Tesla Dashcam Captures Reckless Driving: Sees License Plate Clearly


TeslaCam records a driver making an unsafe move and provides a clear view of the license plate number.

The Tesla Autopilot dashcam “TeslaCam” is surely not as advanced as many aftermarket dashcams available today. However, we’ve shared several videos proving that it does precisely what it’s intended to do. Some video shares of the technology appear clearer than others. This YouTuber explains that the reason his video is pixelated is because he’s taking a screenshot of the footage with another camera, since he can’t get the TeslaCam video to download. Nonetheless, you can clearly see other vehicles’ license plate numbers and make out road signs.

There has been much discussion on Tesla forums and in our comment section about whether or not drivers may be able to use such footage in an attempt to incriminate unsafe drivers. Unfortunately, this is not a question we are equipped to answer since there are a wealth of variables involved. Still, having video footage of an incident could likely help your case if the authorities ended up involved.

Have you used the TeslaCam? Do you have insight as to how it compares to other dashcams? In your opinion, what is the best aftermarket dashcam available today? Perhaps some of our non-Tesla owners can snag a good deal this holiday season. Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via TeSLAExPo on YouTube:

Road RAGE AGAIN? No Just a Reckless Driver! Tesla Autopilot DashCam Reading License Plate with Ease

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I saw a reckless driver yesterday so I went ahead and pressed the save button on the TeslaCam. Haven’t actually taken the USB stick out to see what I got or if the plate is visible yet.

First World Problems…

Funny how dashcams are found in most countries including ones considered third world.

Yeah, my understanding of the upstart of the dash-cam was the tyranny of the communist cop system in Russia and China where porker pig gets to play on the scene judge, jury and executioner at all traffic accidents and disputes. The only way out of the rabbit hole was the dash-cam and no doubt some beleaguered Russian Jew started it all.

racist detected

What would lead you to believe any Jews are involved. You know, other than just racism?

Get out of the fast lane dude. You’re holding up traffic

Um…. its the HOV lane… not the “fast” lane.

But it’s an HOV lane with no solid line/lines to the right (broken white line), which allows you to change lanes at will at any place. Doesn’t the broken white line to the right mean that the driver in the HOV lane should move out of the HOV lane when a car behind him in the HOV lane is driving faster and wants to overtake or pass? In other words, should you move out of the way if a car wants to pass you in an HOV lane with a broken white line to the right, just as you would move over if you were in the left lane and it wasn’t an HOV lane? It appears that the Acura was in the HOV lane behind the Tesla and wanted to pass/overtake the slower Tesla, passing the Tesla on the right at the same time the Suburban is changing lanes. The Suburban might not have seen the Acura in the lane it was trying to enter if the Acura was traveling in the HOV lane and changed lanes suddenly upon nearing the slower Tesla (last minute lane change). The above is an honest question. All the HOV lanes that I’ve… Read more »
Not all HOV lanes have restricted access lines. In the Bay Area most are simply dashed lines and you can enter and exit at will. As far as holding up traffic he is already doing 78. How much faster over the speed limit does he need to go? I have raced professionally and as an amateur on motorcycles. I won the CMRA Heavy Weight Twins class in 98 and I see absolutely no justification for driving 80+ MPH on a heavily traveled road. Most drivers don’t have a clue how to drive or more importantly control a car going faster than that. Also, how fast is fast enough? Your car can do what 125, 145, 155 200 MPH? What is the limit on the street, 65 in this case. Should someone be able to drive 165 on the freeway in traffic because his car can go that fast? As long as the left lane is moving faster than the lane to the right and he is 13 MPH over the speed limit why can’t others simply flow with the traffic? There is obviously a fair amount of traffic and he is flowing with traffic, the distance between him and the… Read more »

I guess I’m just conditioned to move to right and let faster traffic pass when I in the left lane, no matter how fast I’m going. I’d probably do the same in this type of unrestricted HOV lane if the lane to the right was clear, just to avoid someone passing me on the right at those high 80+ speeds and perhaps to avoid setting off some jerk’s road rage or having him tailgate me at high speeds.

He was going faster than the speed limit and was in the HOV lane !,OPEN YOUR EARS!


Reading comprehension is obviously not your strong suit, and you’re an obnoxious little prick as well.

If you’re going faster than the speed limit in the left/fast lane, you’re still supposed to move over to the next lane to let someone behind you pass who’s driving faster than you in the left/fast lane. If you don’t move over to let the faster car pass, it is a ticketable offense in many states.

My question was does this same obligation to “move over” apply when the HOV lane has a broken white line to the right and someone driving faster than you comes up from behind and wants to pass? Got it?

