Tesla ‘D’ To Be Unveiled October 9th – And Something Else Too

OCT 2 2014 BY JAY COLE 53

Fresh from the Tesla CEO’s Twitter feed (naturally), Elon Musk heralds something called the “D” – coming next week:

Elon Musk's Tweet Du Jour

Elon Musk’s Tweet Du Jour

And the picture to go with it:

The "D" Is Coming!

The “D” Is Coming!

So what is the “D”?  Our money is on “Dual Motor”, check out this NHSTA Model S VIN decoder here (via our friends at the Tesla Motors Club). Now, what is the something else?    One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment with Tesla.

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If this is another $70,000 dollar car as far as I care it doesn’t exist as far as care. If it’s a $90,000 dollar car it will be another dead end as far as I care. In that lately I’m starting to feel there are to many $100,000 cars coming up only to be piled on by more $70,000. While the Tesla generation three seems like trying to go after a six foot long albino catfish in a lake. In that they used to say it will be ready in 2016 now they are saying 2018.

So unless this Tesla D is the legendary albino catfish that is the model 3 it’s going to be a another dead end.

What did you smoke:-)

Tar sands …

Sad to see/read such incoherent posters proclaiming their hate – as far as he cares, as far as he cares – duh….

I am very grateful for these “rich kid cars”. They are the ones that plowed new ground. In a very real sense they are paying for the most of the design of the more affordable Model III . Elon Musk is trying to pull off the nie on to impossible task of creating a new car company that will mass produce an affordable – and desirable BEV. Elon’s genius is being a dreamer and a pragmatic realist at the same time. Elon has the support of many other less talented dreamers such as myself. No one can doubt that Elon is a success in the rich kid market but pulling off the a mass market car company is a whole other matter. The rich kid market is paying for the dream – let not dis it too much.


This. Let the rich finance development and economies of scale and ultimately, cost reduction for the masses…

I don’t know, way more efficient if the government just goes and gets their money and passes it out.

Agree, the model T was expensive initially as production ramped up prices went down so the average Joe and family could afford one.

So it will be with Tesla and good on them.

The comments on here remind me of similar un affordable products at one time in history…
Domestic microwave ovens, Plasma TV’s and so it will be with BEVS.

I don’t know about rich kids, I mostly see 40-50 year old men driving them.

Dwayne gets it.

Nearly every modern automotive feature we enjoy in average cars, first debuted in very expensive luxury cars. Like the Mercedes S-class, etc. Name a car feature, and chances are high it showed up first in an expensive car that regular folks can’t afford. Only later do these features work their way into mainstream cars.

How folks think that EV drivetrains, likely THE biggest leap forward in automotive technology in modern times, would be any different is beyond me.

Every feature of robotics that you now enjoy, every advance in computer graphics and every advance in videography was brought to mass market by the toy, gaming and porn industries rerespectively.

Swag ain’t cheap

I guess if “Dead end” means wildly popular, high-quality, bar-raising cars that sell out and convert a whole new segment of drivers to electric…. then sure.

Best Caption EVER!

My guesses:

Wagon variant? Or Model III prototype/final design.

As for the “something else”

AWD for the Model S,
Concrete details on the Roadster battery pack upgrade.

My guess is an AWD Model S (“Model SD”). The “something else” may be changes to the pack size offerings, perhaps a 100kWh offering. It would be really cool to see them do an update like the computer world where better specs are brought in for the same price (i.e. $69K for 85kWh, $79K for 100Kwh).

All the media outlets are speculating that it’s a next generation mini-SUV to go along with the Model 3. However, I can’t see Tesla unveiling this before they unveil the Model 3.

My understanding is that would be Model Y anyway, they have the trademark. S-3-X-Y is the lineup that he was joking about.

D doesn’t fit the lineup, so I am going to go with the crowd on “Dual Motor”. Like Model S D85 or Model S DP85.

As much as I would love a Model III and III SUV I think realistically speaking they have to unveil details of the dual motor setup and the upgraded Roadster battery pack first so I think the latter two are the nuggets we will be hearing about next week.

“Driver” systems that assist the human behind the wheel.

Yepp that it is !

Hmm, whatever somthing ells is it can be described by a letter. See elons 2nd tweet:
@elonmusk: I love the Internet. Comments had me literally ROFL. No, it wasn’t intentional. Glad I didn’t mention the other letter!

Tesla sure does release plenty of models while only making 1 car so far that was not a conversion.

