Tesla Charges Up Lumberton, North Carolina Supercharger


Lumberton Supercharger Info

Lumberton Supercharger Info

Tesla’s 66th US Supercharger is now online.

Lumberton, NC Now Supercharged

Lumberton, NC Now Supercharged

Located off Interstate 95 in Lumberton, North Carolina, this site features 4 charging stalls and is part of the East Coast Supercharger corridor.

Tesla now needs only 3 or 4 more Superchargers to complete its East Coast route.

The West Coast Supercharger corridor has been complete for some time now and the coast-to-coast section is only a few Superchargers from completion.

After all these coast and coast-to-coast Supercharger stations come online, Tesla will turns its attention to filling in the voids across the country.


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We are still waiting for the Albany (NY) supercharger, as Elon Musk stated, Tesla will connect “Miami to Montreal” in a few months. It on the “coming soon” map, but still a little far from Montreal.

The new RI location could make the proposed White River, Jct, NH location and potentially end-run the Albany location. It’s a more coastal route, but hopefully Albany (and I-84 in MA) will also come online. From Albany/White Rvr, I believe you’d be w/in 200mi of Montreal.