I guess you’re one of those left lane hogs who doesn’t move over for faster traffic, because you’re going faster than the speed limit and that’s fast enough to stay put in the left lane. So instead, the faster traffic has to go around you by passing you on the right, which is less safe than you moving over to the next lane and letting them pass you on the left in the fast/left lane. LEARN HOW TO DRIVE!

No, the HOV lane during active times does not operate under the same rules as the left lane laws dictate. Concerning acceptable speed, it’s best to follow the old saying of ” Under 9 your fine, over 9 your mine ” as this tends to be the unspoken rule of law enforcement and why you rarely see someone get a ticket for actually going 5 over.


I am good with 5 over.

The law says slower traffic keep right with no mention of speed or if you are doing the speed limit you do not have to move. It just simply says “Slower traffic keep right “.

And so Jason, is this law the same on such an HOV Lane – is the Big Question? AND – was the Offending SUV – Carrying 2 or More Occupants? Can you discover from the Video? Or was he just being a High Speed ‘Find the Hole to Dart Into’ type Driver? (There are lots of those!)

Thanks for the response Tesseract.

How about everybody just slow the hell down and be considerate of the other people on the road!!! I hate this idiot thinking that “He who drives fastest owns the road.” People that insist on driving 80+ miles an hour don’t give a damn about safety, so it’s a moot point to think about it. In reality there is no more “fast lane” and “slow lane”. There are just lanes and people do whatever the hell they want in them. The police are largely absent here in California, so there really aren’t many practical laws, or rules. It is what it is.

Can you please just tell us what magic speed you are ordaining as the acceptable one? I’d bet you don’t drive the legal limit, so you’re likely just an opinionated hypocrite.

It’s actually simple. If your aren’t passing someone, get out if the left lane.

Yeah, found the incompetent driver!
You don’t drive 20 mph faster than the speed of the traffic in the WHOLE Highway. Your a reckless fool. How many people are you going to kill before you learn how to drive. Cutting people off with 1 foot of clearance is ATTEMPTED MURDER.

It’s attempted murder reading the shi7 you posted.

Come on Rex stop acting like an old lady.

Drive the speed limit. If you can’t do that, fine, that’s OK in America due to our overall disregard of laws here. However you should pass everyone SAFELY on either the left, or the right regardless of whatever speed you are going. If you can’t do that, PLEASE STOP DRIVING!!! Wait for automatic driving to take over the job from you.

Seriously, if you can’t pass someone safely on either the right or the left, you should hand in your driver’s license. I don’t know about other states, but here in California, you are considered guilty if you hit anybody from the rear for good reason. 90%+ of the time it indicates you are driving like a selfish and clueless driver.

“People that insist on driving 80+ miles an hour don’t give a damn about safety”
Not all drivers and cars are equal, what is safe with one car and driver is not necessarily safe for another. If you don’t want to drive fast, fine, but don’t cause accidents by blocking those who want to.

What is it with people like you who resort to pathetic personal abuse at the drop of a hat? I suppose it does fit with your attitude to driving. Why should a law-abiding driver inconvenience themselves to permit you to drive like a loon (and an unlawful one at that)? Your arrogant attitude sums up much that is wrong with modern society. Take a chill pill (nothing unlawful, of course!) and have a bit more consideration for others.

“Impartial Observer” – Really?

Stay the F out of the HOV lane you idiot driver.

I looked it up. In most (all?) of the US, you can’t get a ticket for misdemeanor speeding or reckless driving unless a cop was physically there and witnessed it.

Something more has to happen on a dashcam for cops to do something about it – IE, vandalism, assault, collision, etc…

That’s great you leaned the police have no time for such Tom Foolery.

Now all you people can get a life, and stop posting these stupid videos on YouTube.

But Tesla owners who “stretched” to buy their Tesla need the clicks and subscribers on YouTube to help pay for that Tesla that they might not have been able to afford otherwise. Likewise, if you have a YouTube channel dedicated to videos about your Tesla that making revenue, you can run it like a business and deduct a portion of your Tesla car payment as an expense of that business. Many Instagram influencers who make money promoting products from sponsors, run their blog like a business deducting travel and meal expenses as an expense of creating content. All those “foodie” influencers on Instagram annoyingly taking pictures of their meals at fine restaurants are deducting the cost of those meals for their Instagram story/channel.

Are you burned that the world how has EVIDENCE of your incompetent driving?

Not true. In California, at least, the cops have no problem pulling you over for a warning even if you haven’t broken the law. I have seen it happen personally.


That’s just police harassment.

It happens more often than not now.

You don’t warn a person for not breaking the law.

Here’s a simple equation:
how convenient it is (for the cop) to bust you * severity of what you’re doing = odds they’ll bust you.

When they’re sitting on the side of the road watching traffic go by, it’s super convenient for them to pull anyone over, so the severity doesn’t matter much – there’s some chance they’ll pull you over.

