Tesla Charges Up Moab, Utah Supercharger


One more piece in the coast-to-coast network of Tesla Superchargers is now energized.

Now at 68

Now at 68

Today, Tesla charged up its 68th Supercharger in the US.

Located in Moab, Utah, this site features 4 charging stalls.

We should point out that this Supercharger is not required for the coast-to-coast route, but it will give Tesla CEO Elon Musk an additional charging option as he makes his way through the Utah/Colorado area on his journey across the country.

As we see it, Tesla needs only 2 or 3 more Superchargers in place before Musk can set out on his epic trip.

The day of coast-to-coast free Supercharger travel will soon be upon us.

Close Up Showing Moab

Close Up Showing Moab

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You’d think with all the cheap natural gas in Utah (around the cheapest in the country so I’m told), they’d power the thing with a GenSet fired from natural gas. After all, this takes care of any demand charges, so it would cost Tesla less to run their complex.

Of course, Utah does have some of the cheaper electric rates to begin with, and a GenSet solution makes more sense for a Supercharger co-located with a car wash or hotel, where the waste heat can be profitably (sustainably !) used to heat water and the GenSet would be needed anyway for emergency power eventualities.

….you’d also think that with some 350 sunny day per year in Moab, UT, you can easily charge it with solar.

Which is far better all-around 🙂

A solar canopy over a supercharger generates enough grid-tied energy per day to charge one MS85. It is a gimmick versus the massive utility offered by the grid.

The LAST thing Elon wants, is to use more fossil fuels to power their EVs…


Well if he doesn’t want people to use fossil fuels for his supercharger complexes he better get crackin’ and get solar city to put up some canopies. And then shut the cars down when the sun ain’t shinnin’.

Back to the real world, Elon wants the stock price as high as possible and that means not overspending on SC complex’s so that means they’re by default fossil fuel powered. Except in Norway where he has other troubles, and to a certain extent Oregon and Washington State.

Like Eric said it’s not necessary, but it does increase the adventure possibilities. The higher density along a given route will also afford more freedom in start, finish, and breaks along the way. Moab it beautiful country, indeed the whole region. Which is why the zig-zag route makes sense from a recreation and enjoyable travel perspective. Hopefully this approach is a preview of the 2016 and beyond expansion plans, enabling state-highway travel, which in the west, can take you to some really interesting and useful places.

(I live the the PNW and have done a few cross-country trips, so that’s where I’m coming from.)

Adventure it is. Moab is the gateway and base-town for Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, and endless other outdoor opportunities.

A great location for a Supercharger, esp. if touting the Great American Road Trip in a Tesla is an objective.

I am sure Musk family trip might stop in one of those attractions….

That is so unbelievably COOL. In an equivalent luxury ICE vehicle the round trip would cost about $850 in gas. Eight years ago when gas prices went way up, would you have guessed that 8 years from then you could do a complete coast to coast round trip in style, comfort and this level of quality on pure electricity for free. If you told me that then, I’d have said you were nuts. But here we are, on the brink.

Go Elon

Its not free exactly, $2000 per vehicle amoungst all owners, even those who have the hardware but don’t use SC’s alot.

I don’t believe there is any contractual guarantee that these things will be free forever. Its until Elon changes his mind.

Elon has stated that they will be free forever. But I am not so naive as to think that when Elon sells out 5 to 10 years from now, that the board of directors will instantly see service centers and Suppercharges as untapped profit centers. But in the next week when the gaps are filled, the fact remains that they will be free for quite a while. Sure Elon has stated that the costs are built in to the price of the car. But that increases the value compared to an ICE equivalent especially over time, and once you own a Model S, every time you use the SC network you decrease the cost of the car compared to a luxury ICE equivalent. The cost of the SC option is $2K, yet you would get it all back in two and half trips cross country and back. And every thing after that is truly free. I don’t see any ICE makers offering free gas forever for their cars. Now Bill, I have had an interaction with you before and know you are a thinking man. I have read many of your posts now. You post far more than I. But… Read more »
Oh, Yeah, I kinda liked that Adam Osborne thing. Actually, its the sunny side you’re seeing (!!!). I’m rather poking fun with most of these posts, but not in an arrogant way. Elon Musk is fun to pick on, in the same way Steve Jobs was, since Musk imitates him (smart thing to do, since they both have the CA$H). And as far as getting value for my money, I figure I’ve spent $10,000 sum total on a Radio Shack Model 1 trash80 computer. I stopped buying things when they wanted $3500 for a 15 megabyte hard disk drive. But I learned a LOT. They had a book which went through the COMPLETE schematic of the whole computer and explained what every gate and flip-flop did (they referred you to zilog’s application sheet for the z80 since they obviously had to stop somewhere). Other books gave you the complete software listing and jump tables of the Entire operating systems, both the rom based ones and the trsdos 2.3. I consider my Roadster and Volt the same way, except there is FAR less info available for the general public. So, since I’m rather Verbose, I piss off enough people eventually that… Read more »

