Tesla Is “Coolest” Automaker, Says Google


Google recently released results from its global brand study and found that Tesla was the “coolest” brand among certain age groups and “coolest” of all automakers worldwide.

According to the survey results, Tesla beat BMW to be the “coolest” automotive brand in the world.


Even more impressive, among teens (13-17) and millennials (18-24), Tesla was ranked amongst the “coolest” of all brands globally. The only brands ahead of Tesla were Google (hmm…), Netflix, Youtube and Amazon.

Though Tesla certainly has that cool factor, “awareness” is not a category the automaker fared well in.

Turns out you either know and love Tesla, or you’ve never heard of the automaker at all. In fact, 60% of millennials reported not knowing who Tesla (the automaker) even was.

Maybe some additional marketing resources should be set aside to raise the Tesla awareness level?

Source: Google

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11 responses to "Tesla Is “Coolest” Automaker, Says Google"
  1. Bacardi says:

    Half of all EVs sold in the states are sold in CA, with the remaining majority of EV sales in the CARB states so it’s not super surprising that the average resident from North Dakota or Alaska may not know about Tesla…

  2. Devin Serpa says:

    Wait until the Model 3 comes out.

    1. leafowner says:

      Agree – it will be a title wave….

      1. William says:

        +1 …More like a Teslasunami !!!

  3. leafowner says:

    Tesla is the new BMW. BMW is shaking in their boots — without the cool / wow factor, they are just another overpriced brand….

  4. Dan says:

    …then they’ll definitely become ‘cool’ like YouTube and Amazon. LOL!

    Google’s audience was always nerdier than average, but this study takes it to a new level.

  5. Terawatt says:

    Awareness is pretty high relative to volume and longevity. No need to waste any money on ads!

    Remember that Tesla only makes about 0.1 million cars this year and that’s a lot more than last year! I’m sure a significant percentage of millennials haven’t heard of Ford either, or even GM, despite them making a hundred times as many cars for ten times as long.

    A few years of greater sales and Tesla will be as familiar as the old brands. And likely retain that lead in how they are viewed.

    BMW should be afraid, but above all they should become more like Tesla. Turn into a company that has a social mission and one that acts in accordance with that mission. As long as they are lobbying to prevent or slow down sustainable transportation they cannot expect to be seen in the same way as a company that only makes electric cars and be a force for good. Only the naive think companies do good because they care, but it simply makes business sense to do good if it’s the only reliable way to be seen as someone who does good..! The fundamental advantage of Tesla, as of many disruptors before it, is that it doesn’t have an existing business to cannibalise. Incumbents with a brain choose to disrupt themselves to have at least a chance going forward, and BMW of well placed to do so. It will be very interesting to see how long they wait before attempting to make an electric car that’s supposed to appeal to the typical BMW buyer…

  6. Jim Whitehead says:

    It is really incredible is that Tesla established this golden brand identity without any paid TV advertising, while car makers spend billions every year. Its a testament to the ringmaster of publicity, P.T. Barnum Musk and his Greatest Cars on Earth. 🙂

    I do look forward to seeing a few TV ad exceptions, from Project Loveday ads made by amateurs. Could they do a Superbowl ad that echoes Apple’s famous “1984” Macintosh commercial? It has been voted one of the most powerful ads of all time:

    I wish I could see a Tesla in the latest Bond film. (I know Musk is a big fan of Bond, and bought one of the underwater TV prop cars). Bond could use Tesla’s summon in the parking lot to get his car out of a jam, and during a getaway, use hands-free driving to shoot or fight.

  7. JP says:

    “Maybe some additional marketing resources should be set aside to raise the Tesla awareness level?”

    No, it would be a waste of money. Model 3 production ramp and vehicle deliveries will bring all the awareness needed.

  8. Nathan Taylor says:

    Rather ironic that this article is featuring a picture of the “Coolest” Cooler. That thing was a complete disaster of a Kickstarter. As it turns out, you don’t need a $300-$500 cooler that weighs over 50 pounds, unloaded.

  9. Somebody says:

    I fall into the category of knowing about Tesla and not liking them. Their product quality must improve.