Tesla Model S With Dashcam Captures Near Crash: Video


Nowadays, every driver should have a dashcam.

We’re not quite sure why this Tesla Model S owner doesn’t have TeslaCam or isn’t using it. Perhaps he’s driving an older Model S with a previous version of Autopilot, which Tesla can’t update with the feature. Regardless, the Model S has been outfitted with an aftermarket BlackVue dashcam, and it captures footage of a near accident.

As you can see, the aftermarket cam has better resolution than the TeslaCam. We’ve learned that even some people with the built-in TeslaCam (Autopilot camera) feature have opted for a higher quality, aftermarket unit.

Either way, we believe that having a dashcam is becoming increasingly advantageous and popular. It likely won’t be long before many automakers are offering it as an option. The fact that Tesla is including it as standard is another testament to the automaker’s continual movement into the future.

Hopefully, once dashcams become commonplace, the authorities will adjust regulations so that the footage can be more easily used to incriminate reckless drivers and car thieves. If this becomes the case, many people will probably be more aware of their driving habits. Vehicle theft could decrease as well, as cameras tend to curtail illegal activities.

Video Description via Byshop303 on YouTube:

Another Near Accident Caught by my Blackvue Dashcam (Tesla Model S)

Driving in Denver running errands and grabbing lunch with the kids. We were driving on a one way, multi-lane road when the driver in the center lane appears to have turned to the right across another lane, and then reversed back into the center lane and backs away from the intersection. A little bit later, the same car tried to turn from the center lane through my car to enter a parking garage. They didn’t even signal.

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I just wasted 35 seconds of my life. Man I experience things like that every week… ok maybe every month. Sure, it doesn’t deserve a blog post.

oh, poor precious entitled you with time so valuable.

I do NOT experience things like this every week, as the UK driving standards are much higher. I, for one, found it quite interesting to see autopilot on the model 3 respond so quickly in this situation.

Huh? There is no indication that a Model 3 or Autopilot was involved.

fair enough. I just skimmed the article and saw the word ‘autopilot’ a few times. Upon further reading it seems that it was simply attesting to the fact that tesla cam doesn’t appear on older models of autopilot vehicles.

“…as the UK driving standards are much higher.”

Wow! You certainly have a peculiar vision of how Brits have managed to obtain a level of flawless driving hereto unknown in the mortal world. Having visited the UK many times, I can attest to your rather myopic view of UK drivers.

Not knowing UK, but knowing France and assuming some level of similarity, I can confirm : European driving standards are actually pretty low, despite the extreme licensing requirements.

What impressed me about French drivers was their impressive personal courtesy. I was riding our tandem (with carbon fiber white wheels) with a group of tandems in the French countryside years ago. Racing tandems were, and still are, a rarity in such a bike loving country. Anyway, a driver was coming toward us and signaled he was turning into a drive. The guy behind was distracted by the tandem, and rear-ended the poor driver who was turning.

As I looked back, the two men jumped out of their cars and quickly strode towards each other. Whoa, what’s going to happen? They stuck out their hands and shook. Try to find that in the U.S. (But the drivers are just as good/bad.)

I saw also a driver hitting a motorcycle and they shock hands as the driver appeared very concerned. However in general I saw many road rages in Paris.

French and Italian drivers are notoriously bad by European standards.

I know, I know, UK drivers are the best because of their skills on learning to drive on an island.

Gosh yes, I’m sure that the Brits, with their longest “A” road, from London to Edinburgh, at 396 miles, can give us poor clueless Americans a lot of “lessons” about driving long distances on America highways.

Well… maybe they could if they could figure out how to drive on the right side of the road!

😀 😀 😀

An former girlfriend of mine told me a story of once being a young American tourist in Rome and out of money. She went to the American embassy to ask for help, and they asked her to wait while her case was considered. She asked what she could do to while away the hours without spending money, and was advised to walk to the nearest traffic roundabout and watch.

Sure enough, she said, no more than a few minutes after she settled in, there was — BAM! — a fender-bender accident. The two drivers got out of their cars, walked up to where their faces were mere inches apart, and engaged in a shouting and screaming match, with much waving of fists. But neither actually touched the other, and a few minutes later they both got back in their cars and drove off. At the risk of promoting a stereotype… apparently this is normal in Italy, or at least was, a generation-and-a-half ago.

May I also add that UK driving skills are only eclipsed by their ability to agree on an exit from the EU.

How is it myopic? We have some of the safest roads in the world. No country is without bad drivers, but on average the U.S. has far poorer standards of driving. If I made a ridiculous claim that we’re without fault or never crash, that would be myopic indeed. But simply stating that our roads are far safer on average than the states isn’t myopic at all. It’s a simple fact, backed up by plenty of statistics.

for instance the U.S. has just over 3x the number of accidents per capita despite having much more open, straight, wider roads. The UK has 3rd, or was it 4th? Safest roads in the entire world. Truth is, humans don’t make amazing drivers in general, so it’s a case of ‘lesser evils’.

That’s not an apples-to-oranges comparison; it’s more like apples-to-Rubik’s-cubes.

A much better comparison is the fatality rate per X number of miles/kilometers driven; the difference between the UK and the USA is far less there.


You are citing accident death rates, not accident rates. Obviously, there are many other reasons for high death rates. Mainly, the easiest and clearest reason is that the U.S. isn’t an island with one large city surrounded by a bunch of villages.

He’s probably showing the same bias that drivers in general show; the average driver rates him- or her-self as “much better” than the average driver.

