Tesla Charges Up Solar Roof Line At Gigafactory 2

Tesla Model X and Solar Roof

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Tesla “Textured Glass Tile” Solar Roof

Tesla just launched production of  photovoltaic glass shingles for the Solar Roof at the Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York.

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof in Slate

Earlier, Tesla and Panasonic began production of the conventional photovoltaic cells and modules at the site. New York decided to support the factory with $750 millionin incentives. The number of employees already increased to 500 and is expected to hit 3,000 in the future.

“Manufacturing of the photovoltaic glass tiles began last month at a factory in Buffalo built with backing from New York State, the company said in an email Tuesday. It comes more than a year after Tesla unveiled the shingles to a mix of fanfare and skepticism.”

We don’t know details about the production rate or the type of glass tiles that are produced (several types were announced, but not all will enter production on day one).

The Solar Roof is great product for those who build new homes or need to replace old roof and don’t want to use ordinary solar panels. Tesla’s products integrates with the building seamlessly. However, it’s priced at a premium compared to a conventional roof or roof with solar panels. Tesla says that savings from longevity and electricity of the Solar Roof makes the choice reasonable though.

“Solar shingles will cost more than a conventional roof along with photovoltaic panels — but not “wickedly so,” said Hugh Bromley, a New York-based Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst. He estimates a Tesla roof would cost about $57,000 for a 2,000-square-foot house, compared to about $41,000 for terracotta tiles along with a 5-kilowatt solar-panel system. A plain-old asphalt roof with panels would run about $22,000, Bromley said.

“It may actually do well in overseas markets where solar-photovoltaic is cheap and homeowners are used to paying a premium for building materials and cars — such as Australia,” Bromley said in an email.”

Installations are expected to start in a few months.

Source: Bloomberg

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I think a roof that looks this good and has battery storage will become a big seller especially with new construction. I’ve seen $400,000 homes with beautiful clay roofs that have solar added and as much as I want solar the add on solar panels distract from the look.

I wonder how small an order they will handle, I am building a small retreat and only have 200 square feet of roofing to do.

To those who think this is too little power for my needs, I mainly plan to use it on weekends so I only need power for two days while storing power for seven days. I should be good.

Your cost per square foot would be much higher than the 20-something bucks they talk about.

Median new-home price in Orange County was $934,250 in 2016. Extra $10-20k add 1-2% of cost. Builders can market the house uses Tesla solar roof and charge a lot more.

They’re going to have to bring the price down quite a bit to make these things a mass-market hit. Make it to where you have price equivalency with terra-cota tiles + PV panels then you’ve got something. But 50% more than that is going to severely limit sales.

When has Tesla ever worried about mass marketing? Everything they do is upscale.

I would call 2.5x cost over asphalt shingles “wickedly so” more expensive.
Compared to clay tile it is more in-line.

The Solar Roof is a premium roofing product, to compete with other premium roofing materials.

Tesla has an entirely different line of more traditional solar panels if you prefer non-premium roofs with traditional solar:


The market for up-scale new houses is huge. $1M homes are now common, this will become the next must-have like granite kitchen counters. They will sell all they can make.

That’s probably right. If they can market it as a desirable accessory like a nice kitchen or bathroom, people will want it as a status symbol.


Thats quite a lot of incentives for 500 people working in the manufacturing business. 1,5million paid by the state per job created. wow…. never heard of anything comparable

The fossil fuel industry gets way more government handouts per employee, starting with 2003 Iraq Invasion latest estimates are $2 trillion give or take a few billion. CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

Did you bother to read the article, Ben, or are you deliberately misquoting it?

huh. Lets see;

3000 jobs for $3 Billion. And even foxconn is now suggesting that it will be closer to 1000 jobs.
So, that means $1-6M / job.

And that does not include the rest of the subsidy in that fox conn gets to dump their pollution into local rivers, ultimately Lake Mich. And other laws are being dropped so that Foxconn can NOT be sued over all sorts of labor issues.

NY spent 750 million on a building for Tesla, which employs 500 now, but is supposed to go up to 1500-3000 jobs.
Tesla will NOT be dumping pollutants into their water and you can sue them just like any other company, as it should be.
But, job costs will be anywhere from .25M (3000) up to 1.5M (only 500 ppl)

And yet, you claim that you have never heard of anything like this, yet, your GOP is pushing the above nightmare, while screaming that NY is wasting money on creating jobs.

Quite the winner.