Watch Tesla Cobra EV Monster Tackle Knox Mountain 2018


Watch this Tesla-powered 427 Shelby Cobra at the Knox Mountain Hillclimb.

This fiberglass mold of a 427 Shelby Cobra gets its power from a Tesla Model S P85 motor and a Kia Soul EV battery pack. It churns out some 450 horsepower. Professional driver Trevor Yip takes the reins and just happens to secure second place at the 2018 edition of the Knox Mountain Hillclimb.

For those who may be unaware, Leavitt Machinery’s Knox Mountain Hillclimb takes place every year in Kelowna, B.C. The area is known for its amazing views of Okanagan Lake and the surrounding mountains.

Below, we’ve included a chart with the top ten contenders. As you can see, it appears that the Cobra is the only EV listed. Hopefully, that will change in the near future. At any rate, this Tesla Model S-powered car was only over a second behind the top dog. We wonder how the Tesla Model 3 with Track Mode would fare:

Video Description via HillClimb Monsters on YouTube:

Tesla Cobra EV Monster || 420Hp/1000Kg Electric Hillclimber – Knox Mountain 2018

Placing 2nd on this year´s edition of Knox Mountain Hillclimb was this unique machine, using the fiberglass mold of a 427 Shelby Cobra for the body and powered by the motor of a Tesla Model S P85 and using the battery pack from a Kia Soul EV. Final result is the 450Hp/1000Kg Monster you see in the video being driven by Trevor Yip to a very impressive final result that definitely proves the capability of this unique project by EPowerRacing.

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InsideEVs should publish some coverage of the fact that since last week the very first I-Pace deliveries have been reaching customers. This is according to the I-Pace forum, if anyone here has read it?

2nd place to a BMW M3 is Embarrassing . That is nothing to Brag about . Someone Messed up with that Kit Car..

Highly modified M3 race car,

I like how they had to yell “electric car coming” because it was so silent.

I’d love to know the range he gets on this car. I’m guessing not very far. I’m very interested in all the gas conversions people are doing though.