Tesla Confirms – This Is Not The Model X


Not The Tesla Model X

Not The Tesla Model X

You know we love us some humor here at InsideEVs, even more so when it comes directly from an automaker.

So, without further adieu, enjoy this rather hilarious attempt at humor directly from Tesla Motors.

Thankfully, This Is Not The Tesla Model X

Thankfully, This Is Not The Tesla Model X

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I like how its taking up more than one space. Nice job doofus.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Not that he’d have a choice, those H1s are wiiiiide.

That said, if that was for reals, that dude had better have gotten the runflat option..

They are wide no doubt, but clearly he missed the space on purpose. If not, please send him back to driving school for the parking space was missed by more than two feet. Jeesh!

Hey, I’m sure there’s still plenty of room for a Twizzy next to him. 🙂

You always have to option to not own or drive an idiotic vehicle that has no reason to be on public roads.

If the owner did that in my old neighborhood, run-flats wouldn’t be the only thing that H1 would need.

Electro-mobility could have military uses. Consider the stealth factor. Silent approach.

It has already been considered and is being developed for said reasons.

Remember the EREV hummer from Raser technologies (now DBA VIA motors)? There’s a place for them at the table.

I agree Taser54 and that is some of the irony. Still, double parking in an EVSE only zone shows somebody feels threatened. That’s just rude and unacceptable behavior that the driver has yet to evolve and understand.

and apparently all it take to drive a H1/H2 is have arms & legs, no brain required.

that humvee looks like it has air suspention look how close those tires are to the fender

Bet it rolls coal too

Electric Car Guest Drive

I used to think all these photos were staged, until I saw someone try to plug a supercharger into a Nissan Leaf.

I was even more amused when I saw the inscription under his name on his name tag. “Assistant fleet manager”

I’ll save the company some embarrassment by not mentioning their name.

Helped the guy identify nearby CHAdeMO stations on plugshare. He still seemed a little bewildered as he drove away.

Hopefully that person doesn’t put diesel in his ICE car. Or worse, the garden hose.

(not rocket science…)