When they don’t know where you are (IE, someone sent in a dashcam video), getting you is super inconvenient. You’re going to have to do something very severe for them to bother hunting you down.

So – 4K Dash CAM Video is better, but full 360 Video in 4K – Even Better!
Then you can see the rear and sides, and if you just re-orient your phone – you can see the offender coming up from behind, passing like a Buffon, and Cutting you off – Simply because he has a need to Drive 90 Mph in a 65 Mph Zone!

The Black 4×4 made a completely unnecessary lane change without making an observation or leaving room for the white Audi. The Audi had nowhere else to go. Why didn’t they get the 4×4’s plate too? They were the one in the wrong.

I’m sure the Audi has a brake pedal. But of course who would ever slow their own progress vs propagate the infringement onto others?

It does, but in the UK the highway code, our road regulations, has an underlying theme in that you should never impede the progress of somebody else, irrelevant to how they are driving. I figured this generally applied to most civilized countries. If the 4×4 never cut across the Audi without making any observations we wouldn’t be here discussing this.

The AUDI looks like it was doing 30 MPH OVER the flow of traffic, at that speed, other drivers won’t know they stepping into his lane obstructing his progress.

One idiot on the highway puts everyone at risk of DEATH.

If they made the appropriate observations they would’ve been able to judge the Audi’s speed.

If he used his brake pedal, he may well have impeded a car behind him. I don’t think any of us have enough information to make a conclusive judgement either way.
My 2 cents is that this is a non story.

If he gets cut off and doesn’t have sufficient brake distance he has to hit the brakes, not make a move that is RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT to another driver.

I didn’t see any conclusive evidence that he had lost control of his car, nor that he would have done had he applied his brakes.
Maybe your capital letters obscured it for me. I’ll take another look.

He had plenty of braking distance until the 4×4 pulled into it.

So.. only Teslas do this?
Everytime a Tesla records this is going to be news?

ha ha. Nearly everyone in Russia has a dashcam because liability claims went crazy. They make for great “top ten idiots” type videos. But the “news” aspect died along time ago. On a Telsa CJ forum, we’ll just have to wait it out.

Its one of the few Russian exports in demand outside of gas, oil, diamonds and gang hits.

At the end of the video, why is the Acura supposed to yield the right of way, instead of the Chrysler minivan that’s merging onto the highway?

Because his lane was disappearing merging into the far left lane, which is also part of the highway, not an on ramp, or acceleration lane.

Nope. I watched the video again. At 1:48 into the video there is an orange diamond-shaped sign between the lanes, right before the merge, that clearly shows the left lane merging into the highway lanes (narrow diagonal line intersecting a thick arrow line at a 45 degree angle).

Sorry, misread your comment.

Your insinuation is correct, he had no obligation. The left lane was merging into the HOV lane. The Acura did nothing wrong.

Looks like everyday freeway driving to me. Two or three weeks ago a blue TM3 cut across the gore point at the 5S/110S intersection at the last minute, nearly sideswiping me. I have dashcam video of the incident. Am I supposed to post it on YT and complain? Last week I saw a guy driving in the fast lane (I was in the HOV lane) eating a bowl of cereal WITH BOTH HANDS, apparently steering with his knees. Again, dashcam recorded the whole thing. I could go on and on…

Also, this past Wednesday morning a silver Model S rear ended a dark grey small sedan (Civic?) on the 405. It was a significant impact, the airbags all deployed on the S and the sedan was pretty well smashed up. Anyone know how that happened? I didn’t witness it directly, just came upon it shortly after the fact.

How that happened is that the Model S crashed into the back of the Civic.

“Am I supposed to post it on YT and complain? ”

Yes. If it bothers you don’t watch them.

Hahahahahaha! Yugo with fancy HD dash cam captures reckless driving and offenders licence plate clearly. Easily downloads the evidence and sends to all their friends and youTube! Hahahahaha!

In China this is de rigueur. They have social networks that delight in finding out who the offender is, where they live and doing bad stuff to them.

Sad Society

Offender Corrections Program – As opposed to Corrections Institute (A Building they call a ‘Jail!’)

Ok so the priuses were doing this “blocking” the hov lane till now and teslas have taken over. You mentioned you were going with the flow of traffic. But you were not. You were slowing everyone down in the hov lane wanted to go fast. That’s why the mdx was mad.

Every freaking morning when I’m on the hov lane there’s one guy like you, doing 60, like a mile behind the previous car, who is doing 85, in the hov lane.

Huh? How does ‘Doing 78 in the 65 Zone, and Pacing (That means – staying a constant and stable distance apart) with the Car ahead’ Equal your analysis of ‘there’s one guy like you, doing 60, like a mile behind the previous car, who is doing 85, in the hov lane.?’ Is that just you being ticked off, or is Math not your thing?

