Tesla Dashcam “TeslaCam” Captures Event That Led To Brutal Beating: Video


It turns out that some authorities can use dashcam (TeslaCam) footage if necessary.

We’ve been talking for some time about the potential for TeslaCam footage — or any aftermarket dashcam for the matter — to be used by police officers in investigations. While specifics vary by area, it seems dashcam footage may become a thing of the future when it comes to incriminating reckless drivers and dealing with road rage incidents.

According to Teslarati, a Tesla driver from Meridian, Idaho found himself in the midst of a road rage situation that ended badly. He was viciously assaulted by the other driver. Thankfully, his standard Tesla dashcam, which relies on Autopilot cameras, captured and saved the entire event. The Tesla driver incurred several hits to the head, but thankfully, the perpetrator may get charged with assault and battery.

The victim, Lee Anderson, made a driving move based on instinct that the other driver was unhappy with. Rather than flashing his lights or putting up the signature middle finger, the driver — who had an infant in the car — took matters to the next level. He not only yelled at Lee, but got out of his car and attacked Anderson, with some 20 blows to the head.

While Anderson may have confused the other driver, according to the Meridian police department, he didn’t break any traffic laws. Per Teslarati via KTVB-TV, a Meridian police department representative shared:

He was following the correct traffic procedures. I think he may have sped up a little bit at the intersection, but he definitely had the right of way. And it’s really not even about the right of way rule. It really is about common courtesy. You don’t know who you’re dealing with in that other vehicle. No reason to try to get into a physical confrontation with anybody.

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Source: Teslarati via KTVB-TV

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Never wrestle with a pig…

This is nor really about EVs.
Getting angry and aggression is obviously stupid. But I confess that the movement was really weird – the white pickup was out of the way when the car filming turned left without reason… A punch was too much but maybe a “you moron” was deserved :P… But I’m a mean person.

and dumb

Are you calling me dumb? Just to make sure…..

Self professed troll….Not the smartest types.

I said I was a troll?! When? Show me… By the way are you also calling me dumb?

Get a life…

I rest my case now – it’s clearly who wants to keep a civilized discussing with politeness, education and mainly knowledge (also some humor and irony) and those who are offensive and rude just because they have different opinion on matters.
One thing is guaranteed, it’s not going to be your (or others) rudeness that will make me engage in the same behavior, I’m obviously superior than that…. and so I wish you:
Have a great life :).

(and stop “boiling” inside, we can all enjoy this forum).

It’s time to log off.

You got that right…

I’ll call you dumb.

Very smart of you and brave – I’m being sincere not trying to be provocative or anything – I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
That’s your opinion nothing wrong in expressing it.

What? You gonna beat me up? When did you get out of prison?

I must be misinterpreting what you are trying to say but watching the video, I just don’t see what you are referring to. The situation in the video is not dangerous or offensive to any driver. The Tesla driver does not even seem to speed up all that much — just enough to show courtesy to the driver of the white Hyundai by passing the intersection faster so that they don’t have to wait as long.

I suspect this incident has something to do with the recent negative coverage of Tesla in the media. A lot of people I talk to have a negative view of Tesla as a company and Elon Musk personally due to the large amount of recent coverage in the mainstream media that portraits Tesla and Musk in a negative light. They don’t understand the real issues, they just hear the negative buzz and form a general negative view of EVs and Tesla. Personally, I think this goes beyond short sellers trying to gain financially. I think the oil industry has a hand in it.

What this have to do with Tesla?
Unless it was the autopilot doing that erratic maneuver?

It’s the capability of their integrated dashcam that makes this a meaningful story. Telling a thug “hey, whatever you do, it’s being recorded right now and available on the internet” has advantages. Although not a unique EV thing or even anything special in general, having an always-on recording is great.

You might be right, but I was not commenting the quality of the camera (that sucks by the way – if the video was not changed from the original too much), I was just commenting the driving and people behavior.

The dashcam recorded nothing of any real importance here. Sure, the Hyundai indicated much too late and turned in, creating doubt about whether he had not seen the oncoming car, but it did yield. The issue is what happened afterwards, none of which was caught on dashcam. The aggressors face was photographed, presumably by a mobile phone, but for some reason Samsung or Apple didn’t make it into the headline!

There was no erratic maneuver.

The central road divisor appears on the middle of the video capture. Assuming the dash camera is fixed and that the car is not sliding (and I think that’s obvious) it means the car was aiming straight to the middle of both lanes.
I’m sure the driver got distracted, scared by the vehicle that turned in front of him, … and obviously didn’t try to scare or harm anyone but that doesn’t seem a normal trajectory there (also just seconds before there was a car on the left), trajectory that was rapidly corrected. Not justifying the actions of the other driver just observing the obvious… Some people are just too “sensitive”.

