turn on their headlights at night. Probably 1 in 10 drivers are idiots like that up here.

It looked like T.O. but I couldn’t see the street names. And if you know anything about here it’s don’t drive in the Yonge and Sheppard area. We have many bad drivers in this area.

This would have happened at Sheppard and Leslie near Canadian Tire/Ikea. He would have just come out of Canadian Tire and heading west toward Bayview.

He should have said “sorry eh”.

Pretty tame as road rage vids go.

It’s Canada. Probably outrageous by local standards.

Tesla dash cam is good but not great, can’t capture license plate numbers.


True dat,
and not just quite yet, …

Whatever happened to his lights…

“TelsaCam” in title should be “TeslaCam”.

Thanks, fixed!

“It turns out dashcams are a blast.”

Wow, did you only find out now that Tesla’s have dashcams?

There are tons of dashcam video’s out there. Even video’s made by EV’s. The fact that these were made by Tesla’s native AP camera’s don’t make it ‘EV related news’. As far as I’m concerned, if there is no EV in the picture, you can skip it.

Just my 2c.

Yeah, I was hoping the previous IEVs story about a “TeslaCam” video would be the one-and-only, unless there was something much more interesting in the actual video.

This will get very old very fast. IMHO, even faster than the interminable drag race videos posted to IEVs.

My 2¢.

“Now, with the TeslaCam standard in all Tesla vehicles … ”

Sorry X’s & S’s with Autopilot 1 not getting TeslaCam..😑

Citroen has the something similar in C3 model. Pretty useful stuff. But the quality of the picture and definition is very low.

Another Euro point of view

I did not take the time to figure where was this dashcam vid recorded but for sure I would never buy a second hand car from that place, terrible roads.