It doesn’t matter. If you’re impeding the flow of traffic, get to the right. It’s simple, it’s the law, and it’s a silly argument that you’re already exceeding the speed limit so no one should exceed it more than you’ve decided is appropriate.

Now Tesla drivers are going to be vigilantes inundating police departments with bad driving clips?

Welcome to the Information Age. 😉

Sad but true

Really? That was it? I guess the driver has never been cut off for hogging the left lane going at the speed limit. I was expecting something actually reckless.

I really look forward to the day when computers have consistent algorithms and handle the merging. Might be 10 yrs, might be 30 yrs, but the day is coming.

Another words you’d prefer not to drive.

Yep. I like my model S and it is fun to drive, but given the choice, I’d rather read or do something more productive.

TESLA AUTOPILOT – IS NOT A GUARDIAN ANGEL! It is a semi-experienced Teenager at the Controls – you have to watch them, the same as you do Autopilot!

Since driving (or riding in) an automobile is one of the most dangerous things which most Americans do on an everyday basis, his reaction is entirely rational. We will all be far safer when (more or less) fully developed self-driving cars are the norm rather than the exception.

If he’d rather read and do other things I want his car to drive him.

Can’t call what the Other two vehicles did – as Responsible Driving, much!
Does not look like Defensive Driving, for sure! Neither of them – either the Speeding SUV, or the Blind one Cutting Left!

Happens to me all the time here in the bay area. I can usually see the cars that are going to do this in advance, you see them speeding up alongside even though there is a car in front. I brake for them since the alternative is an accident.

I would report them. I think it would only generate a warning at best, but putting the idea in such drivers that they are being watched is hardly a bad thing.

The next thing you know we’ll all be wearing body cams…

Google glasses…..

GoPro – started that all long ago! Makes Great Sports Videos! And some developer even put 6 in a 360 Degree Housing – for mounting on the Belly of an Aircraft – for 360 Degree Flight Video’s! Could be Flipped for Roof of Car Mount easily enough!

Jsut get rovedashcam.com that will take care of all thid. 4k dash cam. On sale too as we speak!

While I have used it, in its current form it is fair at best. In theory it keeps the last hour of video with the ability to permanently save a clip. BUT it seems you need to reformat for each drive or carefully start and stop the camera each time you get in or out of the car.

If the police used unmarked vehicles for traffic enforcement, incidents like this would be rarer. But my guess is they could still issue traffic tickets all day long (and perhaps be a money maker for the local jurisdiction). But that’s not my suggestion …

Instead cars should have a laser-tag like device, and every driver is allocated 3 shots per day, that can be used to tag 3 individual vehicles. Upon a single vehicle having accumulated more than 3 tags within a 24 hour period, the vehicle shuts down, and requires a 12 hour ‘cool off’ period before it can be re-started. This would certainly make driving more fun 🙂

Or – Each Laser Tag slowed the Vehicle by 10 Mph from it’s Current Speed, so – if doing 80 at Tag 1, it would be doing only 70 when hit by Tag 2, and then only hit 60 when doing some stuff to get hit by Tag 3, leaving it top out at 50! So much for leaving late and trying to Race to be On Time!!!

Well if the guy the cut him off was a moron etc then what makes the telsa driver going 13 over any better a driver? Breaking the law speeding is breaking the law so 1mph over or 100 over he still committed a crime himself so he not innocent himself.

Mistimener at best.

I have $70 dashcam that have better quality, I see those everyday.
Morale of the story, you don’t need $80000 car to record video, $70 dashcam will do it

If you did not listen, he said he used his cell phone to record the screen playback, and there is no guarantee he had perfect focus in the Cell phone, or what quality the Cell phone was set for!

Why is this even news worthy? because some HOV lane hogging Model 3 owner thinks so?

KEEP RIGHT UNLESS PASSING…. thats what makes the Autobahn in Germany safer per mile than USA highways even though they get to legally drive much faster than us. In Europe, you need to actually show you know how to drive and safley handle a car at speed. In the US, you just need to know that one bottle of beer equals one shot of whiskey equals one glass of wine…

Great to have a built in dash cam!

In Seattle traffic is dense. I get this kind of stuff all the time, Would the police do anything with this footage? Likely not. If there were an accident, however, it would be highly useful.

It’s only the Tesla driver that should be cited for impeding the flow of traffic.

You should gey a ticket for chinging lane when you should’nt. It was continuous line when you did.

Reckless? This is a typical driver on the german autobahn.. I actually find it easier to get used (move out the way) to these than to the ones going 60mp/h in the middle lane, deciding to switch lanes without looking backwards.