> passing the intersection faster so that they don’t have to wait as long. And, usually more relevant, create a bigger gap to the next car coming behind, thus increasing the margins for the Hyundai to pass once you’re through. I often get irritated on drivers who don’t have the wits to speed up a little and help create room for me when I’m waiting for a large enough gap between cars I must yield to. That said, it looks to me like he sped up a bit because the Hyundai suddenly decided to reveal its intention of turning left, by switching on the indicators and beginning to turn in. When your foot is on the accelerator and you are already entering the intersection by the time you’ve recognized this, it’s likely to late to brake, and swerving a little away and speeding a little up is a better solution, provided he had been paying attention to his mirrors and blind zones and knew nobody was there to swerve into. There’s a reason their proper name is “indicators” and not “blinkers”. The whole point is to indicate where you’re going, and that point is completely lost if you start indicating… Read more »

Gosh, you really have a talent to attract controversy, don’t you? I wonder how much longer it will take to the admins to realize, you have nothing to contribute, just to stir stuff up, eh?

Stop responding to it. Real simple. Ignore.

So you think it’s correct to silence polite forum members with a different opinion.
If you read careful, I didn’t call troll to anyone, I didn’t call dumb to anyone, I was even nice to people being clearly offensive and unpleasant.

Yeah, this “Alex” guy is going out of his way to be obnoxious. He’s not just a Tesla basher, he’s a true internet troll in the classic sense.

His trolling won’t last much longer, one way or another. If he doesn’t stop it himself, someone else will do that for him, at least as far as this website goes.

I’m going to ask you why.
Very politely, very calmly, with all the respect you deserve – and I’m sure you’re an excellent person deserving all the respect.

Why do you think I should be kicked out of this forum?

Please support your claims, quote me if you think it will help demonstrate my wrong doing.
I’ll be the first one apologizing if within reason and general accepted moral, forum, … rules my behavior wasn’t appropriate.
More, a couple called me dumb, others wanted to punch me, you keep repeating I shouldn’t be allowed to express my opinion in this forum, more lied about something I didn’t say, many downvote my comments just because they don’t like my opinion – I would say a very childish behavior; I was called a troll, target of Russian stereotypes, … but when I ask for evidences I got no reasonable answer.

Again, I’m asking you (and others) reasonable evidence of wrong behavior and I’ll apologize here in this forum for everyone to see. I’m very open-minded about being corrected – it’s good to learn.

But please show me solid evidence supporting your case.

This is a very “clean” honest request.

As expected a bunch of persons downvoted my comment, no one was capable of pointing any offensive or wrong post of mine.
This says a lot about my superiority ;).

Any excuse for putting Tesla in a headline is a “go”. Haven’t you noticed??

I encounter people doing dumb things all the time while driving. I just shake my head and move on. No point even getting angry about it. You just have to watch out and drive defensively. There are always going to be bad drivers, it’s never going to change.

I’ll add that having a baby onboard had no bearing on anything in this situation. This was hardly a life or death traffic incident. It would have been a minor fender bender at best.

Did you watch the same video I did?

Where’s the beatdown? This was just a teaser!

Come on over, and I will show you. 😉

“Here’s a message for the hotheads of the community: Don’t do that stuff. Good people carry guns, and they will shoot you a lot. GRAVEYARD DEAD.”
Sheriff Grady Judd, Polk County, FL

A well armed society is a polite society.

Right, tell that to the thousands of people killed every year by gun violence. Breitbart/NRA Russian propaganda at its finest.

Following that logic you can’t just have some people armed since more and more non-“polite” people will own the guns. So in response more and more “polite” people will have to arm themselves. So the cycle continues until every single citizen is armed. Then it won’t be about politeness but about who can pull their firearm faster and get the first shot off. It won’t be the polite people that win.

But the NRA’s financial backers in the weapons and ammo manufacturers and the NRA’s Kremlin backers will both be ecstatic.

As proved by the United States..? I wonder if you’ve been to other countries? I grew up in Norway, lived nine years in France, have visited a couple of dozen countries, and that includes a few months in the US. My impression is that Americans in the US are generally pretty polite, but nowhere near as polite as, say, the French, the English, the Germans, or the Vietnamese, in their respective home countries. Americans abroad however are often horrifically impolite, seemingly unaware that other countries do not have an identical culture to their own, and making zero effort to adjust their behaviour to show a modicum of respect for that culture. In France for instance it is considered obnoxious to be noisy in public, and especially when strangers are forced to share confined spaces, such as on a train. Americans are (to European ears) shouting at each other, while the natives lean in close and speak so softly that it is still hard for the other person to hear what they’re saying. They shout on the phone, right beneath the “no cellphones” sign (usually no text, just a drawing of a phone in a forbidden sign), whereas the natives leave… Read more »

I think otherwise, Americans are very polite and friendly. Like everywhere, it’s more about people than their origins but obviously some cultural differences are reflected on people behavior.
Americans might be a little bit self centered and not so aware of the rest, but that’s harmless and they’re a very big country, it’s much easier for a Norwegian realize “they’re not alone”.

