Tesla Charges Up Hagerstown, Maryland Supercharger


71 and Counting

71 and Counting

With 13 more listed as “under construction,” Tesla Motors has charged up it 71st US Supercharger.

This one, located in Hagerstown, Maryland, features 6 charging stalls and is Maryland’s first Supercharger.

A Supercharger in Bethesda, Maryland is expected to come online any day now.

With the US Supercharger network growing at such a rapid clip, we’ll continue to see more coast-to-coast journeys take place.  But John and Jill will forever be the first to have completed the epic Supercharged adventure.

Hagerstown Supercharger Info

Hagerstown Supercharger Info


Circle Highlights Hagerstown, Maryland Supercharger

Circle Oval Highlights Hagerstown, Maryland Supercharger

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Thanks for the updates!
It would be cool if you could highlight the new chargers on the map images youre posting with these articles. As a european i dont know where to look at on the first sight 🙂

Let me give it a try

If you go to http://www.teslawiki.net/supercharger/ and click on the “Changes” tab it lists all the changes, newest first. On the “Map” tab, if you move your mouse pointer over a location it tells you which on it is. If you want to zoom, the scroll wheel on the mouse will zoom in and out on teslawiki as opposed to scrolling the page at the Tesla Motors site. As you zoom in on the map more and more city and town names are displayed.

nice, thanks for the hints!

I was just thinking if there is one headline I can be sure of seeing each day it’s “Tesla charges up (insert town name here) Supercharger” so I fire up the computer and guess what i see first? It seems funny to me that it’s actually becoming old news.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Transcontinental gaps remain in PA and eastern CA, but that should just about do it!

Hagerstown, gateway to Funkstown, so said Bob Hope when he did a show there.
Near to Antietam Battlefield.
General Custer made a charge at rebels on the Potomac near Falling Waters and killed General Pettigrew who had survived Pickett’s charge.
Stonewall Jackson tried to breach Dam 5.
Lee’s armies passed through on the path to invade Pennsylvania prior to and after Gettysburg.
Fairchild built the A-10 Warthog tank killer there.
The stone fences in the countryside recall the bucolic Emerald Isle.
Irish clans working on the C&O canal engaged each other in bloody fatal brawls.
And now they shall have a parade of Teslas.

It seems like a fitting progression…

Any battery swap stations “under construction” ?