You’d think they were taking a page out of VW’s playbook what the number of not-in-production models they’re whispering about.

And as far as the ‘x’ only being a few $ more than the “S”, either they’re giving away a second motor, differential, inverter, and CVJ’s for free or else the ‘x’ will be a much better bargain than the “S”. I’m not holding my breath.

Up to $6400 is not an insignificant amount of money.

The front powertrain will be no where near as powerful as the rear.

Glad you think Tesla AWD is a fantastic value proposition.

Remember, Tesla Motor is still in its early beginning and as 100 times less resources than the other well known brands. Their second assembly line started only last month!
Ford produce 150 times more cars in a year than Tesla. Let the mass production effects time to lower the prices.

It could also be the final version of the Model X. Like Apple ‘One more thing’ .

My guess is that it will be something completely new, like a pickup truck.
Surprise! Surprise!

Not a chance that it is a truck.

Maybe Elon is a fan of “Initial D” ?
It’s a Japanese manga series about street racing, and the meaning of “D” is revealed in the very last episode (released in 2014).
=> so Tesla D will be a sport car ?

Driver Assist. He mentioned in a later tweet there is a second letter.

The features that already appear on newly produced cars, such as lane departure and preparations for ACC haven’t been formally announced. This could be it.

That seems the best guess to me.

However it might be a ‘T’.

So it is ‘distraction technique’ from the delivery figures for the third quarter.

Maybe a D battery? The TMC forum talks about A and B batteries, but does anybody know if there’s a C battery already?

There is already a D battery since a year back or so. So it’s not that.

battery pack that is

So what could the ‘something else’ part be? New Roadster? Final Model X unveiling? Model 3?

Are they going to show the “D” this January in The D? (Detroiters call Detroit “The D”).

Every time I go to the NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show), I expect to see more from Tesla, but their booth is so small. They didn’t even have the Model X there last year.

Wild guess. I’m going with a close sister to the model X. Possibly a wagon or suv without the gull wing doors. I think the doors are a nonstarter for a lot of people and this could be a more mainstream cuv.

500 mile pack. ‘D’ is Roman numeral for 500! 🙂

With 265 miles for the 85 KWh battery, a 500 miles battery would then mean 160 KWh energy content; almost double. That would be big news indeed.

“D” for Double 🙂

FWIW, Tesla still advertises the 85kWh Model S as “300 miles” (***at 55mph constant speed, zero gradient, zero headwind…etc etc)

So 500 miles would be 67% more, or 142kWh. Still a huge leap in today’s tech of course.

D = Dual Drive or DD

“Dualies”, definitely dualies.

My own favorite would be D for dual supercharger able to recharge at 270 KW. Yet one step close to the Megacharger (1000 KW Supercharger).

Let’s see. If it’s driver assist: yawn

If it’s a more expensive S with dual motors: yawn, who can afford 1 much less 2 motors.

It already has dual motors.

A V8 Tesla 🙂 No seriously a coupe version of Model S

Discount Double Check?

D might be a dual battery option (range extender). Tesla has patented a Metal-air battery.

This battery technology has much higher energy density and would allow a reasonably small battery to significantly increase the range, and would also have to be replaceable since Metal-air batteries have limited lifetime.


Can’t be another model, hell, they haven’t even brought out the late X and the 3 is still nonexistent.
Dyslexia be Gotta .

I go with the consensus; D – driver assist. It already has dual motors (duh) and Musk and Co. are working feverishly on expanding battery cap…so little or no chance it’s that.
Comments about them overcharging? If you’re a start-up, you have to have a high profit margin. If your sales are good enough to avoid advertising (and they have been; the waiting list gets longer every day)your profits are going well, so the next model you put out can be less expensive.
Comments about it being a “rich kids” car? I’m a retired science teacher on a fixed pension; and I can afford the payments; so to me it’s so worth it to pinch my budget and drive a “bucket list” of a car that really shows respect for the environment.

Agreed…it’s all about priorities. For those individual’s willing to put the environment and our future above our pocketbooks for once …I commend you. Surely we are simply spitting upwind by comparing those who help advance technology for the betterment of all to ‘rich kids.’

My wife and I bought the S coupe 2 years ago. Far and away the best car we have ever owned or driven. The only 2 things a porshe can’t pass is a gas station and a Tesla S. We loved the car so much we bought the stock at $34 now at @$150. I love Elon, his guts, his ideas and his products. I only wish Space X was traded.

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