That explains why Mogadishu is such a polite city.

“A well armed society is a polite society.” **

Just another fantasy of gun worshippers.

Add a gun to a road rage incident, and that doesn’t make people more polite. What it does do, is make it far more likely that the incident will escalate to someone being killed.

**So far as I know, that phrase originated with Robert Heinlein… or at least he popularized it. I’m a long-time Heinlein fan, but in this particular instance, he has been proven wrong, very wrong, as the increasing amount of gun violence in America shows. Gun violence keeps increasing while civility and respect for others in our society is clearly on the decline.

No it isn’t. There are plenty examples of how “tough guys” escalate situations that they should deescalate simply because they are packing heat and therefore are possessed with false courage. The guy in the van could easily have been carrying a gun, and that would only have made the situation worse.

On top of that even acting defensively with a gun can have negative results. The Tesla driver here was hurt but looks fine. What if he’d shot the aggressor? The man could very likely have been killed and then what would have been a minor battery ends up with a much more tragic results.

Or if they both have guns, now we have a shoot out? Yeah, a really great improvement.

according to your logic, the United States should be a thousand times more polite than Japan, which I find hard to believe

The idea that introducing a gun into the situation would have improved it in any way at all is idiotic. The kid in the car seat wouldn’t be better off with a dead body laying in the road, and the guy jumping out of the car with a gun would have just escalated the situation even more.

Is every video with the Tesla dash cam now EV News? There will be hundreds o even thousands which are funny or extreme soon, but maybe make a compilation for Youtube and don’t post every single one as news.

Yes, I hope the mem of turning a dashcam videos into an article at InsideEVs will be a fad that fades quickly once the novelty wears off.

I don’t think this article adds anything at all to the discussion about electric cars, the auto industry, or “green” tech.

Is it any worse than “Model S beats (insert gas sports car here) in a drag race”? I really think those are the most obnoxious articles. It was interesting at first but now it’s just gotten tedious. I guess maybe it’s still good for trying to convert people to EVs but as an existing convert I really couldn’t care less anymore.

This is an interesting subject, depending on what state you are in, see how the police feel when you record them when they stop you. Some states have laws against that. They can record you but you aren’t allowed to record them.

Who is watching the watchmen?

> They can record you

You sure it’s to record you. The camera many times is attached to the officers uniform, and it’s very much recording the officer actions.

About half the nation is under a set of matching federal distric court orders, that recording the police is a constitutionally protected activity. This is regardless of what any state laws on the books may say. Most of the rest of the nation simply hasn’t had police trying to abuse their authority, so there has been no reason for federal district courts to rule on any cases and over-ride the unconstitutional actions of police in those states.

What the police “feel” about any Tesla owner exercising their constitutional rights is meaningless, their job is to follow the law and the constitution.

If you are trying to foment brainless zombie fear over a feature on Tesla’s, you failed.

And why is this on InsideEVS..?

Because it has the word Tesla in there. That makes it more important than another story about anything to do with an ev not called Tesla.

If you do not like it, don’t read it.

That’s not an argument of any kind. Do you really think it’s not ok to say it if a reader feels he really would prefer if InsideEVs was, you know, a place to read about EVs?

If I were to respond to your comment by saying “if you don’t like it, don’t read it”, would you think I made a good point..?

The internet is absolutely full of content that you don’t have to read. Everybody seems to understand this is how the internet works, he was just stating the obvious.

If you go to a BMW forum because you want information on BMW M3’s, you would be a fool to complain about there being 10 times the content for non-M BMW 3-Series cars. Because the reality is that standard 3’s by far outsell BMW M3’s.

The same applies on EV sites. Right now Tesla’s are outselling every other car maker by a full order of magnitude than any other EV. So complaining about having to skip over reading Tesla stories on an English language EV website, is just an act of denial of the reality of what is happening with EV’s right now.

Those compliance only, widely panned EV’s that sell in token numbers are NOT going to get as many stories. Get over it.

Why are you reading it?

Hitting a guy repeatedly in the head while he is down on the ground. How a pathetic and sad.

I feel sorry for the man’s wife. I wonder if she ever gets a beat down.

I wouldn’t be surprised as violent people tend to be violent and aggressive in multiple situations and with multiple other people as they go through their lives.

Likely. And that poor kid in the car seat will grow up to be on the other end of that as well.

