Tesla Command For Android Wear Now Controls Model S – Video


Right Hand Drive Tesla Model S

Right Hand Drive Tesla Model S

Tesla Command for Android Wear

Tesla Command for Android Wear

Android Wear gadgets now has a new app – Tesla Command.

This enables Tesla Model S owners to do some remote control actions via wrist.

The smartwatch can, for example, honk (just in case you would like to scare someone) or control more mundane functions like open/close doors/sunroof.

More functions are coming.

“Android Wear meets the ultimate in driving innovation with Tesla Command!”

“Take control of your Tesla Model S driving experience with Android Wear.”

“Simply sign in with your Tesla credentials to access various commands like:”

☆ Unlock Doors
☆ Lock Doors
☆ Honk Horn
☆ Open Sunroof
☆ Close Sunroof

“More features coming soon!”

Source: 9to5Google

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