Tesla Cuts Ties With Mobileye, But Other Automakers Won’t



Tesla Detaches From Mobileye - Will Move Autopilot Systems In-House

Tesla Detaches From Mobileye – Will Move Autopilot Systems In-House

Tesla can detach from Mobileye and in-source its machine vision technology? That’s great. But this doesn’t mean any normal automaker can follow suit.

In this “race to autonomy,” Tesla is a Usain Bolt. It’s a Silicon Valley company from birth, genetically suited for this type of race. Everyone else has love handles and a bum hip. They’re all forced to piggy-back on Mobileye in a desperate bid to stay in the race, never mind win it. For this dependency to change, they would have to:

  1. Put together an FI pit crew on the sidelines.
  2. Suddenly jump off Mobileye at the right moment and head to the pit for a shot of Red Bull, a quick hydrocortisone shot and a heart transplant.
  3. Re-enter the race and hope to God that everything works.

This latest divorce shocker just underlines the very large gap between Tesla and everyone else in the auto racket. Mobileye shares will recover within a week as people remember the increasingly vital role Mobileye will play in this race.

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Tesla is superior as its supreme genius E. Musk has supernatural powers. Just few more secondary share sales and it will conquer the world!

Haters gonna hate… potatoes gonna po-tate.
Elon Musk is changing the world for the better. What are you doing?

Well Rick, zzzzzzzzzz provides a valuable opposing indicator. The laughably inept villain(merely for our amusement of course) to Mr Musk’s heroism. This of course is simply a game on zzzzzzzzzz’s part. A way of teaching the young what NOT to be when they grow up.?

“Elon Musk is changing the world for the better. What are you doing?”

Probably this sort of stuff:

Poor zzzzzzzzzz. Still suffering from TES*, I see!

Hey zzzzzzzzzz, are you ever gonna wise up and quit losing money shorting Tesla stock? Hmmmm?

*Tesla Envy Syndrome

To zzzzzzzzzzz
I think Elon is a genius compared with you unless you send rockets to the space and then land then on a bark. Also you should have your own automobile company that happen to be one of the best in the world, plus be loved world wide for been a billionaire who wants to make the world a better place. Other wise you are to small and a troll that should learn from great people.

You’ve got to wonder if mobileye received pressure from all the big $ OEM’s to separate from Tesla. Anything to slow Tesla down in automation would be worth a lot to them.

Of course, that would be a form of collusion, and we know big responsible companies don’t do that.

Mobile Eye will continue to sell and Tesla continue to buy its 3rd generation product.

Tesla and Mobile Eye part ways with the 4th generation product.

Tesla started hiring a chip designing superteam starting this January.

“You’ve got to wonder if mobileye received pressure from all the big $ OEM’s to separate from Tesla.”

According to this it’s the other way around:


Well worth the watch if you’ve got the time to spare.

Tesla is kicking arse…lol but wall Street won’t mention it because wall street is full of con-men.

I’m confused this article claims that it was Mobileye who fired Tesla as a customer, allegedly for using its products in ways Mobileye was not comfortable with:


The article also says this is “…according to The Wall Street Journal“, which isn’t exactly an unbiased source when it comes to Tesla Motors.

But then, you suffer from TES yourself, don’t you “Four Electrics”? Providing some context by mentioning the not exactly objective source of that allegation wouldn’t fit your agenda of serial Tesla bashing.

I think The Wall Street Journal has a little more weight than TeslaMondo. And this story has nothing to do with GM. Many other car companies use their products.

GM also owns a little company called Cruise Automation that specializes in autonomous driving.

This story could have easily been written as “Tesla will not use next gen MobileEye tech” – full stop.