The Hyundai or Honda driver is one of those people who thinks everyone needs to yield to them and get out of their way. They’re the type of person who sees a long line of cars waiting for a traffic light, cuts through a few commercial parking lots to get near the front, and then throws a tantrum when the drivers waiting don’t let them in. They’re also the type of person who uses merge and turning lanes to pass. Please please please throw the book at this person. Having an infant in the car does not excuse their behavior.

There are those people in life that are borderline psychopathic that believe everyone around them are just extras in their movie and are in the way. Zero ability to feel empathy.

Sounds like some kind of weird jealousy to me, the guy probably hates Teslas and convinced himself it was good enough a reason to act like he did. Typical coward.

“This guy thinks (he’s) cool zipping down the road cutting off people with his Tesla. How dare you drive like that when we have a baby in our car!” the driver said, according to Anderson.

Poor dude, glad he is doing okay.

The very reason I have tinted windows on our cars.

I would have gone inside my home and never looked back.

I would have known I was being followed home, and driven elsewhere.

Well said.

Agreed. Having a baby in tow can also magnify jealousy and feelings of “I am better than you.” The video does not show the Tesla driver cutting off anyone. It does show the Hyundai owner intending to ignore traffic laws.

Always know the location of your local police station. You can call 911, tell them you’re being followed, and then drive to a nearby police station. Great way to cause some instant justice when someone is road raging!

Pure psycopath behavior. The offender felt “entitled” to not yield and obviously had no limits whatsoever over what is really a non-issue. How pathetic, Fortunately he will likely be off the streets for some time…

Sadly, he’s just as likely to get no jail time and probation in a plea deal if he has no priors, and after probation is completed have the records sealed. How many times have we seen criminals get no or little jail time for a committing a crime we ourselves thought deserves a long sentence.

Local who knows the victim. The attacker is someone who was already on probation…for battery.


With that inculpatory video, the victim should sue in Federal Court because the local jurisdiction clearly isnt interested in upholding or protecting his individual and property rights. Oh, he was an enviromental nut EV driver, so its OK not to extend equal justice or protection under law.

The perp followed the victim home. And if you dont have a home security camera and drive cam installed and operable today then you will soon be the loser when inevitably, stuff happens!

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry! The guy going through CLEARLY had the right of way. I’m confused that this gets reported as “according to the police”, what is that about?!? In Europe you wouldn’t get a license if you can’t tell who has the right of way and who’s supposed to yield in this situation. I’m wondering if the other guy simply feels everyone should yield to him, whatever the rules may say, or if he drives around not knowing the most basic rules and didn’t realize he was the one who’s supposed to yield here. I’ve heard people say that in the US you just have to drive a car a few yards forwards and back it up again to get a license. I always assumed it was a wild exaggeration, meant simply to say it is not the months of theoretical study and practice followed by a theoretical exam and an hour-long practical test that is the norm in Europe. (I got my license in late spring, but had to complete further snow, ice, and driving-in-the-dark training the following winter — because it never gets dark in the Arctic summer.) But this makes me… Read more »

“I’ve heard people say that in the US you just have to drive a car a few yards forwards and back it up again to get a license.”

It’s not quite that easy, but I was shocked at how easy it is when I got my license. You do have to take a driving test to demonstrate the ability to obey the rules of the road, and perform such actions as parallel park. But the problem is that you can fail multiple parts of the test and still pass! Ditto with the written test; I think you can pass with a 70% score. Well, that’s how it works in the State of Kansas, anyway; perhaps it works differently in other States, but I think I can state with confidence that no state in the Union makes it anywhere as difficult to get a license as the process you describe, Terawatt.

Put it another way: In the U.S., if you have a pulse and aren’t completely blind, then you can almost certainly get a driver’s license. If you manage to fail the first time thru gross incompetence and/or an amazing level of ignorance, you can just keep trying until you do pass.

In rural Pennsylvania, USA, getting a nationwide license consisted of:

1. Drive through a small town. Drive through about 10 stop signs of various configurations and 2 traffic lights. About a 15 minute drive with an instructor.
2. Parallel park in an unrealistically large parking spot that even the longest extended pickup trucks can handle with no problem.
3. Take a 50 question, multiple choice test about the meaning of certain signs and how to handle generic situations.

It’s hard to fail the tests. Neither test covers the situation shown in the video. It’s way too easy to get a driver’s license here.

I guess i am biased because i have been a practicing martial artist for 23 years but never let someone just roll up on you and punch you. People, please learn to defend yourself. Most of the time (being thrown from untrained people) punches are telegraphed a figurative mile away and are pretty easy to block or avoid.

Plus the attacker is really dumb punching the top of someones skull which is ounce for ounce one of the strongest sections of bone since it ye know protects the brain. Good way to break his hand, which the cops should search for this dude by figuring out if anyone went to an ED or urgent care with a bruised or broken hand matching this butthead’s description.


The lessons: Don’t stop. Don’t get out of the car. Call 911.