Or maybe this is just another case of the sadly rather widespread parochial European attitude, with so many of those across “the pond” having managed to convince themselves that they’re vastly superior to their American cousins. 🙄

To be fair, the UK does have a much lower per-capita accident fatality rate than the USA does. But then, Americans spend a lot more hours per year driving around than Europeans in general do, including the British. It also would not surprise me at all if the average traffic accident in the U.S. was at a significantly higher speed than the average in the UK, given the larger average distances between American cities, and therefore presumably a greater percentage of driving miles at higher speeds.

Oh dear me! Will ! Will ! Didi you really mean to say “. . . the UK driving standards are much higher”?

As a U.K. born and educated, now multi-decade resident of the U.S.A., I must share with you that I nearly choked on my breakfast on reading that one.

That’s amusing. Everyone think the area they’re from has the best drivers. I’ve driven in UK and can confirm that drivers there are no safer than the US.

I always thought that everyone thinks THEY are the best drivers. I will also confirm that most drivers in my city, Irvine, California, are idiots who need remedial drivers education in the worst way. Our neighbor, Newport Beach has fine drivers, about normal for SoCal.

I will agree that American drivers have no respect for proper lane usage. And no particular use for turn indicators.

And yet, CCIE, the statistics for number of accidents per number of vehicles is far lower.

I don’t think the area I am from has the best drivers at all. I actually think that drivers in some other European countries are far better than the standard in the UK. However, I DO think American drivers are – on average – far worse. This is based partially on the fact I’ve visited the states plenty of times, on occasion for extended time. This is referenced by the far higher rates of accident per capita.

“Everyone think the area they’re from has the best drivers”

Proof of this claim? I see more people complaining about drivers in their area in general, rather than praising them.

“I’ve driven in UK and can confirm that drivers there are no safer than the US.”

Well I think road agency and insurer statistics (which claim that UK roads are far safer) carry more weight than your anecdotal experience. We have less than a third the accident rate despite our roads being far more congested (in general), narrower, twister (on average) and ranked far higher than the US in statistical road safety. Top 5 worldwide or so.

You people can keep downvoting and coming up with smug but ignorant replies all you want. The truth is the truth.

“I see more people complaining about drivers in their area in general, rather than praising them.”

That’s certainly the way it is here in Greater Kansas City! Ours is a sprawling metro area spread out across parts of two States and more municipalities than I can count, and everyone competes in claiming drivers in their own local area are the worst.

I see some of the same behavior in some of the comments posted here. 🙂

Agreed. Something like this is happening all the time if you keep your eyes open to what’s going on around you.

For the record the reason I took a short tone with you is because these people who go around complaining about precious moments of their life being wasted are better off keeping that negativity to yourselves.

This is newsworthy for what reason? Must be a slow day.

While I also find that news boring, I praise that this is another dash-cam friendly news outlet. Often many people complain about the presence of dash-cams citing privacy concern, in reality they are bad drivers and don’t want to be exposed. In France dash-cams are mostly illegal and I noticed when I lived there that road rages and hit and runs are very predominant (I witnessed a number in one year I lived there). A cab driver was telling me that he is thankful that guns are also illegal there because otherwise there would be several deaths.

‘Near crash’. I think that is the understatement of the year and it is only January. Hopefully this car was NOT on Autopilot as in Italy the car would refuse to move at all! (BTW I do enjoy driving in Italy)

Comment of the week!
You just made my day.

“Nowadays, every driver should have a dashcam.”

It seems like it was just yesterday that there was a story about thieves smashing Tesla M3 windows, just to fold down the rear seats to check for valuables like electronics in the trunk. Wouldn’t having a dash cam mounted on the windshield invite thieves to do a smash and grab, at least until dash cams become ubiquitous?

I recall when stand-alone Garmin GPS units in cars first became popular. People would stow them away out is sight in the glove box or arm rest, but smash and grab thieves would look for the tell tale suction cup mark on the windshield to know which car to break into. Now instead of Garmin’s, people use the Google/Apple Maps on their smartphones, which they invariably take with them after parking while leaving behind the phone mount. This eliminates the potential booty for a smash and grab thief. Wired dash cams, on the other hand, are cumbersome to remove, so people will leave them mounted on the windshield when they park.

I had my dash cam in Brazil and in the US always set and never worried about getting it stolen. I was actually more worried to use a dash cam in when I lived in Europe because people there are known to vandalize cameras recording in public.

The discontinued CT6 has a 360 camera view that is recorded (if set to do so) when the car alarm goes off. It can also be set to record at low (parking lot speeds) manually. Very handy when someone backs into you at McDonalds and claims you hit them.

I wish that GM could do what Tesla does and give me a front cam view.

I found out last night that black cats are bright white when the night vision view is on. Awesome tech.

The dash cam I got my daughter for Christmas records to the iPhone cloud. Hard to wipe cloud data.

A dash cam can save you a lot of money in the event of an accident. I’d argue the benefits of having a dashcam outweigh the small offchance that someone’ll break in to steal it.

Slow news day…

Not sure why this makes the news feed.

If someone think this is news, you really should go see Russian dash cams videos. From big airplanes crashing to meteors coming from other worlds, … you can see it all.


“We’re not quite sure why this Tesla Model S owner doesn’t have TeslaCam or isn’t using it”

Because TeslaCam is not superior to most dedicated dashcams.

I thought it was rather good when we test drove a model S. Better than your average dash cam in terms of picture quality and detail in darker areas.

I don’t know how true it is or isn’t, but I’ve read at least one complaint that a Tesla built-in dashcam doesn’t have high enough resolution to display license plate numbers properly.