Tesla Confirms First Model 3 Performance Deliveries In Late July

AWD Tesla Model 3 being built in a tent


Waiting for a Performance version of the Tesla Model 3?

If so, your wait won’t be too long. In less than 2 weeks, the first units will be delivered, according to Tesla.

Just yesterday, Tesla confirmed that first deliveries of the Performance version of the Model 3 will occur in late July, which means we could be less than a week or so away from the first units being handed off to buyers.

Tesla broke this news via Twitter. Here’s the string of Tweets:

As for those test drive cars heading out to Tesla stores, it seems all of them are dressed in red. Here’s a look at those testers ready for deployment:

As Elon Musk previously stated, the Performance version of the Model 3 is like “…pure fun jacked straight into your brain…” We don’t doubt it’s a hoot to drive, but it sure is on the expensive side with a price tag north of $70,000 for the fully loaded “P” (minus AP and FSD). Without the bells and whistles, the Model 3 Performance starts at $64,000.

What we and others eagerly await is the $35,000 base Model 3, which seems to continue to get pushed back in favor of higher profit margin offerings.

Perhaps even more importantly for those waiting for the base version of the Model 3 is that the federal tax credit phaseout for Tesla has been triggered, which means that those hoping to get a credit of $7,500 on the $35,000 Model 3 likely won’t see that full amount.

Interested in configuring your own Tesla Model 3?  If so, you’ll find details here.

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Bring it Tesla! Keep the haters and shorters gnashing their teeth.

Sad part is Tesla’s eventual success benefits EVERYONE, including those who want to see it fail. GO TESLA!!

Is Tesla now contracting the Russian troll farms for InsideEVs comments? One wonders 🙂

Assaf — Are you trying to imply that a company approaching half a million in EV sales and half a million reservations across 5 lines of EV’s SHOULDN’T have anyone posting anything positive about them on a website that promotes EV’s?

People who have either bought, reserved, ordered without a reservation, or will order or reserve in the near future represents around a million people. John, representing one out of a million posts here, and you go there making a stupid joke?

The sad thing is, that people like you are costing insideev’s readership because all those hundreds of thousands of EV fans are going to places like Electrek to get away from the endless wall of nonsense posts like the ones you and others make ad-nauseam on every Tesla story. Most of which have absolutely nothing to do with the actually story.

This is exactly what happened to ABG after EV fans couldn’t get a word in edgewise between AB anti-EV posts.

Amen Nix. I can almost guess one hand the folks that thumbed you down. That’s been my frustration for quite awhile now, how the same bashers and haters have turned this website into a shell of it’s former self. No offense against the editors here, because I have no doubt you appreciate courteous and intelligent discourse, given the time you spend moderating, but this site used to be a place where folks could exchange information and share experiences. Now, oddly timed with the rise of Tesla, it’s rife with folks who apparently want failure and hate in the EV space.

Yes, when insideev’s started the thumbs system, I automatically assumed I would get a consistent base number of thumbs down from the usual suspects. It has proceeded exactly as you guessed. It isn’t something I worry about, it is what it is.

I thumbed you up Nix, I’ve got your back. And alas, I too, typically get more thumbs down than up, but I’m ok with it.

I’d counter that readers are avoiding electrek because it’s such a blatant Tesla propaganda site. Is it really that hard to allow discussion of a subject that isn’t just an echo chamber of whatever someone wants to hear? What happened to free speech, plurality of ideas, diversity. Does everyone have to say the same thing or else?

David, as much as I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, Electrek regularly gets 500 to 1000+ comments on stories. They are gaining readers, not losing readers.

Regurgitation of bullpucky FUD is not discussion.

And allowing Insideev’s become the fecal dumping ground for the endless regurgitation of Seeking Alpha shorter and oil industry attacks on Tesla doesn’t promote EV’s. That isn’t a conspiracy theory, that is well documented right here in the archives of Insideev’s. Oil interests have even started websites specifically to attack Tesla. Sad but true, and reported right in insideev’s archives. And Tesla is just their proxy for attacking the entire EV industry.

It is not a coincidence that people say good things about Tesla, and the fact that Tesla has the #1, #2, and #3 top sales slots on the Plug-in Sales Scorecard. It is because Tesla genuinely builds great EV’s and not because of some “cult” conspiracy theory you guys make up to explain their massive sales numbers and popularity. I’m sorry you are not able to connect those dots.

+1 (and a thumbs up)

And I’d further add, that although I’m all for appropriately courteous discourse, whether positive or negative, there’s a handful of folks that camp out at this site who bring nothing but attempted $ch!t starting to the table. I’d axe them and try and get these comment forums back to information sharing and not simply personal attacks. But that’s just me.

The full court press is certainly on, right now. Unfortunately, too many IEV readers are here to sew something, rather than openly discuss. It’s most clear if you look at a plurality of their posts. I don’t keep track of names, and get tripped up too often by what in hindsight are clear attempts to dis-inform.

Ad buys can always be different, user to user, but I’m seeing more websites or “studies”, or “authorities”, saying negative or click-bait things about Tesla, lately. The problem? I’ve never heard of them. Like the research team laundered to do Monkey studies, the name may sound good but the links were clear. It happens with research, with partisan *sponsored* “Congressional Review” studies, and people who get paid to go out and shower website comments with BS, like Inside EVs. Musk shrewdly came up with #Pravduh, because it’s so true.


Maybe try driving one of their cars and find out that it ain’t hard to see why many folks love Tesla. I drove 150 miles in my Model S today, used a Supercharger for about 20 minutes, and made it home with half my battery remaining.

And you wonder why I would sing praises about Tesla?

You HAD to go there, huh Eric? It’s quite the well worn(35,000) path. By the by, are YOU actually getting the base model?

Wake me up when I can buy an affordable one.