Tesla Completes Texas Triangle Supercharger Network


Tesla's Current Supercharger Map

Tesla’s Current Supercharger Map

“The Texas Triangle is ‪#‎Supercharged‬! Model S owners now ‪#‎drivefree‬ between Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.”

Current List of Superchargers in Texas

Current List of Superchargers in Texas

Remarks Tesla Motors via its Facebook page.

That triangle includes stations in Columbus, Corsicana, Huntsville, San Marcos and Waco, Texas.

Tesla will eventually add a couple additional Superchargers in Texas, but for the next year or so, those 5 stations are likely all Texas will get.

As Tesla states, the 5 stations in Texas connect drivers in Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

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That’s not a triangle it’s an irregular pentagon.

No, it’s not that either, it’s the lone star itself! 🙂

Kudos to Tesla for not giving up on Texas.

Given SpaceX is in Texas, Tesla definitely won’t give up on Texas. But it’ll be a long road to “legalize” Tesla sales there.

Texas don’t take too kindly to your eee-lectric sissy cars.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

I see Teslas several times a week in and around Austin. I actually saw one charging at a RV park in Bastrop the other day!

As a Texas plug-in driver, this really is big news. If any EV appeals to Texans, it is the Model S. Big, fast, luxurious and great looking. The triangle covers about 80% of the Texas population and even more of the typical routes. The Model S sells well here despite the speed bumps it takes to purchase one. I passed a truck with 8 brand new ones heading in the other day.

Living in Houston, I can say that there is tremendous upside to Model S sales. There are tens of thousands of people doing 60+ mile commutes daily, in luxury German automobiles. I think this is the real target market for Tesla. People that spend 3+ hours a day in their car will spend the money on a great ride. And especially if it will save them $300+ per month in gas.

It just takes time for understanding to spread.

That’s why I think Model S should be compared to $50,000 gas cars, not $80,000 ones.
Isn’t it?

Hi there,

More supercharger here!!

Good road in EV.