Oh regards the new model S, I went to an event in Pittsford, Ny, and was surprised by the high pressure the salesmen ( from NY and NJ) gave. Then I came home to an email which said (“thanks for your order of a new Tesla” (with an electronically signed signature) ). Took me about 3 hours to get that order cancelled (NY State law gives you 72 hours to cancel a car purchase agreement).

But it was rather fun. A friend came along and was oohing and ahhing at the touch screen. The salesmen were glad (!).

I know its heresy, but probably my next car will be either a Via Presidential, or else a 2015 Impala CNG , but only if I can install the home refueling compressor myself. Supposedly, retail cost will be $500.

Bill You mentioned you ” piss off enough people eventually that I get their take on things, and sometimes I learn more about the car doing so”. That was the exact reason why I poked at you a little in my last post. Well at least I understand you a little better now based on you response. I was a camera repair tech and photographer in late 77 when the owner of the store decided to buy one of the first Apple II’s He was not the best tech in the world himself and the previous year he tried to build an IMSAI 8080. He never did get it to work. I had quite a bit of electronic experience so he made me his new Apple tech. His first Apple was SN 288 with a hand layed up and trimmed fiberglass case with 4K of RAM and an integer BAISC ROM. He used it with a color screen and an RF modulator to drive a Sony Trinitron in the display window of the store running an eye catching color pattern maker program. We were the 13th Apple dealer in the nation and the first in Oregon. When Radio Shack came… Read more »
Very good on the ‘x’ it is exactly what most people want. I in fact wanted an ‘x’, but then Musk changed his mind and it will be 4 wheel drive only. I specifically don’t want the extra complication or expense of a 4wd vehicle so that killed it for me. My preferred choice is a 2wd Via Presidential (a volticized Escalade). I like the ‘s’, but I’ve already spent a ridiculous amount of money with Tesla, even though my Roadster has zero options (its $70,000 cheaper that way), so I’ll probably keep my Roadster for a long time, or at least until the battery dies. The barebones S is nice (the only way i’d buy one), but its still alot of bucks for what you get really, and I’m looking for a more plush interior anyway. The ELR is nice, and if I didn’t have a volt maybe i’d have that. But I do have a volt. . THe Chevy volt I have is much more of a value leader.. The 2015 impala cng loaded will be around $35k, and is a very nice, plush comfortable car that has less environmental impact in most cases than the typical S.… Read more »

You should become the speech writer for the next president of the United States:-)

Brilliant way of putting it. Not towards Bill, but vouching for a critiical note with a positive undertone, is just great


Cool I drove this twice, different ways both times. The super-charger network route is not the most optimal,to my way of thinking just for convenience and speed, but that is not is what it is designed for primarily. In other words most people won’t be driving across the US using the sc network anyway.

We are planning to start from Minneapolis towards San Francisco on Monday, February 3rd. This is really exciting!

Kingman (and Syosset, NY, which has been operational for a few days) just popped up on the SC page and map, so start your motors.

Yeah, we had a little debate going on just ten days ago in the comments section ( http://insideevs.com/tesla-quickly-completing-coast-to-coast-us-electric-supercharger-highway/ ) about whether or not Cheyenne, Albert Lea, Macedonia and either Kingman or Vegas were essential for the coast to coast trip or just nice to have. Well, in testimoy to the pace at which Tesla is moving that whole matter is moot since Kingman came online. Kingman makes the fourth of the oes on that list to come on line!

i wasn’t thinking of the Musk family trip when I called your critical four “nice to have”. I was thinking of that white Model X that I was hoping would be in Detroit by now. I have no idea what the weather has been like along the route over the last couple of days but, if they left Space X on the 19th in anticipation of Cheyenne going live on the 20th, they should be in Detroit by now. If they left on the 20th they should be at least half way there by now. If that Model X doesn’t show up in Detroit by Friday, I’m giving up!